shaken, stirred, and styled perfectionism in martha stewart's cocktails app - swizzle stick cocktail

by:Koodee      2019-08-07
shaken, stirred, and styled perfectionism in martha stewart\'s cocktails app  -  swizzle stick cocktail
Rachel ratchabington.
Martha Stewart cocktailby: Callaway Digital arts available on iPad, iPhone price: $0.
Should you get it? Absolutely.
Then ask me to come over for a drink.
When I was in my 20 s, the desire to play the hostess began.
Sterling silver tray, gold plated edge cocktail cup, impractical, but beautiful and lovely paper straw in every color of the rainbow. . . I felt well-
Equipment to reach out, adjust the bar, the troops of the call.
Unfortunately, my major
Extra lime gin and tonic
Not the sophistication of cocktails.
So in most cases I turned to my muse: Martha. (
Martha, Martha, Martha)
I think it's a fair price, and the Martha Stewart cocktail app offers the exact tutorial experience you expect from the Martha team, beautifully designed, details-
Oriented, crisp, clean cocktail
Make instructions.
If you are familiar with Martha's editing work, you will immediately feel at ease when you use this app: The artwork is very beautiful, ambitious, not too scary, and the instructions are strict, but it's very educational and easy. to-
Next, every detail you may wish to address is (and then some).
While you may be disappointed when Mint's branches are perched on the edge of your version of the herbal Lilai cooler, it doesn't look like the pictures provided, what you have left --
Perfect liquid courage
Just get rid of it. Heck, who am I? She's Martha.
The app opens to the menu page with drink recipes in three categories for browsing: Martha classics, cutting-edge cocktails, and Mocktails.
There are 20 unique cocktails in each category (or mocktail)
Recipes with photos, comments and detailed steps-by-
Supplement the steps of consuming five corresponding bar snacks.
While Martha's classics include simple refreshment such as summer fruit white sangria and classic martini (
Gin, sake, oil
Pickled olives and rosemary-
"Like James Bond ")
, More curious tip cocktail walking on the safe side, mainly herbal infusion, such as coriander
Campari cocktails and French basil 75.
Click the bottom tab marked as the menu to display the extra content to browse: barware Guide (
Do you know the difference between a Boston rocking bed and a cobbler rocking bed? )
Tips for storing, making ice and storing home bars;
Interactive shopping list function (
Can be synchronized with Ziplist. com)
, As well as teaching videos of mud bar handling, citrus twist and other kitchen bar tips that can make your-
Family cocktails may have been missing before. But the app --
I praise it though. -is not perfect.
As I mentioned, the innovation of the cutting edge cocktail category is lacking, but maybe I can take myof-the-
The regular mixture in the girl's evening recipe pack, through in-app purchase.
In fact, these additional features
On packages, they are so accessible that they use their non-so-
Purchase a subtle request while the supplement I mentioned earlier (
Video, tips, shopping list)
Hide some slightly. Trés tacky. And not Martha.
Also, the latest version of this app (1. 5)
With "limited-
Free holiday recipe package for early adopters (like me)
Ancestral access is not obtained through the update.
While these two factors annoy me to a certain extent, the social sharing power of this app makes me feel that it is not so much a glitch as an opportunity to miss.
Each recipe has the option to share but limits the ability of e-commerce
Email and FacebookNo Twitter? No tumblr? No Pinterest? ? ?
Where is the brave new world of social media?
Anyway, I'm happy with most of the experience with this app.
On the recipe-
The point is that the design is as stylish as possible and I am very much looking forward to investigating the relevant Martha Stewart cookie app during the holiday season.
Excuse me now, I have some very important mixed reports to do. Cheers!
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