play a tune with your wine glass - glass wine glasses

by:Koodee      2019-08-13
play a tune with your wine glass  -  glass wine glasses
If drinking and listening to music are two of your favorite pastimes, these new glasses can resonate.
For $65 per pair, these glasses from rare items will play a note based on the amount of your glass. Made from lead-
Free Crystal, etched glass with notes that match the volume of liquid in the glass.
"For example, when a user drinks to D, he or she may extend a finger along the edge of the glass to produce lush, loud notes.
Or, for a more impactful party --
"Er, the same note will make a slight rap sound on the side of the glass with his or her utensils," the website said . ".
Comments on the glasses are mixed.
An online reviewer said, "My friends and I have tried it many times and we can't get them to hum.
Another commenter warned that "you can hardly hear the" music "produced by these glasses is not worth the price.
"Other reviewers seem to love the glasses and recommend them as a great gift for music, wine --loving friends.
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