safety drive on baby food jars - food jar

by:Koodee      2019-07-29
safety drive on baby food jars  -  food jar
Yesterday, British baby food manufacturers were told to reduce the content of a toxic chemical used to seal the glass jar lid of their products, and there is evidence that it is infiltrating into baby meals.
Two independent expert advisory committees found 66 out of 137 glass samples
Bottled baby food containing epoxy soybean oil (ESBO).
Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAFF)
He says there is no "direct health risk ".
But the company said it would continue to take action to reduce ESBO content in glass cans.
The chemical is used in the lid of the baby food jar to form a seal to prevent microbial contamination.
It also ensures that the rubber edge of the bottle is more flexible, so any tampering is obvious.
But this chemical is toxic and a lot of use can cause health problems for babies and adults.
Earlier this year, a Swedish study found that the 91 pc sample contained up to 105 mg of ESBO per kilogram.
UK study in joint food safety and standards group (JFSSG)
Found 48 PCs in food samples from brands
The named baby product contains an ESBO level of up to 105 mg per kilogram.
British commission on toxicity of chemicals in food, consumer goods and the environment (COT)
Recommended daily tolerable intake (TDI)
Weight 1 mg per kilogram per day.
TDI is defined as the amount of substances that can be eaten daily throughout a lifetime without increasing health risks.
The committee said that reducing the level of ESBO should not be reversed.
This reassured mothers about the safety of baby food.
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