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setting a made-in-the-u.s.a. table: yes, do stick a fork in it  -  stainless steel bottle manufacturer
There are many signs of the fate of this century
The old factory that Sheryl manufacturing now has is not a former one, but most surprisingly, on the cave-like factory floor, there are dozens of Discolored concrete patches.
They marked the holes where the hammer was ripped off and sold to scrap to keep the company running properly.
Matthew A: "Greg will tell me, 'We need $10,000 to make payslips, 'and I will come here and find machines worth $10,000 to scrap . "
Roberts, president of the company, was pleased to say during a recent visit to the factory that he was referring to Gregory L, his business partner.
Chief executive of Sheryl manufacturing, Owens
The couple used to have 58 hammers;
Now there are only six of them. Mr.
Roberts did not mourn the loss.
Six is enough to deal with the current production needs of the factory, the last domestic tableware manufacturer in the United States.
Twenty years ago, the factory was owned by Oneida Co. , Ltd.
More than 2,000 employees are workingthe-
The clock, millions of people make knives, spoons and forks.
Now, only 35 people are working on the floor.
Even with so much, it is the triumph of Sheryl manufacturing.
Its home town, known as "Silver City", was ruled by one ida, which is based here.
Founded in 1880, the company has grown into the world's largest tableware producer with manufacturing plants in four countries with annual sales of more than $0. 5 billion.
But at the beginning of 2000, Oneida fell sharply with low growth
The cost of Asian manufacturing has reduced its sales.
In 2004, the company abandoned its domestic manufacturing industry and announced plans to close the plant that operated in Sheryl in 125. Mr.
Roberts, 51, is a native of Sheryl and 14
One of Oneida's employees stepped in to buy the factory and found a way to keep at least a small number of employees.
He recruited for his career.
The 52-year-old Owens is a manufacturing veteran he met in Toluca, Mexico, where both of them are doing management work at the Oneida plant.
The Sherrill plant in Oneida reopened the day after its closure on March 2005 --
The staff is much smaller.
As Sheryl Manufacturing Company
For 10 years, the business has been groping for a model that allows it to operate profitably and at least maintain the complete remains of the town's manufacturing heritage.
Now, the company is starting to find some successful ways that it hopes will be sustainable: Direct
Sales business for customers willing to pay more for US customersmade products.
This is a path that a few American manufacturers are pursuing, trying to adapt themselves to the global economic reality by repositioning themselves to high end
Quality commodity suppliers that protect local production Heritage.
Among other industries that are disappearing, there is now only one remaining metal whistle maker, one barber shop maker, one spark maker and one sports shoe factory in the country.
According to government data, domestic employment in manufacturing has fallen by nearly 30% in the past two decades.
About 12 million people are now working in this field.
"They won't come back when you lose these skills ,"Owens said.
He is determined to continue to learn the expertise of local artisans, such as Eric Lawrence, 41, a sculptor who started his career in Oneida 17 years ago.
He is now designing the model of the Sheryl manufacturing company.
The company sells its tablet as a free desktop online, a name that deliberately chooses to play the brand "Made in America"S. A. ” appeal.
A fork or teaspoon starts at $3. 49;
The price of the knife is twice that of $7. 99 each. (
"The knife is hard," he explained.
Roberts is pleased to detail the challenges of forging blades and serrations. )
A few big customers-
Most notably, the US military
Help maintain the company.
The federal government orders about 500,000 vessels each year for its bases around the world.
The soldiers used the silver of the useful Annapolis line;
Officers can buy more expensive Sheffield suits with gorgeous old British patterns.
The company also does production work for Cutco, which produces some of its own knives at N. OleanY.
, But it relies on Sherrill as a fork and spoon that Americans resellmade flatware.
However, in order to make a profit, the Sheryl manufacturing company needs to establish direct sales.
The owners of the company believe that this is the only model that allows their business to compete with tablet software giants such as Lenox and Oneida, which can cost a fraction of the cost of Sherrill
"As a small manufacturer, we know we can't compete positively --to-
He is against Asia . "Owens said.
Labor, regulations, steel prices
Everything gives them a cost advantage.
"There are a few nearby
Death experience.
As an exclusive manufacturer of Oneida, the company has started a separate life and has dealt with a number of specialized tasks.
But in 2006, Oneida went bankrupt, forcing Sherrill to expand its customer base. (
Oneida was acquired by a private equity firm in 2011 and merged with other brands to create a new company, EveryWare Global, in Lancaster, Ohio.
EveryWare went bankrupt this year, but appeared two months later and is still in business. )
It has won enough new contracts to continue operating until the recession comes.
"What happened to Lehman Brothers, the whole world exploded . "Owens said.
"We haven't received an order for six months and when they started coming back they were already half the original.
On 2010, the company declared bankruptcy.
Production was closed for two years as the owner passed the restructuring process
But first, they did the last production to produce the initial stock of freedom.
"I took all the steel we had left, and we made our own designs . "
Roberts recalled.
"We thought, 'If we can cross this gap, it will give us something to survive.
They pieced together a website and began to rely on free desktop brands for online advertising and word marketingof-
Mouth suggestion.
Online sales totaled $23,000 in the first year.
They are expected to reach $1 million this year.
Owners admit that keeping the business going sometimes looks like tilting towards the windmill, but if it goes away they feel like something important is missing.
S. industrial infrastructure is less and less resource,
To help protect it, they buy everything they can in the country.
Their steel is melted in the United States and cut into large and small in Ohio. their polished compounds come from Pittsburgh and Detroit. their boxes are made from 89-year-old, family-
Running paper companies in N EarlvilleY.
Suppliers have a vested interest in cheering for the success of their customers, but those who work with Sheryl manufacturing say the company's values --
The driving method stands out.
Mike Cartechine, regional manager at H & D Steel Service, thinks this is one of the few clients when he shakes handsdeal terms.
"It's interesting to be one of them," he said . ".
"After my mother retired, I gave her a set of tableware as a gift.
Every time she hosts a dinner party, she tells everyone, 'My son provides metal for this.
"Flatware is the focus of Sherrill Manufacturing, but it often takes on custom projects for other small businesses.
It produces coffee joules, metal capsules, designed to keep hot drinks at an ideal drinking temperature;
Kleynimals, a stainless steel baby toy, mimic the tactile appeal of the jangly keys.
Kirsten Chapman, creator of Kleynims, sells about 5,000 units a year, a production that is too small for most manufacturers.
For four years she has struggled with quality control and piecemeal Assembly until an industry contact leads her to Sheryl.
She moved her work there last year and was full of praise for the results.
The time she used to spend on logistics is now used to develop new products. Mr. Owens and Mr.
Roberts, his grandfather works in a factory he works with now.
Yes, there is some nostalgia for the past of the factory: the entrance to their office is lined with old photos and display cabinets, showing Oneida's historical silverware, including strange things like avocado forksa three-
It looks more like a Klingon weapon than a two-pronged device for eating utensils.
But they are also optimistic about the opportunities for the new era of Sheryl manufacturing.
Their factory floors are full of machines, and if demand for their cutlery grows, they are eager to reopen them.
"We are two people who have failed repeatedly," said Mr. Roberts said.
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