raise your glass: operators looking to upgrade their glassware offerings need not sacrifice durability for high design anymore. - custom design wine glasses

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raise your glass: operators looking to upgrade their glassware offerings need not sacrifice durability for high design anymore.  -  custom design wine glasses
Eye-Capture the color.
Interesting shape
Texture surface. Twistedstems.
Classic and custom design.
Glassware is an important element to convey the unique style of the restaurant.
Many new designs, colors and shapes of glassware-
Not to mention new technologies that make it more feasible to buy and use fine glassware for a wider range of restaurants ---
It is easier for operators to upgrade their glassware, therefore, their beverage plan.
In the bar's desktop setting and beverage service, the right glass adds a "wow" factor, improves the perception of quality, and creates an unforgettable experience for guests. [
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The growing cocktail culture and consumer desire for high-flavor operators to provide glassware that tracks this rising trend.
"Customers continue to buy spirits with higher quality and higher prices, and restaurant owners continue to sell high prices
Chris Coulson, senior vice president, Cardinal/Arc International national accounts, Wayne-based, predicted: "The costbrands and glassware displays will follow these trends . "J.
"These trends are affecting the delivery of innovative, high-quality and customized glassware by operators.
"Scott Hart answered the customer's call and found the right glassware for £ 44 1/2, his latest restaurant near the Hell's Kitchen in New York City.
"I prefer to drink with fine glassware myself.
My experience is very special.
So I found Artland it now offers me their New Age martini glasses and we also sell them to our customers in special packaging.
"Our Martini, champagne and champagne are unique," Hart said . ".
He also bought high.
EndRiedel wineware is available for another restaurant he owns in hellskitchen, 44 and X.
"These glasses are much sexier than most glasses.
It makes a glass of wine a special experience.
"The perfect match can please the increasingly complex customers, the appearance of the restaurant can match the glass with a specific drink, choose the wine that is suitable for serving wine, because the right glass allows the drink to be fully enjoyed.
"My point is that most operators in the food service industry are upgrading their stemware.
From the hotel to the casual food and beverage chain, their customers seem to be looking forward to the improvement of quality and beverage display . "
Just last year, he noticed that companies including cheesecake Mills, o'shali, Filipino seafood, Tony Rome, houwan restaurants and houses in the yard had upgraded the glassware range[
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Chad GmbH is a North American partner based in Va inSterling In Schott Zwiesel, Germany, and vice president of glassware products at glassware GmbH.
He pointed out that restaurant operators pay more attention to glasses and provide more than one glass of wine.
"It seems that the restaurant owner knows more about the customer's needs in terms of glassware.
In order to adapt to the variety on the wine list, more operators are turning to two or three different stems.
"If they used to carry 100 pieces of a wine glass, now they might carry 40 to 60 of three or four glasses," Price said . ".
Color and unique design elements can provide a difference.
Williams Flaherty, executive vice president of Artland Inc. , said: "hot restaurants are looking for trends, and design usually permeates from top designers . "
New York-based inDaytonJ.
"Baijiale, for example, launched full black glass a year ago and now you can see it in a number of glass company collections.
"In terms of glassware design, the past was also inspiring.
Colonial Williamsburg, located in the 18th-century restored City of Williamsburg Va.
Artland is engaged to reproduce the Bush glass used during the colonial period.
Similar to pearner glass, this licensed glass is now used in four taverns at historic sites, with thousands of visitors visiting each year.
The growing cocktail culture is reviving past glassware styles and driving innovation as beverage managers and bartenders strive for authenticity.
Some of the classic drinks, such as Manhattan, vintage, Tom Collins, sea balls, etc. , have special glasses.
There are also emerging drinks, such as mojitos and cappino.
Seasoned margar Tower wine and countless classic and delicious martini wines require special glassware.
Dry-free glassware different from the design is one of the hottest trends in the market over the past few years, and Libbey glassware, based in Toledo, Ohio, is launched in its new dry-free glassware range-
Red wine, white wine, flute, Martini and brandy.
The glasses are available for casual and themed restaurants and can be used with double duty for appetizers, desserts and side dishes and beverages.
Fun and quirky designs abound today, helping restaurants and bars stand out from the crowd.
As a complement to decoration or branding, stained glassware is a way for restaurants to be different;
Even one monochrome glass included in the desktop environment made a statement.
The Pico One hotel is located at the blinds of the Santa Maria Beach Hotel, California.
Colored glassware helps to create the right desktop look.
This restaurant recently moved to Marbelique 2-in Libbey-toneglasses.
The stem is light green and the bowl is light blue.
"We always like to put colored glassware on the table.
The new glassware is more in line with the table top.
"We use clear vases with blue stones and tulips as the center, and the new glasses are now very matching," said Markus Krebs, food and beverage manager . ".
