presidential panel: cancer risks underestimated - stainless steel water bottle manufacturer

by:Koodee      2019-07-24
presidential panel: cancer risks underestimated  -  stainless steel water bottle manufacturer
By David S.
It is common for MartinCNN Medical advanced products to be exposed to potential cancer risks in their daily lives, but underestimated, especially for children.
The President's Cancer team says the public is still largely unaware of common cancer risks such as formaldehyde, benzene and radon.
This is the first time the organization has focused on environmental cancer risks in its annual report to the president.
Dr. , chairman of the panel, said: "The fact that the President's Cancer team has this report will make people more aware . "
Little LaSalle lever
Oncologist and professor of surgery, Howard University School of Medicine.
The team also recommends reducing the risk of environmental cancer, which is the cornerstone of cancer prevention efforts, and indicates that doctors need to better consider potential harmful chemical exposure when diagnosing patients.
The report also blamed the United States. S.
Most of the 80,000 chemicals allowed to be used are not subject to research and regulatory policies.
For example, it is reported that double phenol (BPA)
Although BPA is increasingly linked to a variety of diseases, including various cancers, it remains unregulated in consumer goods such as plastic bottles, canned liners and food packaging.
"The risk of environmental exposure is particularly serious for children who are small but pound
Eat more food, water and air than adults.
Toxic chemicals are also active longer in children, and their developing brains are more exposed to chemicals.
Even if there is no evidence that a particular exposure can lead to cancer, the team decided to release reports on environmental cancer risks this year, Leffall said.
Cell phones are a good example.
While science has not shown that using a cell phone can cause cancer, the report takes a cautious approach and recommends that people on the phone wear headphones or text messages to reduce exposure, Leffall said.
To reduce cancer risk, 240-
Page report also suggested: * take off your shoes before entering the house to avoid tracking toxic chemicals such as pesticides.
* Filter tap water.
* Use stainless steel, glass or BPA-
Free plastic water bottle.
* Microwave with ceramic or glass instead of plastic container.
* Minimize food grown using pesticides and meat raised using antibiotics and growth hormone.
* Minimize processing, burning or good consumption
Meat containing carcinogenic cycled amine and multi-aromatic hydrocarbons.
* Reduce radiation from X
Light and other medical sources.
The report states that formaldehyde, benzene and radon are dangerous.
Almost all households contain formaldehyde, which is considered by the Environmental Protection Agency as a possible human carcinogenic substance.
Formaldehyde is used for plywood, scrap boards, foam insulation, carpets and curtains, furniture, permanently pressed fabrics and toiletries.
When these new installations are installed, the report says, the exposure is the highest.
In addition, it is reported that an estimated 2 million Americans are exposed to formaldehyde at work, which increases their risk of dying from he Jiejin's lymphoma and other cancers.
Exposure to benzene is also common.
The exhaust gas from cars and other vehicles contains benzene, which is listed by the EPA as a known human carcinogenic substance.
According to the report, radon is naturally formed and can be collected at home, the second largest cause of lung cancer in the United States, after smoking, with an estimated 21,000 deaths per year.
The report recommends regular check of radon levels at home.
The Presidential Cancer Group was founded in 1971.
Margaret L. serves laffar.
Kripke, University of TexasD.
Anderson Cancer Center
The third member of the panel has not yet been appointed.
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The real question is what does not cause cancer?
Cancer is the reason why humans are free from overpopulation, and we have put so much effort into stopping our own deaths, which is great.
I'm three cancer survivors.
I was diagnosed with cancer for the first time when I was 16.
I have recurred twice since then.
Following a bone marrow transplant, accompanied by intense chemotherapy and radiotherapy, I can say that I am grateful for my survival.
I don't want my experience to happen to anyone, nor do I appreciate the irony.
Just because someone is a Democrat or a Republican doesn't mean they're not.
It is true that we all die for something, but why not take full advantage of life and try to live a happy and long life?
