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Last update: August 19, 2013 entertainment business can help you build relationships with your customers.
Here are some tips to remember: doing business by eating is a ritual that has been around for centuries.
Taking a customer for breakfast, lunch or dinner has long been an effective way to build a relationship, make a sale or make a deal.
These business meals are basically business meetings.
Knowing your product or service is critical to the success of the meeting, but so is your demeanor.
Too many people put a chance at risk for not using good dining etiquette.
Here are some basic rules that make the experience enjoyable and profitable.
Know your duties as a master.
You are in charge.
You can see that things are going well and your guests are comfortable.
You need to keep an eye on every detail from invitation to bill payment.
Plan ahead when you send out an invitation.
Business dinner is three days a week for lunch.
Determining the date is useful to you.
This may sound obvious, but if you have to cancel or postpone it, you may appear disorganized and disrespectful to the customer's time.
Choose a restaurant you know, preferably one you know.
It's time to try out the latest hot spots.
Confidence in the quality of food and service allows you to focus freely on the business.
Consider the atmosphere.
Does it help with dialogue and discussion?
If you and your client can't hear each other's voice in the roar of diners and dishes, you will waste time and money.
When you book, please inform the staff that you will be dining with the customer.
If you are advised by your guests to go to a new restaurant (
Maybe you host a client outside. of-town)
Call ahead and talk to the foreman.
Make it clear that you will have an important business meal and pick up the check.
If you are having breakfast or if you are having lunch or dinner, confirm your meal appointment with your client the day before.
Things do happen and mixups occur.
Arrive early so you can focus on the last minute details.
This is the best time to hand over your credit card to the foreman and avoid embarrassment when the bill arrives.
Responsible for seating arrangements.
Your guests should sit in the most important position.
With views.
Take the least ideal place as a host-
The one facing the wall, kitchen, or bathroom.
In addition to being polite, it is also strategic to have guests sit there.
When you host a client, sit next to each client at right angles instead of opposite.
There are two customers, put one opposite you and the other on your side.
If you're sitting between them, you'll look like you're watching a match at Wimbledon when you're trying to track the conversation.
Let guests order first.
You can recommend some helpful dishes.
By recommending a particular item, you can determine a price range.
Order as many courses as you can like your guests, not many and not many, to facilitate the flow of meals.
If one of you ordered an appetizer or dessert and the others didn't, it would be awkward.
As a moderator, you are the one who decides when to start discussing the business.
This will depend on many factors, such as the time of day and how well you know your customers.
Breakfast was short so start working quickly.
Wait until you order for lunch so you don't get interrupted.
Dinner, more social occasions, is the time to build rapport.
Limit business talk and do it after the main course is completed.
When you know your customers well, you have more basis for small talk.
However, because you have established a business friendship, you can eliminate some chats when time is a problem.
When you don't know your customers, spend more time getting to know before you start your shoptalk.
Sometimes, you just need to use your own judgment to determine when to start a business and realize that if you wait too long, your customers may start to wonder why they are being
If you start your meal too early, your guests may suspect that you are more interested in their money than they are.
Pay attention to the time, but don't let your guests see that you are checking your watch.
Breakfast usually lasts for an hour.
Lunch for an hour and a half.
End your business dinner in two to three hours.
Handle any disaster gracefully.
All your attention to detail, things will still go wrong.
The food may not meet your standards, the waiter may be rude, or the people at the table next door are noisy and out of control.
Make sure you're not the one who's out of control no matter what happens.
Please forgive yourself for discussing any issues with the staff.
They will feel uncomfortable if you complain in front of the guests or to them.
Limit the amount of alcohol you drink in business meals.
Lunch of three martinis has become the past.
However, cocktails and wines are still part of a business dinner.
Because alcohol works the same as the serum of truth, keep one or two cups.
When guests drink a lot and you feel in trouble, please forgive yourself and be careful to ask the waiter not to refill the wine glass or offer another cocktail.
Your behavior during the meal will determine your career success.
If you focus on the details and do everything you can to make your customers experience enjoyable, they will think you will handle their business the same way.
It's not long before you can get them to eat from your hands. (c)
2005, Lydia Ramsey
All rights reserved for all media.
Lydia Ramsey is a business etiquette expert, professional speaker, corporate trainer and author of the book sales etiquette: Poland to increase profits. E-mail her at [emailprotected]
Or visit her website: www. People who sell things.
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