rubio criticizes trump's mid-speech water-sipping form - drinking glass water bottle

by:Koodee      2019-08-28
rubio criticizes trump\'s mid-speech water-sipping form  -  drinking glass water bottle
At 7: 35 a. m. on November 16, 2017, Sophie Tatum chatted with us in Facebook Messenger.
Find out what is happening in the world. Washington (CNN)Sen.
Marco Rubio had the opportunity to pay off on Wednesday, and President Donald Trump had apparently sipped from the water bottle many times in a speech ---
Trump mocked Rubio's move during the 2016 campaign.
Similar, but his form needs to be modified.
Must be done in an action & eyes should never leave the camera.
But for his 1st time, Marco Rubio should drink his water in a glass instead of a bottle --
The negative impact will be much smaller.
Marco Rubio could not even respond correctly to President Obama's State of the Union address without sweat and sweat. He choked!
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