sidney crosby shows appreciation for wit with signed stick - glass and silicone water bottle

by:Koodee      2019-09-02
sidney crosby shows appreciation for wit with signed stick  -  glass and silicone water bottle
Sidney Crosby has heard all the laughs, chirps and laughs hockey players have heard in their careers.
As the biggest star in the NHL, he may also be the most ridiculed: from fans in the Washington capital to matches with pacifiers, to Philadelphia's sign of challenging his manhood.
But on Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden, the ridicule was so harsh that the captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins actually felt the need to reward it.
New York Rangers fans Nick Lipka at the Penguins 7-
Rangers in New York were defeated.
The payment is "good cry.
Relax with me next time!
"I haven't had a lot of cool things, but that's for sure," Li Peka told ESPN on Thursday.
One of his friends, he said, had a Rangers season ticket and their seats were near the visitors 'box.
Li Peka, wearing the Rangers jersey in the game, is a proud starter and a prepared person.
"I didn't write anything, but I'm sure I have the score I want to hit.
As far as I know, I have material for someone and they don't even come in the box, "he said.
Li Peka did prepare the materials in case captain Penguin was punished.
At 2: 55 in the first period, Crosby was sent to the sin bin after tripping over by the Ranger's Jesper faster.
"It's like a late Christmas gift," Li said . "
He began to attack him, began to taunt every time with the exaggerated "heyyyyy Crosby" and then shouted at his Haw.
"He may have heard it.
"For me, I want to tell him something that he has never heard of before," he said . ".
"He won everything.
So everybody wants to fuck him up.
One of the highlights: "Hey Crosby ,[Evgeni]
If Malkin had a better supporting role, he would have more trophies.
"Hey Crosby, you were chosen as the third most difficult Canadian, second only to Celine Dion and second only to Avril.
"Hey Crosby, Justin Bieber turned them down when Gatorade wanted a hard guy, so they fixed the problem for you.
"Hey Crosby, Markin wants to know where your Calder Memorial Trophy is. " (
Note that for all Crosby's achievements, the annual NHL rookie is not one of them, and Malkin won it in 2007. )
How did Crosby react? With the time-
The glorious penalty box tradition is to spray water bottles to Li Peka through cracks on the glass.
Crosby finally scored and helped the Penguins in the Ranger's rout.
Li Peka and his friends are ready to leave after the defeat, when a man in Pittsburgh sportswear walks past the Penguin bench, through the ice and towards the Penguin.
He's holding a stick.
Li Peka's first reaction was that the stick was for a young penguin fan of his at MSG.
A group of people gathered around him, trying to catch the stick when the man pointed the stick to the glass.
"He pulled it back and pointed it at me.
No, this is for you.
"I was thinking, I'm not sure if I still want this," he joked . ".
Li Peka grabbed the stick and checked the blade, where he saw Crosby's message and signature.
"I can't believe it.
Then I thought, what did they do before they gave me this stick? '" he joked.
On Thursday morning, the image of the stick went viral on Twitter ---
Part of the reason is that a picky person rarely pays off for being laughed at by the target, but also because Crosby is not known for his sense of humor.
Behavior like this can obviously change the player's opinion.
It was made by Li Peka.
"He's such a person that you can't have his stuff when he's on your team.
"But if he's not on your team, you pray that he just had a bad night," he said . ".
"I think he raised a few positions for me.
"Li Peka said that it was not until Thursday morning that he worked at a fire station in Norwalk, Connecticut, that he realized that this moment had become a sensation.
Several of his firefighters had already seen the stick and boarded the limperka for it.
"I think that's why I'm a straight questioner," he said . ".
"Working there, you have to have thick skin.
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