setting the course; the fall market is serving up a buffet of new products. - metal stemless wine glasses

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setting the course; the fall market is serving up a buffet of new products.  -  metal stemless wine glasses
New york-Kara Weber O'Conner and Alison Zesco
This weekend, another installation of the ever-changing desktop market began, followed by a range of product introductions that cover all areas, in terms of design, price and materials.
In the context of the reorganized showroom configuration and location, staffing revisions and recent acquisitions, the market continues to focus on new products.
Here are some of the things that some manufacturers are introducing.
Artel glass Artel is introducing cut-
Glass tableware in seven colors.
Each piece is blown together by three layers of glass and then cut and polished by hand into the shape of 18 to 22 faces.
There are two styles of this line, Amber, black, blue, Charlie, chestnut, clove and rose.
Another highlight of Artel is woodland, a limited-edition,hand-
Crystal Bowl engraved.
It is planned to produce 250 digital bowls, which will take 48 hours of engraving per bowl.
The design of the Artland butterfly, pineapple and fretwork fusion etched glass marks Artland's new Williamsburg authorized collection. Eighteenth-century hand-
The colorful prints of these groups, along with the architectural details of the colonial historic garden of Williamsburg, inspire Artland's relaxed interpretation of traditional plant themes.
The collection includes wine cooler, bar glasses, napkinring, cake stand, punch bowl and bedside table glass bottles centered on bar and entertainment. Baum Bros.
Brother Baum, as mentioned earlier
Campbell's Soup collection will be launched.
Chef Thomas Keller and architect and designer Adam Tihany, after their initials, designed a new holloware series for bluefle called k T.
The Silverplated cocktail line has a concentric circle rororoon decoration to create a contrast between the smooth and groove surfaces.
The four trays of the bar, the rocking bed, the Cup pad, the hors d'oeuvres server, the champagne cooler and the ice tongs form a collection.
Denby is introducing Azure and Azure coast.
Azure is a white pattern, while Azure Coast is a decorative style --glaze effect.
The series has the same shape as Jet and fire.
Denby is also a new China, a clean white bone Chinese collection with soft edges.
Both sets feature a full set of cutlery.
According to Marie-Gibson, Gibson USA is more focused than ever on contemporary leisure goods in this market, products that allow consumers to make their own statements, thus allowing for "personalized"
Senior designer of the International Monetary Fund.
There are three entities in Balboadinnerware
Color combination in 16-
A suit that retails for $39. 99.
Murietta dinnerware provides a simple location in a water-like design; a 16-
The retail price of a set is $49. 99.
Haviland Tambour for the first time at the summer gift show and the Maison & Objet show in Paris last month will be solid with Olivia, purple and white porcelain patterns and Lacque de Chine-
Color porcelain scheme.
It has Brick, Black, chocolate, purple crystal, azure, orange, mandarin, pistachio and light blue.
The new toast rack/table organizer in Herend has five Chinese bouquet colors (
Blue, Green, multi-color, raspberry and rust)
Queen Victoria and Rothschild bird. Trimmed in 24-
The retail price of Karat gold is $100 to $195.
Another new item is the Herend tea set as shown in the figure.
Blue wreath, five Chinese bouquet colors (
Blue, Green, multi-color, raspberry, rust)
Queen Victoria and Rothschild bird.
The butterfly teapot retails for $75 to $220;
Tray for $260 to $.
Herend's new sculptures are like golden roses and bears with balls.
Rose features 24-Overview of white porcelain leaves and petalskaratgold;
The back of the rose is also covered with gold.
This is a packed ina Herend gift box with a suggested retail price of $90.
Herend bear with Ball figurine is 5 inch high with fish net pattern of 24 red balls
Karat gold accent on nose and paw;
Black, blue, cream sugar, chocolate, green, raspberry and rust are the 7 color options for fishing nets.
The recommended retail price is $495. J. L. Coquet J. L.
Coquet highlights Prelude dinnerware, which is made of white porcelain and cream of platinum strap and gold strap.
Sequoia tableware in Ercuis is available in stainless steel, silver plate and sterling. J. P.
Between products/Pomerantz J. P.
Product Introduction rosefinch series, Red stainless steel
Steel brush-
Steel line of Pantryware.
Jaune de Chrome of Jaune de Chrome is Aguirre and Cream Scale.
These two arerendered in the active metal glaze to produceof-a-kindeffect.
These models are aimed at high-end urban markets.
In this market, Libbey has expanded its no-trunk line and increased its focus on home entertainment.
New entertainment including cocktail party, one or eight
There is a platter of four wine glasses and four cocktail plates.
The retail price is $19. 99 to $24. 99.
Frosted vodka is 12-
A set of four martinis, four stones and four wine glasses, with a suggested retail price of $24. 99.
Lemon drops are 6-
One set, consisting of four martini glasses with yellow stems and a glass Martini rocking bed with lid metal glass.
The reward recipe card has five different martini recipes.
The recommended retail price for this set is $24. 99.
Vina is expanding to include a dry-free champagne, dry-free martini Cup for sale in public stock at a suggested price of $3.
Each or four-
The recommended retail price is $14. 99.
At present, this product is characterized by dry red wine and white wine.
"Objet" represented by Richard Cohen"
The collection of theChocolate vanilla series and Seychelles will be introduced.
There is Manderly in the tableware introduction of Oneida, which is the latest flower pattern;
Bremen, clean pattern with smooth outline;
Emma, a curved handle in a modern shape;
Black and Triple Chrome plated stainless steel with a little color.
Ritzenhoff Clubstar is the new beer glass of Ritzenhoff.
This is a new look for the company with graphic design and modern design.
Not drinking-
Cylinder and plastic bottle stop, same smooth and graphic pattern.
Ritzenhoff will also provide an extension to the existing series.
Royal Chinese porcelain.
Spoud is introducing the Fruit Paradise, a pattern inspired by the natural imagery of traditional gardens, which will surround the spod factory in its 1800 s.
The pottery pattern was designed by Irene Moley at the spod studio.
Introduction to Syratech under the Towle brand includes Luxor and petals, 18/10 stainless steel
Steel modern tableware pattern retail for $59. 99for a five-
The latest concept of international Silver is a stackable rack system for storage space, cabinets and drawers, allowing consumers to stack their tableware, tableware and drinks in a convenient way to carry and carry.
They retail less than $50.
Melannco is introducing the gallery frame series, solid wood, and oversized frames of three designs.
The suggested retail price is below $29. 99.
The Neo Classic series is a new element.
It features architectural design with an acanthus leaf pattern on linear candle holders, pillar holders and active candle holders.
These products combine resin with metal and retail less than $34. 99.
Viertree is a viertree using Contrada tableware and Contrada Plumeaccessories.
Accessories include five key service pieces with vertical details.
Each one is decorated with Rita Rossi's signature, and she is the mother of Vietri Italian artisans who first painted the design of ContradaPlume decades ago.
This series has an orange peellike exterior surface.
Warwick, as a silver company that is expanding into leather and stainless steel, is represented in the neuwerth showroom at 7 w in New York, barware red bark red leather and non-leather tray, ice bucket, etc are being provided including cockpit
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