I am proud to say that I am just 30 years old and have no cancer.
Are you kidding?
The point they are making here is that all these extra things are doing harm.
Of course, formaldehyde is naturally produced, but when your body absorbs more than it should cause problems.
What they said was. . . .
All of these chemicals are added to everyday things in our lives and are harmful to us because we consume more chemicals than our bodies break down.
These chemicals they use are not needed.
Are you the kind of person you can't see? ? ?
Why don't you sit in the formaldehyde soaked FEMA trailer for a while and see how this "natural"-produced chemical reacts to your body.
Starbucks-uranium also exists in nature, but you certainly don't want it to appear in your home;
Compared with the formaldehyde level accumulated in the new building, the formaldehyde level produced by the body can be ignored.
Your body will discharge formaldehyde. product. . .
Because it's not good for you.
You will also produce carbon dioxide, but try to stay in a room full of carbon dioxide!
We were warned about this and that, but your comment was stupid at best.
People should not live forever.
The stronger the human ability to overcome natural diseases, the more likely it is that long-term exposure to toxins will lead to death.
Don't worry about death. start living! Strange.
Most of the risks come from exposure to unnatural things (
Pesticides, chemicals in plastic drinks, meat.
Does the human body evolve into living in nature instead of human beings?
Artificial world? ? ?
Due to the H1N1 flu, my daughters have to wipe the table twice a day with Clorox and/or Lysol wipes.
Although the instructions say not to deal with it directly or wash their hands afterwards, they will not do so.
I complained and received no response.
This shows that education is not available even in the education system.
I read an article about Susan G yesterday.
The Komen website said that due to other effects of other chemicals on the body, they were unable to determine the effects of BPAs or parabens.
How will these chemicals be separated?
Can they be isolated?
I agree with what Aleksandr Belov said earlier and further say that because everyone has different allergic reactions, different chemicals may cause different reactions in everyone.
I don't want to live in a bubble, but I do think we can be safer.
Are there really more diseases/cancers or do we have better techniques to detect them?
With all the carcinogens floating around, is there anything you can do to avoid them surviving in the foam?
Don't forget that burnt marshmallow is also a carcinogenic substance. . . Starbuck. . . umm. . . wow. It is not a by-
Product of breath.
Also, crude oil is a "natural compound" and I think we should drink it.
Tigers are natural. are they not dangerous?
I think we can also see who is the "idiot" here ". . .
Apparently a scientist.
What I am most disappointed with this situation is that for more than 50 years, our world has given the National Cancer Association trillions of dollars, and they have not yet found a way to treat squatting! ! ! !
All the money for those researchers who have almost no results.
Man, I want a job like this where I get a lot of money and it looks like it's a good fit for treatment but no results are needed.
Isn't that America? ? ? ? ?
Maybe they know that if they find a cure, their salary is gone? ? ? ?
Starbucks-"these doctors are so stupid that they don't realize that formaldehyde is a natural discharge when people breathe.
"Nature" is very different from "man-made.
Estrogen is a hormone produced by our body.
But when we take the "artificial" form of estrogen, its effect on us is very different from that of our body.
There are more and more hospitals dedicated to the treatment of childhood cancer, which should tell people some desires, and centenarians living in a cleaner world should also tell people something.
We can always look at the problem and continue to kill our children and ourselves, or we can become "professional gamblers" to take advantage of our interests.
So I can die from all the things I like in my life, or from the stress of worrying about everything.
I think I will choose the first option, at least I will be happy before I die!
Go back to your own business and treat the cows.
The panel's advice is cautious but cautious.
They recommend reducing exposure to natural and synthetic chemicals, which may significantly increase the risk of cancer.
They said not to hide in the woods.
The ignorance of many readers left them with amazing comments.
They provide compelling evidence that we need to take all necessary measures to improve science education in the United States.
What may be needed. . . . . .
First, are these dangers eliminated from the environment? ? ? ? ?
Humans are destroying themselves at an accelerated rate.
