six cheap tools to keep your kitchen sparkling clean - stainless steel water bottle manufacturer

by:Koodee      2019-07-24
six cheap tools to keep your kitchen sparkling clean  -  stainless steel water bottle manufacturer
If you're cooking and at least don't mess up, then you may not be doing it right.
It was easy for me to make a mess, so I obviously did it very correctly.
Of course, there are a lot of specialized, expensive equipment that can help your kitchen shine again.
But, whether you know it or not, you may also have some other multi-purpose tools at hand.
Here are some cheap cleaning tools to choose from, worth having on hand. Magic Eraser (less than $5)
As I chased the crayons, I began to appreciate the merits of this washer again --
Toddlers around the house.
It's not just a wall washer, though.
Try using it to polish the tile tailgate or sink and faucet.
Clean the stove, refrigerator or microwave (
There is a version that includes the dawn of extra oomph).
What should you not use on it?
Mr. manufacturer.
Clean items including wood, copper, stainless steel appliances and non-stick coatingno list. Wood skewers (less than $5)
At the WaPo food lab, there is a gap between the top of the chef and the counter where the crumbs die (Or live forever? ).
The tip of the skewers is perfect for scraping them out of any other annoying gap that might be in that place or in the kitchen.
Skewers can also be used (
Or their shorter cousins, toothpicks)
Dig out the garlic residue in the garlic juicer
Wrap one in a tissue and clean a very narrow glass or bottle.
Skewers are also helpful when cleaning the dishwasher in depth, such as around the soap dispenser and other parts that you can't take out. Toothbrush(less than $5)
I'm not saying you have to be at the top of the list here, though you might have a lot of extra brushes if you shop in Costco like me --
Or a free gift from the dentist's office.
Toothbrush is ideal for scrubbing tile grouting, at the bottom of the faucet and at the seams where the wall meets the counter behind the sink.
Use it in some of the same places as the skewers, including other cracks and dishwashers.
Kitchn is equipped with a toothbrush for cheese grater, small cans and sink drains.
They are also good for clean, delicate or sophisticated platters and services. Pastry brush($1 to $10)
No, the toothbrush is not redundant.
While toothbrushes are ideal for scrubbing, pastry brushes are ideal for brushing your teeth, not only making your bristles softer and more flexible, but also for better control.
My food department colleague Tim Kaman used his equipment to block the coffee grounds outside.
If you grind coffee or spices yourself, you can clean the grinder with a brush.
Also useful for cleaning crumbs from the toaster oven. Baster ($5 to $10)
Yes, break baster on more occasions than Thanksgiving!
Guide its intended use by absorbing spills.
Or like a pastry brush, it can remove crumbs with a puff or a puff.
You may find it useful to settle the soap down and then put clear water into a narrow glass. Pot scraper ($5 or less)
Edges of different shapes, you can effectively clean the bottom of a wide variety of pots, pans and bowls.
I also used my stuff to scrape the burnt dough and cheese from my pizza stone.
Pull it out and scrape food off the chef's countertop, microwave oven, etc.
Bonus: hand vacuum (
Start around $20.
OK, so the price is a little higher than cheap, but for what it can do and how long it lasts, the manual vacuum cleaner is priceless in the kitchen.
Go to basic or fantasy-
Anyway, you'll be happy to have that couch when you send it on the fly.
Are there any tips for these cheap kitchen tools or other tools?
Share it in the comments below.
More from greed: suggestions from 6 readers for tips on cheap kitchen tools we hope we can think of a guide to dried Chilean peppers --
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