- plastic drink container with tap

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  -  plastic drink container with tap
Portland, Maine (AP)
Poland announced on Monday that it plans to use 100% of recycled plastic for all its non-carbonated water containers, a move that comes amid growing concern about plastic pollution. The Maine-
The headquarters company said the work will begin this month. liter bottles.
By 2022, the company plans to use 100% recycled plastic as bottles on all quiet water lines.
A niche product called the origin of spring in Poland also uses 100% recycled plastic bottles.
Moving to recycled containers comes as the bottled water industry faces continued criticism for using plastic, most of which eventually become garbage or garbage.
In Maine, the Polish spring is also facing scrutiny of ground pumping due to the brand's surge in popularity.
Kirstie Pecci from Boston
Polish spring recycling efforts are better than doing nothing, but Americans are better off drinking tap water.
"Recycling plastic is better than not recycling plastic, but it is better not to use plastic at all," said Pecci, who is in charge of the environmental protection organization's zero waste project.
A few years ago, bottled water surpassed carbonated drinks to become the largest beverage market in the United States.
According to New York's beverage marketing company, the segment grew by 5% last year.
Polish spring is a regional bottled water company with a major market in the northeast, but ranked second in the country
The group said it was the largest bottled water company.
Soda and water bottles made of PET or PET have been converted into smaller-
Grade recycled plastic.
But better classification and improved technology allow plastics to be reused for food
David Tulauskas, chief sustainability officer of Connecticut, parent company of Polish Spring, explained that grade containers, though more expensive than virgin plastics --
Based in Nestle©North American waters.
"We put the money in our mouths," says Tulauskas . ".
Recycling plastics is a global effort.
For example, the EU has set a target of at least 25% recyclable plastic bottles by 2025 and at least 30% recyclable plastic bottles by 2030.
In the United States, recycled plastic containers are dominated by industry.
Spring efforts in Poland are designed to help Nestle©North American waters reached 25% of recycled plastics by 2021 and 50% of recycled plastics by 2025.
Fernando MEK said plastic can be recycled into bottles over and over again, reducing the amount of plastic shipped to landfill sites and providing "evidence that we can achieve a full circular economy"©President and CEO of Nestle©North American waters.
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