plastic straws, drink stirrers and cotton buds to be banned from next year - cocktail drink stirrers

by:Koodee      2019-08-06
plastic straws, drink stirrers and cotton buds to be banned from next year  -  cocktail drink stirrers
From next year, the UK will ban plastic straws, beverage mixers and cotton sprouts as part of the government's plan to deal with pollution and protect the environment.
Environment Minister Michael Gove confirmed after a consultation that the ban on the supply of these items would begin on April 2020, and the consultation showed "overwhelming" support for the initiative.
The exemption will allow those who need to use plastic straws for medical reasons or disability to purchase plastic straws from a registered pharmacy or request plastic straws at restaurants, bars and bars.
Use of plastic-
Cotton buds with stems will be allowed for medical and scientific purposes.
Food and beverage outlets will not be able to display plastic straws or distribute automatically.
The government's response to the consultation, released on Wednesday, showed that 90 of respondents supported a ban on beverage mixers and 89 supported a ban on cotton germination.
More than the respondents supported a ban on the distribution and sale of plastic straws.
Last year, the Evening Standard launched the "last straw" campaign to end the waste of billions of environmental-damaging plastic straw in London.
When it was launched in January 2018, about 2 billion people were thought to be thrown away in the city each year --
As much as Italy.
Make London the capital of European plastic straw.
Now it's estimated to be 4.
7 billion plastic straws, 0. 316 billion plastic mixers, 1.
8 billion plastic-
In the UK, cotton buds with stems are used every year.
About 10 per cent of cotton buds are washed off the toilet and are usually washed off by waterways and oceans, the government said.
Hope to save several pounds every year through cleaning
Increase the use of waste plastics.
Mr. Gove said: "urgent and decisive action is needed to address plastic pollution and protect our environment.
These items are usually used for only a few minutes, but it will take hundreds of years to break down and eventually disappear into our oceans and damage valuable marine life.
"So today I take action to reverse the trend of plastic pollution and make sure we leave a better environment for future generations.
"It is estimated that there are 0. 15 billion tons of plastic in the world's oceans, 1 million birds and more than 100,000 marine mammals die from eating and being entangled in plastic waste every year.
Before the announcement, the government banned the use of beads and-
Sales in major supermarkets dropped by 86 using plastic bags.
Hugo taholm, the surfer's chief executive against the sewage, welcomed the ban.
He said, "Stop these orders-
The use of plastic can prevent the pollution of beaches across the country.
In the fight against plastic pollution, this is a very positive and bold step in the right direction.
"It also helps push the plastic further --
Provide free options and options for the public so that they can make more sustainable choices in their daily lives.
Lauren West, from British muscular atrophy, said: "plastic straws are sometimes the only ones that work for people with disabilities because of their flexibility and ability to use hot and cold drinks.
"We are pleased that the government recognizes this in its proposal made today.
Greenpeace political activist Sam Chetan
The Welsh said: "It has been a long time, but we welcome the government's eventual ban on disposable plastics like straws, cotton buds and mixers.
The reality, however, is that these bans only touch the surface.
"In order to really solve the plastic crisis, we need this government to take bolder actions, including the goal of fundamentally reducing the production of a single product --
Use plastic and full
Inclusive deposit return plan for beverage containers.
Laura Foster, from the Marine Conservation Association, said: "While we very much welcome today's announcement, we now need Michael Gove to go a step further in reducing plastic consumption as a whole and increasing recovery rates, especially with respect to the fully inclusive deposit return plan for bottles and glass.
"It is clear that the public mood has changed and what we need to see now is further action by retailers and the government to encourage opposition to all disposable plastics and improve recycling.
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