the 10 best wine glasses - wine glass

by:Koodee      2019-07-27
the 10 best wine glasses  -  wine glass
25, madindesign. co.
They have a special diagonal.
Cut their heads, their highquality hand-
The design of blown glass ensures their elegance.
Warning: not the ugliest in glasses. 2.
Milo wine 15, Selfridges.
Want to make a statement at a Christmas lunch or New Year's party?
So why not serve your plonk in these black glasses?
Finish the look with a strong black Milo kettle. 3.
Elegant Sports car champagne. 17, drinkstuff.
In addition to the 1920 flappers that allow you to guide your interior, the coupes also have a rather large bowl, which means that there is more glitter in each cup. 4.
1815 tumblers 5, Royal Dalton, Ecookshop. co.
The ukCreated created by Royal Dalton in honor of its founder, all in shiny blue --
The shimmering crystal bowl, and all the tricks you expect from Stafford Potter. 5.
John Lewis, John Lewis.
Some people think that the colored wine glasses are pale: not delicate, not cute. Disagree?
Look at these retro ones. look eye-
Colorful green and pink catcher. 6.
£ 15, occa-home. co.
Give these to you as gifts, or leave them to yourself, to the new year.
In the crystal, with your hands
To add charm, glass ropes are applied around the head. 7.
Riedel, 10. co.
UkThese stem-free wine glasses are great for those of us who are clumsy.
Still, they are nothing but lumpen-crystal glass is very thin on the edge. 8.
Versace Arabesque £ 94. 50, livingbox. co. ukYellow-
Non-colored glass head of Versaceso-
Subtle Arabic patterns.
Delicious stems and expensive bonksley, but if you have the money to burn them, they are the beginning of a real conversation. 9. Wine Goblet£17. 50, lsa-international.
The thick and firm stems of the "Boris" gob from the LSA contrast beautifully with the fine crystal lips.
All the glass is hand made and if you can bear to give away, you can buy a pair in the gift box. 10.
Riesling10, riedel. co.
These crystal figures are the delicate height of the glass.
The thin stem gave out a fine wine of riesling --
Stylish head, very thin and will not tarnish the taste of your favorite wine.
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