planters from pickle jars - custom design wine glasses

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planters from pickle jars  -  custom design wine glasses
The classic Chesterfield restaurant in England is decorated with tropical patterns, kimchi jars are converted into flower pots, and antique Goan shell windows are converted into conference tables. . .
These are just some of the curious pieces that curators and designer Deena Rodrigues has to offer in her brand new store in Indiranagar --
Chairs and company.
"We are quite eclectic in curating.
Products not imported or purchased from Southeast Asia.
Every one is India.
"The inspiration came from artisans all over the country," she explained . ".
After 14 years in the company's field, as an advertising account manager and brand marketing manager, Rodrigues decided to pursue her passion for furniture and interior styling.
So, four years ago, she gave up her daily work,
She teaches freelancers at a construction company and starts sourcing and designing for clients.
Her childhood influence along the coast of Goa
Rich natural light and green plants, pottery decoration and smooth design method
Her work is reflected in Onesta's first pizzeria in Koramangala and places like Andhra Kafe in Whitefield.
Now, with the new store, her design can also be part of the personal home decor.
Pinterest-when you enter the store-
Inspired modern signage side by side with two
Villa with garden and porch.
Chairs and companies share the space with Bengaluru designer brand House of Three, who are upstairs showcasing a range of Western and ethnic costumes they have designed for men and women.
Rodrigues quickly noted that the design of the store was done taking into account the quirks of the house.
For example, the architects cut off the plaster and let the bricks reveal inside, while she hung a series of contemporary minimalist mirrors on it.
The light hanger is carefully crafted by the old door, while the asymmetry of the space remains the same.
Part of the ground floor is designed to be a greenhouse with a glass roof where you will find some of their special features --
They declare the range of seating and inlaid work cabinets, consoles and coffee tables.
The mosaic is handmade.
Cut and paste in the mother of brass, bones and pearls with bright blue, gray and stylish black and white herringbone patterns.
There is also an amazing imitation old armchair with printed fabric decoration, reminiscent of the Uzbek ikat.
MatterRodrigues's Center notes that while the outline is Western, the center of the product is Indian.
She attributed this to growing up in Bangladesh and spending summer days and other holidays in Goa with her big family.
Among the exhibits on display are large traditional ceramic canisters and green glass canisters placed on industrial shelves.
The men are in their 80 s, some of them from Britain and Spain, and from her home in Goa.
On Chesterfield's sofa, the vibrant color of the country replaces the leather and dull color of the ancient board, decorated with printed velvet paisley and bird patterns.
"We have tried different colors, such as mustard yellow leather, and we do not shy away from printing," she reiterated . ".
City walls currently feature cities
Work by artist Shirley Matthew.
The industrial style lighting seems to be the preferred design, but you can also pick from the wooden hand
Carved lamp, simple chandelier, retro lamp-lights.
One area of the store is recognition of millennial obsession with pink.
Find modern mirrors in exquisite glass frames
You can use it to stick dry flowers or photosand multi-
Functional shelf, perfect for entrance. Mid-
The century modern style acacia wood entertainment unit and quirky wooden cabinets made of BMTC bus boards are other highlights.
Custom design head upstairs, taste the wallpaper products of the store.
You can also learn about their custom services.
Do you have Grandma's old cabinet or chair?
Inject new life into it here.
When a conference table made of a Goan shell --lined windows (
Popular before glass pop)
Rodrigues showed us two more complete examples. One is an 80-year-
The old seat was redesigned into a ledge with the original wood carving.
The good news is that the price here is not terrible and you can pick up a statement without breaking the bank.
Chair & Company is located at 11 Main Road, stage 2nd, aparedilihar, India. Bengaluru.
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