I was surprised that they did not mention anything about extracting the water contained in oil from shale near the groundwater level that humans and live fish drink.
Rocket scientists are not needed to solve the problem. . .
They are also not looking for a cure and spend too much money on baby cancer!
Even with these insights, even if you cook with glassware, even if you filter the water and live in formaldehyde --
Free cabin wolven with organic marijuana, 100% chance you will die (
Most likely to get cancer). . . . Sorry.
Starbucks may have a name that sounds like coffee, but I bet he's more of a tea party where they're dressed as ignorant as a badge of honor.
Yes, how much do scientific experts know about chemicals, climate change, etc? ?
Let's get advice from these Palin "Joe Six Packs. Hey everybody!
A real doctor is willing to participate in the current debate.
Personally, I find this article attractive.
Rich and accurate information.
This is in sharp contrast to what is false.
Scientists have published their bad theories in recent reviews.
First of all, why are you going to become defensive and counter a subject that you are so amazingly out --studied? Seriously. . .
Some people think we can breathe formaldehyde and radon in cancer.
Level of provocation? ?
It cannot be the concentrated form of these known carcinogens in synthetic materials, which requires our attention? ?
Look, part of me wants to tear your half to a new one, but I will leave it here: the purpose of this article is to provide you with the findings of learned doctors who conduct practical research, provide you with guidelines to help you stay away from cancer.
If somehow it offends you, or you want to believe that you 've solved all the problems yourself. . . .
Then don't listen to suggestions.
No one pointed a gun to your head. so shut up. . . . . .
I will see you and your lung cancer in the hospital. . . let's say. . . . . 20 years or so.
When will the government be able to realize how dangerous mobile phones, Wi-Fi and all the other electricity contaminants are for all of us.
San Francisco mayor and a representative from Maine are trying to warn on a mobile phone package.
He shows on cell phones and brain cancer.
The benzene issue has been mentioned, but it is more convenient for consumers than most people know.
Buy a cup of coffee at your deli and he puts it in a beautiful foam plastic cup that oozes benzene when exposed to hot food.
My husband has worked in the chemical industry for 25 years and when they provide food he always refuses foam plastic plates or containers because he knows the impact of something released inside.
With this knowledge, we always refuse foam plastic, but we always make fun of this action.
I do know that in some areas foam plastics are now banned but there are still a lot around.
There's a lot to blame here on all of these issues, from manufacturers to retailers to the service industry, especially when consumers have knowledge and early warning that they don't change behavior.
It must be understood that there are indeed dangerous chemicals in nature, but humans have found ways to avoid them.
For example, the uranium-rich location in Australia is (and is)
Taboos of indigenous peoples. (
Is it because they found that the people who lived there died prematurely? )
Similarly, life without car exhaust is evolving.
Benzene), drapes (
Formaldehyde content)
Plastic bottles (contining (BPA)
Our bodies have not evolved to resist these chemicals.
So, yes, we may have to be very careful to expose our own things.
We can live a full life, but there is nothing!
My God, the number of tin foil hats on this line is amazing.
The article said: "Leffall said that even if there is no evidence that a specific exposure can cause cancer, the panel decided to release reports on environmental cancer risks this year.
Cell phones are a good example.
While science has not shown that using a cell phone can cause cancer, the report takes a cautious approach and recommends that people on the phone wear headphones or text messages to reduce exposure, Leffall said. "Dr.
Leffall acknowledges that the proposals made in the report do not have scientific evidence to support these claims.
It seems to me that this is almost a question of the whole report.
Now, the report sounds like a intimidation tactic used to attract attention and/or money. Wake up people!
It's all true. you 'd better worry about it and make a fuss.
Why do children mature faster than ever?
Hormones for animals. . that is why.
I know there was a doctor who told a friend of mine that when her 5 year old girl showed signs of pruberty, she only bought organic food.
The health risks of BPAThis are high. This is a well-known thing-the environment and human carcinogens have been accumulating as population density increases in some areas.