All Black glassware-a la Baccarat--
Of course, finding unique glass like Hart also adds pizzazz, £ 1/2.
The tubularareand footless shot glasses that can be immersed in the ice bucket are an interesting display, while the twisted or geometric 10-degree tilt glasses are novel;
There are also glasses with tortuous stems.
Custom glassware is also becoming more and more popular.
Senxi is an upscale casual restaurant serving international cuisine at the Bellagio restaurant in Las Vegas, selling a variety of drinks in a custom bar with engraved patterns engraved on glasses.
Bars in many leisure, themed or resort restaurants are selling drinks in souvenir glassware ---
High price thandrinks for regular glasses--For a long time.
Nowadays, more and more high-end and white tablecloth restaurants and hotels are catching up with the trend and offering souvenir glassware drinks to guests at high prices.
The blinds of the Beach Hotel have in the past been sold to guests in China as requested by guests, and will soon add its glassware to the online catalogue.
While the marketing value of choosing the right glassware is indisputable, it is equally important that durability and cost, which in fact boils down to breakage.
Many operators want to buy electronic glassware and crystals, but avoid doing so because of the high cost of breakage and replacement.
Hart, 1/2 of New York's 44, admitted that the glasses he bought were fragile because they were often abused in his busy business, so the cost was high.
However, this is a fee he is willing to bear as he believes that this particular software will bring exciting things to his guests.
But not all operators feel the same way. for them, the traditional solution is to choose high durability instead of high design.
Fortunately, the choice of more durable glassware becomes more attractive, such as bubble glass of Artland or hand glass
Blown glass like Aztecas design, made in Mexico.
Plastic glassware is a choice for more leisure places, especially those with outdoor or terrace dining, poolside beverage services and dining activities.
Libbey now introduces the new unbreakable Tuffex barware, made of polycarbonate.
The glassware company continues their technology, which will make the glassware more durable, while also providing the development of a high design look.
Cardinal Coursen said: "Although the fully tempered glassware is not new, it still provides damage solutions for operators . " He recently worked with Outback Steakhouse to create 75-
An ounce of hot martini.
Cardinal also created a 10-
The Olive Garden and Cheesecake Factory restaurant uses an ounce of full-winmcini glass.
"Martini glass is one of the easiest to eat, and the fully tempered technology makes it more powerful in terms of food services," Coulson said . ". [
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A new technology may solve the breakage and dishwashing problems of restaurants interested in adding crystal to the bar service line.
Schott Zwiesel recently brought its tritan technology to the United States. S.
The company created the first non-lead crystal by replacing lead with other components with the same properties (such as titanium and zirconium.
These elements not only make the glasses clearer and brighter, but also make the dishwasher safer.
The company claims that glasses made with this technology will not change color in March and will not be etched in the dishwasher, and titanium makes the glasses very flexible and elastic.
"The crystal is broken --
The three most vulnerable areas on the resident ware ---
Joints between stem feet, edges and stems and bowls--
"This is also to make the stems more durable," says Fortessa's price, noting that the price of this Crystal is also competitive and in some cases cheaper than traditional crystals.
Wash and wear glassware efficiently and effectively-
And minimal damage--
It is a common challenge.
Delicate wine glasses usually need to be handmade
Wash, Labor
Intensive efforts.
Depending on the way colored glasses are made, they may have cleaning problems.
Someglassware only have color on the surface of the glass and are not incorporated into the glassware. Tank-
The running treatment injects the color into the glass, so it does not fade over time or as a result of many cycles in the dishwasher.
Cheaper glassware and plastic can be easily cleaned in a commercial dishwasher.
And the heavier hand --
Blown glass is unlikely to break, they tend to separate from the stem.
In fact, durability is one of the reasons Krebs changed the OnePico glassware line.
"The new Marbelique glasses are more durable but elegant.
Finding glassware with both these elements for the hospitality industry is a challenge, "Krebs said.
No matter how durable the glass is, the reliability of the supply source is indeed an important consideration.
Once you have identified the glass you want, make sure you are able to get it in the amount you need now and in the future.
"It depends on the relationship with the supplier or distribution partner.
"Depending on the operation, your 'Glassware consult' needs to be able to make you aware of what is working and what is not," Cardinal said . ". [
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Matching glassware to the service style and operational needs of a restaurant or bar may be more daunting than ever, but also more fun ---and easier.
Many glassware company websites can automatically match drinks with the selection of suitable glasses, making it easy to find glassware suitable for drinks and operations.
The new technology allows for more interesting designs without worrying about over-breakage.
Such developments make the glassware different, not fade into the background of the table top, or become a necessary but expensive item for the operator.
Nancy Ballas is from Chicago.
Writer and chef with over 20 years of writing experience in food and catering services.
She can be a child prodigy. net.
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