she makes fancy ice cubes for a living - steel cubes for drinks

by:Koodee      2019-08-02
she makes fancy ice cubes for a living  -  steel cubes for drinks
Hometown: Brookfield, Wis.
Now living in a 1905 Artisan House near Eagle Rock, Los Angeles.
The right to Fame: Ms.
Kirchhoff designed disco cubes, frozen cocktails, and while keeping the cocktails cool, it also evokes the plant paperback of glass artist Paul Stankard.
When she did not hang herbs, vegetables and signs in the ice, Ms.
Kilhoff is D. J. (
She recently performed at the Louis Vuitton store in Chicago.
Portrait and fashion photographer (
Her photo has been published by Vogue.
Com, Coveteur and relatives).
Big break: When she was in her sophomore year at New York University, she studied in Paris.
How did keshoffer learnJ.
At Le Montana, the hip nightclub, when she returned to New York, it led to a regular performance on Friday night.
At about that time, Madam.
Kirchhoff ordered a lavender ice cocktail at the James Hotel in SoHo.
Disappointed that the Cube had just sprinkled lavender on it and she started trying to mold it with ice cubes.
Inspired by the frozen fish she saw when she was a child in Ice Town, Wisconsinover lakes (
"YouTube," she said . "), Ms.
Kirchhoff spent four years developing his own ice
Turn it into a business.
Latest Project: last October
Kirchhoff moved to Los Angeles from New York and now she has a garage and becomes a disco Cube Lab.
Her work is exclusively available at Botanica restaurant, market and magazine office in Silver Lake.
She also made ice cubes for Coveteur and dirty lemons and sold them as detox drinks.
The next thing: expand her niche.
Kirchhoff plans to use her photography and photography. J.
Tips for making online short videos about disco cubes.
"My dream is to be
"Ended the spy movie where all the clips were connected together," she said . ".
She also taught herself cocktails and plans to recommend drinks for each cube.
"I'm in Asia recently and they like corn.
So I'm working on a corn.
"We added ice cubes for corn coconut cocktails," she said . ".
Food artist: disco cubes grew up in an early experiment called a drunken shellfish.
Kirchhoff and a friend played and shot several shellfish in the mini Adirondack chair and drank a bottle of Veuve Clicquot.
These items were purchased in the small doll house, a small shop selling doll houses.
Furniture and accessories of the Upper East Side of Manhattan.
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