share some ideas with us . . . - glass water bottle with lid

by:Koodee      2019-09-04
share some ideas with us . . .  -  glass water bottle with lid
Yes, this is your tea.
Let me curl up in the armchair.
Okay, I'm ready to listen.
Tell me what you did.
Frugal style is a great space for me to explore looking for a budget
Consciously decorate the space with personality and beauty, make interesting craft projects, and review books about decoration.
This is a real lesson in planning, budgeting, creating and trusting my intuition.
I hope you enjoyed sharing in all of these areas and I hope you can share your suggestions, ideas and projects with me.
Oh, do you like the piano shawl I threw on the sofa?
A little silk (
The label says "trim only ")But I like it very much.
I admit that I am very proud of these things.
You must feel this way about some of your findings.
What do you particularly like about your space?
Let me know what you want to see in a frugal style.
I think there are several ways we can do this.
First of all, please send me your decoration problem.
Are you looking for a cheap bathroom?
Always wondering how to wallpaper correctly?
Need to know how to weave and decorate your tablecloth?
Email me and I'll start looking for the expertise you need to find a solution that might be right for you.
Or maybe you want to open your home.
If you are interested in being described in the upcoming column, please contact me.
I will ask about your favorite finds, your decorative philosophy and your most wonderful crafts.
We can talk about how you put your home together and what you want to do next.
Or maybe you just want to share the idea of a project.
Send pictures, a brief description of how to do it, and any useful links.
I may want to follow up with you and show off your wonderful creations in the next edition of the talent for thrift.
Of course, you always please text me and let me know I'm happy if you have something else, if you're tired of being listed in gardening (
Or anything else)
Or if you have better advice.
There are not many problems of hope.
I just found out that in addition to decorating magazines and books, I got a lot of decorating ideas from the creatives.
I think so, too.
Officially or not, I learned a lot from others and kept looking for ideas that could fit into my home.
This summer, for example, a friend of professional Potters will show me how to make my own tiles.
I can make the black and white glaze I want to cover the bathroom and foyer floor.
While I was writing this, I was on vacation at a beach villa where a batch of vintage colored glass bottles were displayed on the windowsill.
I plan to recreate my office space, which convinced me of the rich cobalt tones included in my design. You’re off?
Is there anything exciting to do?
If anyone understands this, I understand.
I'm looking for the jillim carpet and a basket with a lid (
Part of the office decoration scheme).
Thank you for coming again and let's chat soon.
You can get in touch with Jennifer O'Connor at Thrift @ gmail.
Or follow her on Facebook.
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