serena williams brought her daughter to oscars rehearsals. plus, more celeb gossip! - glass and silicone water bottle

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serena williams brought her daughter to oscars rehearsals. plus, more celeb gossip!  -  glass and silicone water bottle
Hollywood-Amy Poller won the Academy Award.
"If any of us falls, others must also fall," she collapsed during Saturday's rehearsal, practicing her speech with friends Tina Fey and Maya Rudolf.
None of the three women thought about it: at the 91 annual Academy Awards, each of them wore the high heels they were going to wear (
ABC, Sunday, 8 ET/PT)
Practice walking in Dolby theater.
In front of a room made up of seat placards, producers and college staff, Fey read out her first line.
"Good evening, welcome to the onemillionth Academy Awards!
Fey laughed at the microphone and turned directly into a joke about no host this year. (
Oh, she also said a USA Today joke you don't want to miss. )
Then Rudolph opened her white dress rehearsal envelope: "Oscar is presented . . . . . . Amy Boller!
She pretended to announce it in shock.
About every 15 minutes, another celebrity partner takes to the stage, the stage is outlined in gold, bathed in the Swarovski crystal, practiced their lines, and distributed fake Oscarsins.
Of course, this is routine for some people.
But when a cute baby is born, no one is too cool (
Especially famous baby).
When Serena Williams Steed held her toddler 17-month-
Old daughter, Alex Olympia.
Note, College: little Alexie in a pink jumper with Sparks on both sides and no stage fright.
When Williams picked her up with a smile and put the child on her hips, the child confidently grabbed the high microphone in front of her mother.
Without kids, Williams practiced the lines twice and Alexis watched her leave.
Before they had a happy Saturday, Williams's daughter stood in the middle of the stage, watched the audience and began to applaud.
The whole room full of fighting
The tired production staff couldn't help laughing and laughing.
That's the Oscar rehearsal. They're low-
Key, but impossible. list.
Star Sports and baseball caps in various forms (
Like Angela Bassett, her Adidas sportswear goes with killer heels.
Cassie Musi graves appears in the Black Sweat
White satin heels are simply too expensive. A jeans-
The new dad of the dressed Daniel Craig is shining with pure exhaustion.
Charlie selon is fresh.
Wearing jeans and a soft hat, the face is expressionless.
Once, Keegan-
Michael Key, with a large black umbrella in his hand, hung from the ceiling.
Newcomer Awkwafina John Mulaney Labor first
Time makes them nervous.
Between two lines of reading, the "crazy rich Asian" star wants to consolidate the way they greet when they step on stage from their separated wings.
"What do you want to do?
Want a hug?
"Asked Awkwafina.
"The Hug is good," Mulini affirmed . "
Brie Larsson's awe of the experience has not disappeared and she will be present with her "Captain Marvel"star Samuel L. Jackson. Themakeup-
Wearing a black bodice, a pilot jacket and boots inlaid on stage, free star immediately looks for her seat placard, and she is jubilant when she sees it in the audience.
"I'm right in front of Serena!
She said loudly to Jackson.
Frankly, no star can resist looking at the seat map in front of them.
Bassett found her seat in front of her colleague Javier Baden. presenter. “There I am! Up here! ” a clean-
Baden jokingly pointed to the cheap seat on the balcony.
What else have we learned?
Mike Myers and Dana Carvey present a solid "Wayne World" moment on the show. (
"It will surprise me tomorrow," Miles said at the end of his speech. )Trevor Noah (
His Saturday look is a pink hoodie and a gray jersey.
A joke about the killer "Panther" was prepared.
Some stars always play games for fun.
James McAvoy closed it up and danced on the stage, using a water bottle as a stand --
While winning the Academy Award, Williams finished reading her lines and left the stage dramatically.
Next stop: Oscar ceremony!
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