sandblasted steel beer pint - stainless steel wine cups

by:Koodee      2019-08-17
sandblasted steel beer pint  -  stainless steel wine cups
There is nothing more personalized than etching or engraving.
Whether it's a gift or something you want to add your own special style, lettering or artwork engraving really adds to the vitality of the project.
I picked up a stainless steel Cup this summer.
It is perfect for camping, outdoor activities and festivals as it is very durable.
Don't worry about using disposable plastic cups or breaking glassware.
However, the Cup is a little flat-looking.
In this note, I will show you how I carved the design on my stainless steel beer pint with sandblasting!
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Tools: computer with vector drawing software (
Illustrator for Inkscape)
CNC vinyl cutting machine (
Such as cameo silhouette)
Sand blasting tweezers/Exacto-
Knife/seam tear material: Adhesive-
Stainless steel pint cup backing Vinyl Transfer paper masking tape (such as this)
Vector art Openclipart. org Modify -
Illustrator for use
Why convert fonts to profiles?
Usually use vector graphics to make a real-size printed paper version of the screen to grab the CNC cutting machine.
I want sunshine, but I don't want to draw from scratch.
I'm not very good at designing from scratch, but I'm good at changing existing jobs. OpenClipArt.
Org is a good resource for copyright.
Free vector graphics.
I found my favorite sunshine there and downloaded it.
It's not what I want, but it's a good start.
I have Adobe Illustrator on my computer, but any other vector drawing program like Corel Draw or Inkscape works as well.
I deleted all the colored parts.
We just make a template for sandblasting-
The shape that will be masked.
No color will be used, just the shape, so the black and white image is good.
Next, I removed the face from the image and adjusted some points of sun light.
I then added the letters A and u in the middle using the text tool.
Once satisfied with the artwork, make sure to convert the font to the outline.
Not all fonts are the same on different machines.
Create an outline to make the font the shape of the letter.
It is also important to ensure that the size of the artwork fits the object.
I measured the cup and decided that the round artwork with a diameter of 3 inch is the right size.
I reduced the artwork to 3 "square and then printed it out on my inkjet printer.
I then cut it down and stick it on the Cup as a model to see how much I like about size and location.
Vinyl cutter for use.
So I saved my project and exported the file. DXF.
On the computer, open the software for the vinyl cutter and import it. DXF file.
Arrange artwork in the cutting area.
It may make sense to cut some stickers or templates at a time to make the most of the material.
Load vinyl into the machine according to the direction of the machine and run the machine.
Once the vinyl is cut, cut off the specific artwork and make sure to leave a good size boundary around it.
The next step is to block off an area on the Cup.
This includes selectively removing the part of vinyl to make the template and applying it to the Cup.
First, peel off the vinyl part where you want the Cup to be sandblasted.
I found it helpful to pin the material on the table with two masking tapes.
I then carefully remove the part of the template using detailed tools such as Xacto knives and tweezers.
Next, cut a transfer sheet that is slightly larger than vinyl.
The transfer paper is similar to the sticker material or masking tape, except that it is on a large piece of paper.
Peel the backrest off the transfer paper and press it on vinyl.
Rub it to make sure it sticks well.
Flip transfer paper and vinyl.
Tear the back paper off the vinyl.
This needs to be done slowly and carefully to ensure that the vinyl is all glued to the transfer paper.
You have a vinyl image now (in reverse)
With bare adhesive.
Apply the vinyl to The Steel Cup and make sure it is centered.
The dark color of vinyl is displayed via transfer paper, making it easier to eyeball and align artwork.
Rub the transfer paper to make sure the vinyl is well glued to the Cup.
Gently peel the transfer paper.
You now have a nice vinyl template attached to the Cup.
Cover the rest of the stainless steel cup with masking tape.
The next step is to blast the Cup.
Sand blasting is not difficult, but it does require you to have a sand blasting machine, cabinet and compressed air.
I don't have these things, but I'm a member of Makerspace, Milwaukee.
Makerspace or hackerspace is a shared workshop where individuals can gather their resources and share devices to make cool projects.
Try to find one in your area.
If you don't, maybe you and your friends can start one!
Sandblasting is a bit like a spray-painting.
You just want to cover the area you are working on evenly.
The template did all the hard work.
Sorry, I don't have a good photo I actually sandblasted because it's hard for me to take pictures with both hands in the machine!
I did a blast at 40 psi.
Afterwards, I removed the work, peeled off the blue making tape and rinsed it in the work sink.
Then I only peeled off the outer ring of the black vinyl template.
This gives me three colors.
Brushed stainless steel, sandblasted stainless steel and black vinyl as part of the finished design.
I really like the contrast between black and stainless steel.
Wash it a little, dry it, and the project is completed.
I am very satisfied with the result.
Very good blasting effect
Look, it's done permanently.
This is a great way to add your name, phone number or other identification mark to the item you want to lose.
This is also a good way to give gifts to friends.
Just pick up a stainless steel item (
Maybe recycle something from thrift. store)
Create a design and explode!
The same technology works on glass!
Look at some of the other items I sandblasted at the same time.
Of course, check out what other projects I have in ecoproject teer on my DIY blog.
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