sandblasting glass - drinking glass water bottle

by:Koodee      2019-08-28
sandblasting glass  -  drinking glass water bottle
Sandblasting glass is fun and simple!
This is a great way to reuse old bottles around the house.
Materials needed :-
Clean and dry glass bottles, vases or wine glasses-Masking tape (
Multiple widths)-Exacto knife-Cutting board-Straight edge-Sandblaster-Your design! 1)
Use a design sketch or print it out as a visual template.
This is helpful when you stick the tape to the bottle.
You can also design while walking.
Both methods are great as there is no wrong answer in terms of design! 2)The straight-
Edge comes in handy when you want to place a flat line on the bottle.
Use the exacto knife to precisely cut the length of the tape to meet your design needs. 3)
By pressing your own tape, make sure the tape is firmly glued to the bottle.
* Please note: The tape area will not be sandblasted and there will be a transparent look of the original bottle upon completion.
When you lay the foundation for your design, it is important to think about it.
All exposed glass will be frosted with sand. 4)
When it comes to sandblasting, there is a speed/feeding skill.
The machine in the picture above is controlled by a 1 feet pedal.
Similar to the accelerator pedal, the harder you push, the faster the sand will drain from the sand gun inside the machine.
Hold your object tightly with one hand and step on your foot with the foot pedal to activate the gun.
Try to stabilize it before pointing it to your object so there will be a steady stream of sand flowing out.
Point the gun to your object and strike it evenly ---
Please note that the beads of sand are peeling off the glass layer.
I personally like to take it off slowly because it is possible to take it off too quickly.
Take a break and don't forget to take out your objects on a regular basis to visually check your process/evaluate what you want to do next. 5)
Tear off the tape and wash the bottle and you can use it!
These bottles are great personalized gifts.
I made decan water, water bottles, olive oil bottles, auxiliary containers, beer carts and bottles for home brewers-
The possibilities are really endless!
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