What people need to understand is that the risk is increased, not the incidence of cancer.
Cancer risk is different from cancer incidence, so making these reports allows people to make decisions based on how comfortable they are with carcinogens-just as the stock market and the risks you are willing to take.
This is a good statistical method that can warn people about what they are exposed to, although it may scare some people, but it does not mean that all sources of these carcinogens need to be removed but perhaps closely monitored and reduced.
I see a lot of hostility to scientists on this thread.
Again, this is typical of Americans who, in the face of this corporate government, have become so hopeless that they cannot change their lives better that they would rather be encouraged to bury their heads in the sand, do not want to do anything for this;
For example, their government is required to enforce industry safety regulations.
They said, "exposure to formaldehyde at work increases their risk of dying from he Jiejin's lymphoma and other cancers.
"Formaldehyde is not even listed as a risk factor.
Other than in most cases, they don't know what causes Hodgkins to suffer from Epstein Barr or mono.
This is a viral cancer.
When the pressure panel can't handle things properly in real time, you will definitely like it.
If anyone has any questions about this report, I suggest you just have a look at the USS.
"Age-county map
Adjusted mortality caused by cancer "in any period of time.
You'll notice a clear pattern where death rates are higher in Ohio and the Mississippi River, as well as in the eastern coastal areas.
If environmental toxins do not play an important role in cancer death, you will not see this geographic pattern.
To generate a map for yourself, visit the cdc wonder website (
Accessing "compressed mortality data 1999-
2006 "and generate" county "cause of death" C00-"report group resultsD48 (Neoplasms)
Select Standard age-
Adjust the rate per 100,000 people, click send.
After returning to the table report, click the map tab.
You need to increase the size of the map by scrolling down and increasing the "pixel height" from 250 to about 700 or more.
You can generate a map of a specific cancer if you want or any cause of death.
Starbucks, let's try your logic on another type of health issue: gun bullets appear on shelves and in drawers and don't hurt people in this state, so I think, if you are in charge, we may have a war with everyone at any time, because after all, in some state or situation, the gun cartridge does no harm to anyone, so they can't hurt anyone in all states or situations.
With this logic, at the beginning of the 19 th century, people will become excellent recruits of the Chinese rebels. Good luck.
You should all know that these dangerous chemicals will not only lead to cancer, but also autism! ! ! !
I just attended a conference led by a pediatric neurologist from MASS.
He has been studying the surge in these chemicals and autism.
My stomach is very uncomfortable.
I am 29 years old and my mother is 49 years old with breast cancer, my father just died of brain cancer at 51, and my 5 year old son has severe autism.
What is the point?
It makes me sick.
We all committed suicide.
The incidence of autism in 1980 was 10,000, now 110.
This is a public health crisis!
Panel by two (Three later)people.
It sounds like a vacuum to me.
Visit by an executive from Los AngelesA.
The environmental agency answered my question a few years ago: "You think our L. A. smog problem?
He replied: "What worries us is not the smoke/air of the city;
This is everything bleach uses!
"Think about it: for example, all the white things, including sugar, paper products, drinking water and bath water (Bathroom for kids too)
The water in the pool and the added chemicals cleaned the pool and also the poor pool workers who had to breathe these things.
Bread, biscuits, cakes, etc.
, Unbleached flour, various sweets: What is the candy use of See, Hershey, Nestles, and all other candy companies.
I believe there are other bleached entities, but I am sick of other beauty and body products we use every day! Okay. . .
For everyone who does not believe in the presidential panel. . .
Please climb back under the rock and keep the truth hidden. I'm a chemist.
I actually analyze the sample of the environment (
Soil, drinking water, air, etc. )
Every day.
There should be a lot of attention to these things.
For example, one out of every eight women in the United StatesS.
She will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.
You can't argue with statistics.
This is a simple fact.
For those who think "who cares?
, Put it in perspective.
On 9/11, thousands were killed in a terrorist attack.
