selecting the correct wine glass for any occaison - glass wine glasses

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selecting the correct wine glass for any occaison  -  glass wine glasses
Nowadays, the shape and size of the wine glasses are different.
Whether it's a private party, a big event or yourself, choosing the right glass is something you might want to know.
But before we start talking about different types of wine glasses, when you use them, let's talk first about what wine glasses are made of and which ones might be the best for you.
We often see glasses made of glass because they tend to be more affordable than the ones they prefer.
Of course we have seen wine in plastic cups, but we will not even go there;
Oh yes, there are occasional paper cups if you are desperate.
You 'd better lift the bottles instead of these alternatives.
High quality wine glasses are generally made of lead crystals.
The main advantage of lead crystal is its appearance and feeling.
They do have a higher index of refraction, thus changing the angle of light through the material and wine.
At the microscopic level, lead crystals are actually more rough than glass.
When rotating in a bowl, this roughness allows the wine to breathe more effectively.
Lead Crystal is also relatively heavy.
Whether it is lead crystal or glass, the wine glass should be transparent so as to appreciate the real color of the wine.
One exception to this rule is ock glass.
We also need to discuss wine glasses of all shapes.
There is no scientific evidence that the shape of the wine glass has any effect on the taste of the wine.
However, many people think that the shape of the glass is important because it concentrates the fragrance and bouquet and emphasizes the difference in the features of different varieties.
Most often, the opening of the glass will never be wider than the widest part of the bowl.
So when you spin, the cocktail party stays in the glass.
Most glasses have stems, although there are "no stems" glasses on the market.
The idea behind developing stem wine glasses relates to keeping the hand warm away from the bowl where the wine is located, thus not interfering with the temperature of the wine.
The length and thickness of the stem vary.
The long stem looks more elegant, but it will be easier to break if the stem is too thin.
Shorter stems are the same as stem-free glasses for daily use.
Wine glasses are usually divided into three types;
Wine glass, wine glass, champagne glass.
There are other varieties of special wines, but we will talk about them next time.
The wine glasses of red wine are more rounded and the bowls are wider, which tends to increase the oxidation rate.
When the oxygen in the air reacts chemically with the wine, the aroma and aroma release and change slightly.
The oxidation process of red wine is considered more compatible because it is said that the complex flavor of the wine is smooth, making the taste of the wine more attractive.
Not all wine glasses look the same.
Depending on the red variety, there are different styles.
The wine glass in Bordeaux is very high and there is a big bowl.
They are designed for full-bodied wines like Cabernet and Syrah, as it will guide these wines to the back of your mouth.
On the other hand, Burgundy glasses are wider than Bordeaux.
The Larger Bowl is designed to accumulate more delicate red, such as the aroma of pinot noir wine.
This style of wine glass guides the wine to the tip of the tongue.
The shape and size of the white wine glasses are very different;
From the tapering champagne flute to the light and wide glass used to drink Chardonnay.
A wide variety of shapes and sizes are used to highlight the unique features of different styles of white wine.
Wide Mouth white wine glasses offer similar features to red wine glasses.
They promote rapid oxidation, changing taste and experience.
The best white wines are usually wines with strong flavor, such as oaked Chardonnay.
For lighter, fresher White, oxidation is less important and less desirable.
The oxidation of light wines masks subtle nuances.
To keep these white crisp and clean flavors, a glass with a much smaller mouth is needed.
In the case of champagne or Asti, use a smaller mouth to keep the wine sparkling longer in the glass.
These glasses feature a long stem on a narrow bowl.
Again, the long stems are like this and your hands don't heat the wine.
We can go into the port, desert wine, sherry and other specialty wines in more detail, but we will do so in another post.
It's time to open your favorite red or white variety or mixture, pour it into the glass closest to you and enjoy it.
You can impress others another day.
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