pogrom witnessed by all - steel cubes for drinks

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pogrom witnessed by all  -  steel cubes for drinks
The London Daily Telegraph reporter in Berlin reported on November 10: "Throughout the afternoon and evening, mob law ruled Berlin, and groups of hooligans were addicted to the carnival of destruction.
I have seen a few
During the last five years, Jews broke out in Germany, but never so disgusting.
Racial hatred and hysteria seem to have total control over people who were originally decent.
I saw the woman in fashion clapping her hands and screaming happily, and the decent, middle --
The mothers of the class picked up their children to see "fun.
"This is just one of the many reports that emerged in the international media in November 9 after the Nazis incited attacks on Jews across Germany and Austria --
In the "broken glass night" known as Kristallancht.
During the "destruction spree", at least 96 Jews were murdered, 1,300 synagogue and 7,500 businesses were destroyed, and countless Jewish cemeteries and schools were destroyed.
An estimated 30,000 Jews were held in concentration camps.
Germans and Austrians witnessed and participated in the massacre in many cases.
They cannot claim, as many people did after World War II, that they did not know that Jews were persecuted.
Michael Bruce.
A Jewish Briton provided a witness description of Kristallnacht: "We hurried to the street.
It was crowded with people, and all of them hurried to the nearby synagogue, shouting angrily and gestures. We followed.
When we arrived at the synagogue, on the edge of the mob, the flames of silence and anger began to rise from one end of the building.
This is a signal of crazy cheers.
Crowds flocked, and greedy hands tore seats and wood products from the building to ignite the flames.
Then Bruce saw a group of people going to a department store with granite cubes that were used to build roads.
"Young people, men and women, howling frantically, threw the building blocks out of the window and threw them on the closed door," he said . ".
"A few minutes later, the door was out of the way, with loud noises and fighting mobs pouring in to plunder and Rob.
Then some mobs began to walk to the outskirts of the city.
Bruce followed closely and saw what he said was "one of the worst veterinary exhibitions I 've ever seen ".
The marauders entered the hospital for sick Jewish children.
"A few minutes later, the window was broken and the door was closed," Bruce recalled . ".
"When we arrived, the pig was driving the little mites away from the broken glass, bare --
Nothing to wear except their pajamas.
Nurses, doctors and waiters were kicked and beaten by the mob leader, most of whom were women.
Inge Berner goes to work in Berlin like she does every day.
"There is a candy shop across the street.
I looked out of the window and saw that the window in the store was broken, people were taking things from the store, and an old couple who owned the store were sitting in it shaking.
I think, 'What is going on here?
The bookkeeper came in and said you 'd better go home.
They killed Jews all over Berlin.
"In the village of Kehl, just across from a bridge in Strasburg, the Jews marched in the street, where they were beaten, insulted and spurned by people in the town.
As they advance in this hostile challenge, they are forced to sing: "We have betrayed the German Motherland.
The assassination in Paris is our responsibility.
Norbert Wollheim heard that the entire synagogue in Berlin was burning.
"I can't believe it.
I went to the synagogue, where I was the bar mitzvahed, where I got married and I saw the flames coming out of the roof from the stove of this beautiful building.
The fire truck stood idle, protecting only the buildings next to it.
I still can't believe it.
I thought, maybe it was the only one, so I went to another major synagogue in West Berlin, which was also burning and had been partially ruined.
This is, I think, the people who grew up with you, the poets and thinkers.
What happened to German civilization? . . . .
Quite a few people have also made very bad remarks.
There was joy among them.
They said that the Jews got what they deserved, and so on.
It really shocked me in my life.
I see it, but I can't digest it, not intellectually or emotionally.
Hans weizner is only 9 years old. years-
Old, but remember being forced to move from his home in Vienna to his grandmother's.
He and his mother traveled through the city in a truck full of their property and saw the destroyed Jewish shops.
When they got to the streets of his grandmother, they saw a group of people throwing books from Jewish schools on the streets and burning them.
"My strongest and most real memory of Kristallnacht is that our truck bumps and rolls on that burning religious book.
I will never forget.
Michael Lucas lives in Hoengen, where the little Jewish community has built a synagogue on the grass opposite his home.
A mob approached the synagogue and shouted, "bring down the Jews.
Michael watched in horror as the crowd broke the Holy Ark, threw the Torah scrolls out like balls, and then threw them out of the door and into the muddy streets.
The children stom their feet on parchment while others tore parchment into pieces and stole the silver decorations covered with parchment.
Lucas tried to run outside, according to his nephew, but his wife stopped him because he was worried that the mob would kill him.
"He leaned against the wall and tears flowed out of his eyes like little children.
"While all the details are not immediately available, many international newspapers have published reports of the Holocaust, such as those in the Telegraph.
About 1,000 editorials, mostly criticism of Germany, were written by journalists who were not fooled by Nazi propaganda and believed that violence was spontaneous.
However, there are very few newspapers that will be violent and blatantly anti-NaziSemitism.
Instead, journalists believe the main motivation behind the massacre was to extort money from Jews to boost the German economy.
Moreover, while the Nazi threat is now more widely accepted, some journalists have even begun to anticipate a deterioration in the Jewish plight, when the media giants did not demand a change in American policy.
Historian Deborah Lipstadt said: "In fact, they warn them that because the most effective and swift solutions must ignore the two prevailing emotions in the United States: the need to maintain strict neutrality or even stricter restrictions on increased immigration.
"The world has not taken any measures to punish Germany for its actions against Jews on Kristallnacht, except for some brief protests.
Nevertheless, the Germans learned from the protests that future measures against Jews should be carried out outside the public eye to ensure that there will be no criticism or interference.
So when the final solution was finally officially finalized at the wansee Conference on 1942, the Nazis did everything they could to cover up and cover up their actions, the massacre of November 9 --
Never repeated.
Mitchell Bud is the author of the 48-hour "Chris tainacht: Night of destruction"
Dawn of the Holocaust-oral history and director of the Jewish Virtual Library ()
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