We are spending billions of dollars fighting these terrorists to make sure this doesn't happen again.
Thousands of people in the United StatesS.
Die of some kind of cancer every year. . .
Most of us, however, are indifferent or ignorant of the facts.
The kind of chemicals Joe Schmoe was allowed to use without any training was shocking.
Last year I was at Home Depot trying to figure out how to kill some ants on the lawn.
Every product I see says it's "very toxic to aquatic life ".
However, any idiot can buy it, pour it on the lawn and watch it flow into rivers, lakes, etc.
I'm glad these things are so well regulated. Scary.
It is easy to conclude with the report, especially when the doctor and/or doctor have their John Henry online.
After the "doctor" told my wife that I had six months, I have now lived for nearly five years.
Comments about "smoking" can be published at will.
My cancer surgeon said: "I do as much surgery as I do. of this type)on non-
Smokers are the same as smokers.
I am healthy and have no cancer at all in my family history! Never! ! !
My own conclusion is. .
You may or may not have cancer and I will not accept all "reports" about eating this food or not microwave ".
If we believe in everything the government, the panel of experts, and the experts put forward
Remember, experts are a bit of a surge. . away from home)
We will never walk out of our door.
I am still alive, thank God for giving me life!
I know only a few people will read the book.
But the United States allows more food additives than other countries.
May this have some impact on cancer incidence in the United States?
We don't even go into it, and if we do, we get discounted because we breathe form, so it's natural.
In addition, cyanide is also natural.
Should we put these things in the food?
This is additive, people!
We already know the relationship between autism and vaccination.
We know that MSG can cause brain damage, which is especially harmful to newborns.
We know that all the calcium carbonate that is stuffed with our food causes soft tissue cancer (
My mother died)
And has been with MS.
Ethylene glycol?
Is it not antifreeze? Aspartame. . .
The FDA has never approved it, but it is everywhere because of Donald Ramsey and Ronald Reagan.
And continue. . .
We don't know what causes cancer and many other problems?
No, no, no, when we are ready to stop pretending that we will solve the problem. . . . Ready? ? ?
They say the word very well.
All the negative comments here are clearly not suffering from cancer, or having to be someone's rock singer when experiencing cancer.
My wife was diagnosed with lymphoma around Christmas and we are now in a fierce battle.
Maybe if all these negative people here had to sit in the infusion room and see all the different people there, they came from all forms of life, no ryme, and there's no reason why they own it, and they may have different views on such articles.
From what I 've seen lately, everyone there just wants to be cancer free and seems to just want to go back to the normal state of their past lives.
Actually, look at what these people have to deal with every day, from patients, nurses to doctors.
For evryone involved in it, what a heavy experience of life and family crushing.
From our point of view, any information is good information. . . . . .
This torture really opened my eyes and all of you who are negative should at least imagine this as much as possible. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
There is obviously a lot of conflicting information.
Since there is no absolute, conclusive answer, it makes sense to make mistakes in a cautious position.
As a result, buy as many toxins-free consumer goods as possible.
Shopping in health food stores, Green stores, etc.
Ask questions about products
Tell them why if you don't like the answer.
Vote with your wallet!
Only when the company's profits fall because consumers demand toxins --
Free products change everything.
Babies should not feed baby food with plastic baby food cans.
Mothers should ask who approved these containers?
There may be millions of chemical molecules that can penetrate into baby food from plastic.
Glass cans are much better.
In fact, I like to list how to solve this problem.
Whether it's what we use or what we eat or drink, we need to communicate with it.
Obviously, they don't shop at the same grocery store as me.
Or they just made a lot of money.
In today's world, it is almost impossible to eat good things.
I am single, I just eat by myself, and it is very expensive.
The simple fact is that the person who is usually called the person in charge (
I use this term because I think they are a joke and only hurt myself)
No contact, willing or unwilling to contribute to the faulty system.
At the same time, other people are brainwashed thinking that what they eat or drink is not as dangerous.
