review: handmade? at lucky noodle, more like bland-made - stainless steel swizzle sticks

by:Koodee      2019-08-10
review: handmade? at lucky noodle, more like bland-made  -  stainless steel swizzle sticks
Maybe you 've seen brother Cohen's movie "The old man has no country. "
The prospect of Texas is burning, a bad guy, and this is: no music.
"No Country" fills the gap with great performances and great stories.
Like "No Country", there is no music in lucky noodles.
Music must come from food while it is away.
There's nothing to say about the food.
Great cooking without salt and sand to fill the gaps.
The silence in the air and on the plate is depressing, and in a space as free and practical as a university reading room, it is a guest who is meditating and not inviting himself.
Lucky noodles opened in February as a family branch of kung fu noodles in Leon Valley.
This is a Chinese restaurant based on the spectacular and promise of handmade noodles.
In addition to fried rice and dumplings for adventure --
The damaged lucky noodles gave up the American Chinese metaphor and instead supported chicken feet, pig ears and concentric circles made by hand. pulled noodles.
The problem is that these circles are close to each other and draw nutrients from the same shallow meat and vegetables.
For example, spicy soup isit-
Check and exercise yourself.
They hand you a stainless steel bowl and point you to walk
In the cool weather, ominous warnings about how spicy things are about to become.
It's like picking weapons for the Mongols. fry.
There are large and small beef balls, shrimp balls, fish balls, Qingkou, pork, bok choy, fungus mushrooms, and even spam.
By weight, $10 per pound.
The chef turns your carefully selected bounty into soup with an optional $3 serving of noodles.
My big bowl cost $9.
Soup is a mystery, though.
How can three meat (
Beef balls, shrimp balls, spam)
, Three kinds of vegetables, a chef's dry pepper, a sparkling orange broth and a roll of handmade noodles, taste like a large bowl of steaming water, sweat streaming sweaty back, boring labor pushes it into a bowl to look for signs of life. A stir-
Fried beef noodles-
Take out the ribbon from the soup to bend.
This is a very familiar setting: bok choy, thin beef with dirt, red pepper, garlic, a little brown sauce.
But in that underachievers wonderland, the noodles show their resilience, shabby chewing, and the talent to absorb and reflect the taste around them.
The wide flat noodles in the stir
Fried food is one of the best of the lucky three types of noodles: spaghetti, spaghetti and boneless pappardelle.
Of course, they don't label them like this.
They say "thin", "leek leaves" and "flat" and you can pick.
Basic beef soup in the store-
Broth, beef and noodles
Fine pasta
The Esque noodles are glued together.
Chopsticks are just a tool to deliver your chin.
The pasta cutter installed, also known as "teeth ". ” It’s OK;
Just put your face close to the bowl and shovel, slur and cut.
If it's on your glasses then you get the hang of it.
But like lucky noodles, filling your stomach is a tedious sport. Twice-
Cooked pork belly can be overcome in half with double cooking
Cooked bacon, another dish, although its orange Chilean oil tastes like your tongue, it is set to be permanently neutral.
One side of the fried potato chips is blonde, greasy potato patties, and some dry fresh peppers.
The dreaded spice warning came back.
In contrast, the taste of San Antonio adapts to the more corrosive qualities of Chile de Apode and habaniro, and the spice idea of lucky noodles is pillow wars.
If your screen smellsO-
Visually, you will capture the cumin cloud hanging on the lucky noodles --well, fuzzy —fried lamb. And that’s it. Just cumin.
This is not a lamb. it’s a one-trick pony.
The menu adds a question mark to the "Chinese burger" when it describes roujiamo.
It is not like a burger at all except bread.
It's more like a hot, erotic reimagining of a chicken salad sandwich, chopped, salty, plus a pointed green pepper. Or —
That's why I like it.
It's more like carnitas for sale in the supermarket
Round flour cake.
The most expressive dishes of lucky noodles are the two most unfamiliar dishes.
Chinese audiences don't eat noodles either.
Pig ears is a razor salad that is unapologetic, refreshing and satisfying
The thin cartilage and tough lean meat of sesame oil, with a large number of cucumbers and red bell peppers, can make a squeak sound and acid.
Chicken feet are surprising in three ways: they are covered with collagen and the fingers are long
Like bones and knuckles, they are a good place for five braised
Fragrant powder in cold mix.
It's as elegant as sucking crayfish heads, but it's also rewarding.
However, the highlight of lucky noodles cannot reach the threshold of "recommendation --
Star reviews under express delivery-
News rating systemThe half-
Star admits that the restaurant has its advantages.
However, whether it's food, serious execution and warm and friendly staff, I can't recommend a place that doesn't taste like music.
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