- stainless steel drink cubes

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  -  stainless steel drink cubes
Gwyneth Rees published in The Daily Mail: 19: 12 on April 14, 2014, EDT | update: 02:44 on April 15, 2014, a typical lemon contains 3 tablespoons of juice.
To maximize the amount you can squeeze out, roll the fruit on the kitchen counter and apply pressure.
This little juice exploded. filled cells.
Or, explode in the microwave for 20 seconds.
Then cut vertically instead of horizontally.
You can drink juice three more times.
Put it in a plastic bag with fresh celery sticks and leave overnight.
The bread slowly absorbs moisture from the celery, giving it a fresher taste and bounce.
Because there is no strong aroma of celery, it will not affect the taste of bread.
Wipe a little vegetable oil on your hand before chopping them.
This creates an obstacle that prevents your skin from absorbing their fiery properties and aroma.
But remind me.
This may slide the knife.
Also, the fastest way to go
The seeds of the pepper are halved vertically and then scraped out the seeds in a downward stroke with a teaspoon.
Rinse your Champagne Cup with a small amount of white wine before opening the bottle.
This will cover the glass and prevent excessive
When you fall, the exuberant mousse spill over.
The added benefit is that this will greatly speed up the speed of pouring a pair of glasses.
Also, you can throw one or two raisins into the bottle to save champagne or sparkling wine.
At first, the raisins sank.
But the remaining bubbles stick to the rough surface, increasing their buoyancy and lifting them up.
When the raisins reach the surface, bubbles pop up to make the champagne look as fresh and sparkling as it was when it first poured.
The taste will not be affected.
Ginger has a lot of lumps and bumps, but it's tricky to peel.
Instead of using a peeler or knife, the solution is to gently rub the skin with the back of the teaspoon.
This makes it easy to track each profile and minimize waste.
To help the vegetables keep the color during cooking, add a small amount of lemon juice in the pan.
This is especially effective for red vegetables (
Such as red cabbage)
White (Such as radish)
Because acidity helps preserve their pigments or antioxidants.
However, this does not work for green plants with different pigmentschlorophyll.
When in contact with lemon juice, they turn into a monotonous olive color.
Cherry tomatoes alone are boring.
Instead, find two similar
The size of the Tupperware tub cap, place the tomatoes on one and the other on it to form a tomato sandwich.
When holding the lid firmly to keep them in place, slice all the tomatoes horizontally with a sharp knife. Easy.
Scrolling down to watch the video sounds unlikely, but boiling water freezes faster than the water flowing directly from the tap.
The reason is something called the Mpemba effect, named after the Tanzanian Erasto Mpemba, which he first brought to the attention of physicists.
Beat the entire bulb with the bottom of the pan to separate the cloves.
Then put them in a metal bowl and put a similar one on it.
Give the cloves a hearty shake and they should peel out. Simple!
Just add a peeled potato.
It acts as a sponge, absorbs excess salt and leaves no taste.
However, remove the potato before serving it because it is too salty to eat.
You can choose to add a glass of water or a small amount of brown sugar.
Don't despair if you cook.
Take out a piece of white bread from the fire and put it on it for about 10 minutes.
This will extract and absorb the smell of burnt.
Rice should be eaten, but be careful to leave the blackened part at the bottom of the pan when serving.
If the soup, sauce or gravy is too fat or greasy, turn off the heating and let it sit for a few minutes.
Most of the fat then floats to the top.
Next, place some ice cubes on the surface.
The grease near the ice will solidify and condense, making it easier to dig out.
But be ready to remove it quickly as the ice won't freeze for long periods.
If your hand smells after cutting onions or garlic, rub them with a stainless steel spoon, which absorbs the smell.
Sulfur from the factory is attracted and combined by one or more metals in steel.
Of course, wash the spoon after that.
If you want to re-
Use edible oil that does not taste and smell previously cooked, pour into a frying pan and heat it at low temperatures.
Carefully add some ginger slices for 15 minutes.
Slices should turn golden at the right temperature
Very slow Brown
When you scoop them out, they absorb any flavor and smell.
To make farm cheese, cream or sour cream for a longer period of time, store the container upside down in the refrigerator.
This will produce a vacuum effect that inhibits the growth of bacteria, which can lead to food deterioration.
Obviously, make sure it's a tight
Install the lid first.
Milk is often overflowing with boiling.
This is because when it is heated, the water in its structure begins to evaporate from the surface.
Therefore, the remaining fat and protein are concentrated in a thicker layer at the top of the pan and eventually become so thick that water vapor rising through milk cannot easily break through.
Instead, it was trapped, causing it to explode violently.
To avoid this, simply put it
When heating, place the spoon in the pan.
The function of the spoon is to break the surface tension
Let the steam below escape smoothly without erupting.
Peel onions and cut them under a large bowl of water or tap water.
This will prevent the smoke that causes the water in the eyes from leaking into the air.
You can also put green lime juice on the knife before cutting vegetables.
The acid reacts with the compound of the onion and results in less gas release.
Another way is to chew gum because it will allow you to breathe through your mouth rather than your nose, which will help reduce the gas that affects the tear tube.
Align the bottom of the refrigerator vegetable drawer with a paper towel that absorbs excess water that causes the vegetables to rot.
Again, use fresh herbs and place them in a sealed plastic bag with paper towels.
Fill two Alcais with water and water dropsSeltzer tablet. The bubbles —
Commonly used for antiacid indigestion
Will do scrub.
In addition, when cleaning the casting
Iron cooker, do not use cleaner.
Just scrub with salt and clean and dry paper towels.
Clean an electric kettle with built-in calcium
Get up, cook a mixture of half white vinegar and half water, and then empty and rinse.
Cooking apple skins in an aluminum pan for about 30 minutes will make them look dull.
The acid in the Peel removes any stains or discoloration.
Rub your fine china with a mixture of baking soda, lemon juice and tartar cream to remove tea or coffee stains.
Also, rub copper with tomato sauce.
Just apply a thin coat and wipe it with a rag.
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