songs of glass island inspired by robert smithson's failed island of glass in b.c. - glass wine glasses

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songs of glass island inspired by robert smithson\'s failed island of glass in b.c.  -  glass wine glasses
Mr. Wald said Mr. Smithson spent a lot of time planning the glass Island.
"If he made the broken glass into an island, who knows what will happen," Wald said . ".
"Maybe he can't build a spiral dock-it might be a big public outcry.
Maybe his big public funders will withdraw their money.
Smithson's failed project reminded her of how broken glass was washed onto a nearby beach and affected the environment.
"The concept of this broken glass Island is a bit ridiculous, with ironic beauty and danger," said noonte, a voice and media artist based in Oslo . ".
"It went very far, which was impressive: 100 tons of glass was detained at the border and then returned to Los Angeles.
This is almost a reality.
"Norman will play for the show.
This is an instrument with an amazing history.
It was invented by Benjamin Franklin.
At the end of the 18 th century, Franklin was touring Europe. he saw an Irish musician playing a glass harp in a juggling theater, an instrument composed of various sizes of wine glasses.
Franklin fell in love with the voice of angels, but decided to mechanize it.
Norment explains that the sound it produces is similar to the sound made by the finger around the edge of the glass.
Aglass armonica is a group of wine glasses arranged from small to large, and its stems are cut off and flipped 90 degrees, so they lie horizontally.
Franklin designed the glasses so they were arranged on a rotating piston.
The piston was originally driven by a 1 feet pedal attached to the wheel;
Now, it's turned by electricity.
"You can find Benjamin Franklin's etching painting in the curls in front of this machine, and it looks like he's in front of the sewing machine," she said on the phone . ".
"You wet your fingers with water, put them on the glass, and let the molecules vibrate as they rotate.
"Armonica glass was once very popular in Europe.
Mozart created it, and Mary Antoinette took a course on how to play it.
Some people think its ethereal voice has a therapeutic effect.
But its popularity has not continued.
"There is a consensus that this is a powerful angelic voice," Norment said . ".
"But if it could cure you, they thought it might make you sick.
Maybe it will kill you.
Suddenly, it was declared illegal in several European cities.
"For more than 150 years, glass armonica has become obsolete as an instrument.
Noble said its modern revival began in 1982.
There is a Silicon Valley contract to make Crystal tubes for computer chips.
After finishing the work, he left these small crystal tubes.
What should he do with them?
He thought he would make an astronomical instrument he had seen in Germany when he was a child.
Glass, Monica, reborn.
Norman said she fell in love with its unique voice.
She likes how the committee that created computer chips is linked to the revival of historical analog instruments.
"Glass armonica sounds like a sine wave at the core of electronic music," she said . ".
"It is complete to some extent.
I think it would be very appropriate for us to use these sounds and tones today.
They refer not only to their own particular history and practice, but also to contemporary culture.
Another member of the EMU said that everyone will use a glass instrument in the songs of the glass Island.
From glass doors and windows to big drums, everything makes a sound
Like a sound sculpture, a glass turntable made of patio tables, glass harps, glass marbles, and various large glassware.
Pearson said Smith's ideas about art include provocation and juxtaposition.
"Part of what we are doing is a dynamic connection between sound artists and music," she said . ".
"They are different, but come together.
Some of the things we are playing will not be very calm.
This will be very, very provocative.
"The EMU is a vocal ensemble of LaSaM music from Victoria.
The third member of the EMU is.
The glass island song is an hour-
Long performance.
The first two performances were Thursday, April 7 at seven o'clock P. M. and Friday, April 8 at one o'clock P. M.
The third performance is.
It was held on Saturday, April 9 at seven o'clock P. M. at the Piate concert hall, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, 843 Seymour.
Image from top to bottom: Robert Smithson looks like a rock star on the Miami Island
Camille Norment and experimental music unit, front desk Camille Norment, Paul Walde on the right, Tina Pearson on the left and George Tzanetakis on the background
Glass in Monica
Camille Normen plays glass Monica in the Nordic pavilion of 2015 Venice Biennale
Robert Smithson from the 2004 touring exhibition catalogue is on Miami Island.
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