Pharmaceutical companies are very rich.
They can do a lot for politics, school, News (if we let them)
Has an impact on our lives.
The doctor pushed the pill (
Because they were educated at a university funded by a pharmaceutical company)
This means that you need more medicine and it will make you more disgusting many times.
These drugs never solve the root cause.
Instead, they just bandaged the symptoms.
It's like chasing every bee in the park, or just killing the hive first.
The world will convince us that the only way is to make every bee independent.
Listen to drug ads sometimes.
Something with suicidal thoughts;
People accept this.
I don't know who doesn't know more about it, push or people who accept this crap.
Give it enough time and the throat will be labeled as a disease so they can make money exclusively with drugs.
This will not happen immediately.
Whether it is human or deliberate, it is a system engineering for many years, taking power from others through media influence or any other source of control the world today is called.
This is usually done through the spread of fear.
And very few people really want to hurt others.
It has always been like this and changes have never been seen easily, so it has been swept under the carpet all the time.
Educate yourself.
Aware of the pressure that exists.
To understand, stress can create fear.
Realize that this is subtle.
Then your eyes will begin to open, and you will see that everything in this world is manipulated, and let us believe that we are independent entities.
Prayer is also of great help.
We are not separated. we are not separated.
We are all one, we are connected to each other.
When we begin to care about love and these things, the false things in life stop.
Formaldehyde is a terrible chemical that surrounds us, from particle boards and carpets to wrinkle-free cotton shirts we wear on our skin.
Some people say that formaldehyde is a natural substance. there is nothing to worry about.
Of course, this may be an organic compound, but the concentration that we come into contact with in the manufacture of the product far exceeds that of any natural presence.
Asbestos is also a natural substance, which does not mean that we should rub it on the skin to breathe.
As far as cancer is concerned, one of the biggest causes of cancer is chronic inflammation.
As a person who is allergic to formaldehyde, I can tell you that when exposed to wrinkled cotton, I have severe skin inflammation.
Cigarrette smoke also contains formaldehyde, and exposure to cigarrette smoke can also cause skin inflammation.
Maybe most people are not as seriously allergic to formaldehyde as I am, but it is toxic to everyone and allergic reactions are more common than most people realize.
Exposure to this substance for a long time can easily lead to persistent inflammation, not necessarily so severe that you will notice it, but for many years it is severe enough to cause cancer.
As far as BPA is concerned, these things are really terrible.
It basically simulates the female hormones in the human body.
As a man, I limit exposure as much as possible.
Female hormone exposure can lead to secondary sex traits in women, such as male sex development (male breasts)
Yes, so is cancer.
Imagine the effect of this substance on the endocrine system of developing children.
People need to wake up and take precautions against exposure to these substances.
The chemical manufacturer is not to protect your health, but to make money.
Many of these substances have not yet been fully tested, and their long-term effects are largely unknown.
The past 100 was basically a huge scientific experiment of human beings as guinea pigs.
Hopefully, over time, as we learn more about the harmful effects of these substances, they will become more standardized and restricted, but at the same time, to protect ourselves and our families, we all need to be proactive in learning what we can do.
I was surprised that people would rather not know what caused cancer & prefer bad luck, bad fate or unknown.
It's a win-win to master information about which chemicals can start the cancer process in those who are susceptible over timewin.
If you read and learn about safer air quality, drinking water, personal hygiene/beauty products, food, building materials, cleaning chemicals, etc, you are more powerful than you think. .
Because over time, you can reduce exposure through various changes.
Yes, you can test if there is mold in your home (
A terrible immune inhibitor)
Radon, formaldehyde, VOC, then you can put cleaner, better food into your body.
Doctors don't have the time and knowledge to investigate the toxins in your home environment, diet, workplace, but you can.
With knowledge, we have power.
Those who look angry, make fun of and/or ignore the findings of the panel of experts are scared because the fight against the world is overwhelming.
Or people may not be willing to make any changes to protect themselves.
