price points on summer hostess gifts - stainless steel ice balls

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price points on summer hostess gifts  -  stainless steel ice balls
NEW YORK (Reuters)-
So, you finally got an invitation and you're going to your friend's beach house.
Because they will most likely take the time to prepare for your visit (
Will spend a lot of money to entertain you)
You need to be ready to be the perfect guest.
This means that (and leaving)
Keep your room clean and never complain when you expect, give your host/hostess a thoughtful gift --
Like a dog.
Hand with inspiration
Picked by you at a variety of price points: less than $30: The iconic sweet slobs of these sailboats
Crispy almond butter in shape is a perennial favorite.
Covered with white chocolate and dark chocolate, and a spike stream of broken pecans, they are also very addictive.
24 gift boxes for $19. 50. (www. harborsweets. com)
Because it's 5 now, the coastal cocktail party is very lively!
Pair this boxed set of four hand made glass mixing rods
Featuring a variety of blue aquatic marine life-
A bottle of your master's favorite wine.
Four sets, $19. 95 (www. homeatsea. com)
Why not capture the perfect, classic lazy moments of your host/hostess on the beach (
Or two of you? ! )
With this light blue, 10-
Square wooden box frame with "beach time" written on it ".
$28 a frame. 75 (www.
Primitivesbykathy. com)
This reusable gift bucket if you want a gift-
Soap with fresh fragrance (liquid and bar)
And a face-to-face bag towel printed by Mary Lake Thompson (30” x 30”)-fits the bill.
$29 a barrel99 (www.
Mary Lake Thompsoncom)
Does your host/hostess have young children?
They might like the bat.
Made from authentic lobster buoy, done with bats
Grade hard wooden handle-
As much as adults.
It has a huge "sweet spot" that can easily send a soft "bomber" ball (included)flying.
So if it ends up in the ocean-it floats.
$34 bat and ball95 (www. dailygrommet. com)
Lobster rope door mats are made of recycled floating ropes, and these textured hand woven mats have been used by lobsters
There are three different sizes
Not only are the colors bright, but they are almost indestructible.
Oh, no two mats are the same!
A meal mat starts at $39. 95 www.
Thenewengandtradingcompany. com)
18 "x 18" wool and cotton hook pillows-
For example, whether it's octopus, squid, starfish, seaweed or sandals, every thing that shows sailing is classic.
$48 a pillow95 (www.
Beach House shops. com)
These three rope ice buckets are between $50 and $100.
Quart, insulation ice bucket is not only practical (
Use it to keep your drink cold, or provide snacks on the beach. )
But it is also attractive enough to serve as a center for plants or flowers.
A barrel, $52 (www. jonathanadler. com)
Anyone who lives on it has time and tide clocksor near -
Water always wants to know what the tide is doing.
Do you swim now or later?
This combined tide stainless steel clock-
Synchronize with the daily cycle of the Moon-
Take out the guess.
After all, the moon's gravity is one of the main factors affecting sea level.
But you know. One clock, $54. 95 (www. Wetsandsurfshop. com)
This hand-cooked dish is covered --
Luminous white ceramic-
Anything from cookies to apply is practical enough and we think it is best for shrimp and cocktail sauce.
But keep in mind that do not soak repeatedly. One dish, $65 (www. sourceperrier. com)
The fish candle holder is amazing!
This white ceramic fish candle holder is 14 "long and has three regular cone candles.
A candle holder, $68 (www. lekkerhome. com)
About $100: The phrases and colors on these plush beach towels make them so popular.
From the seaside (sand), POOLSIDE (aqua), SATURDAY (sky blue), PARADISE (green)And keep (navy).
Towels are 100% cotton made in the United States. One 32.
5 "x 68" towels, $85 (www. chanceco. com)
Designed for outdoor entertainment, this teak tray is not only durable, but also a dock splint with handles-
Place on the side and install brass screws-
Give it a male/handsome look. One tray, $90 (www. asummershop. com)
These hand-made sycamore tree boards with unique shapes, with bold colors on the top, such as ocean blue or deep red, remind people of the buoy.
Use the back to chop;
Show the front of your favorite cuisine.
There are four sizes. From $95 (16” x 7”)(MARCH 415-931-7433)
Over $150 to map the beach handbag this inviting cotton canvas tote bag is both spacious (
2 External pockets)
Strong with lining and salt
But most importantly, it's custom made: just choose the nautical chart you want.
This map is printed in hand-screen, showing your favorite seaside sights: yours for the owner. One bag, $150 (www. uncommongoods. com)
A beautiful work of art from the talented New York City-
This handmade signature platter is the ultimate showcase of any beach house countertop.
One set, $220 (www. johnderian. com)
Lobster/Seahorse quilting throw any room is great, this hand-screened quilting throw is reversible with a large lobster on one side;
There are multiple seahorses on the other side.
100% cotton.
1 50 "x 70" throw, $250 (www. shopthomaspaul. com)
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