All you need to do is make your personal and working world (
Especially air.
To be safer, to reach out to your members of Congress and to vote for those who are eager for protection and security, and more actively respond to mold/water damage and other indoor pollutants in vehicle emissions, toxic building products, pesticide poisoning in land and food.
Of course, smoking should also be stopped.
Ignorance is happy for some people.
I think it's fear and laziness, but everyone has their own fear and laziness.
Starbucks, the fact that it exists naturally does not guarantee that it is good for us.
It's arsenic.
But you seem to be more angry than a person in a purely scientific debate.
Is your salary related to the use/production/emission of one or more of the three substances specifically mentioned here?
The CDC has a department called ATSDR-a disease registry that collects data and publishes reports of toxic substances and diseases. . . .
It received money from Congress for these studies.
It's been using taxpayers' money for years, but there's really nothing to show all the money it's wasted.
I know. I'm a registrant.
They hire stupid people to ask stupid questions to ignorant people who are exposed to deadly toxins and don't know what's going on.
Then they went on to tell these ignorant people that everything was good when it was all bad.
For years, OSHA has known that benzene is a Class I carcinogens, however, these stupid people at ATSDR have told me more than 1400 people in the registry that they have no reason to worry about benzene in the water supply for 20 years.
Texas is an oil country and oil money can be talked about, so these "registrants "(people)
Continue to live at the top of this disaster and wonder why they and their children have been sick all the time, their neighbors are dying and their pets are suffering from cancer.
According to the findings of the ATSDR, after the judge considered the oil and gas industry irresponsible, my family and I moved. . . .
They don't believe in our doctors, they don't believe in our medical records, they don't believe in OSHA, they believe in these political hackers who do paper research. . . .
Those who have donated money to the campaign of these judges have overcome disease and death (some are dead)homeowners!
Yes, we eat organic food, filter all our water and air, and we have cancer. . .
So, find out who is in this country.
I admit that I have stopped reading the comments on the third road.
Personally, I have ancestors who lived 100 centuries ago;
I studied their origins. com.
My parents are in their 80 s and strong.
I did filter my water, however, and I did quit smoking and get an alcoholic treatment and I started buying hormones --
Free meat and milk for my kids.
One of the benefits of living in a developed country with a high standard of living is that we do have a choice.
It is not helpful to quarrel and accuse each other.
I suggest that whenever our government decides to take back the cover from the big business and give us a counter-story of the debate, we feel grateful (
Very smart and objective)
Even if some of their help was misled
This is how we all become smarter.
I also suggest that we follow our own instincts and avoid environmental toxins if any.
We assess our vulnerability by understanding the medical history of our families.
We are reading all the time because new information will always appear.
Best wishes to all of you
Thanks to CNN for this article. )Starbuck-
Something tells me that you don't have much science classes in your life. You're right. . . .
Many of these are exaggerated.
Many, however, are true.
Do you realize how many times the incidence of colon cancer in Americans is in East Asia? Why?
-Well, because our meat consumption is very high, especially the burnt meat that is overcooked. . . . .
Yes, even by limiting exposure to the environment or to humans, you still have a great chance of dying from cancer.
This is only because our DNA replication mechanism is not 100% (
But very close to perfect).
In a person's life, accidental mutations that occur only by copying DNA can lead to cancer. . . .
But is this reason enough to ignore the environment, or human --
If they mention the link between fluoride and cancer, or drugs that are not completely metabolized by the human body, it will be good, so through our system, there will be no change to enter the groundwater level.
As the news reported a few years ago, none of the current water treatment facilities have been removed.
The difference between the samples they found directly from the river and the samples of urban tap water is very small.
Unfortunately, most of the drugs come from other oil parts that are rarely mentioned.
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They were screened before they were released.
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Watch the latest report by CNN chief medical reporter Dr.
Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen and CNN Medical Producer Sanjay Gupta.
They will share news and views on health and medical trends
Help you take better care of yourself and the information of the person you love.
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