pepsi and coke to offer recycled-plastic bottles - plastic water bottle suppliers

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pepsi and coke to offer recycled-plastic bottles  -  plastic water bottle suppliers
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Coca-Cola and Pepsi launched a long competition in the environmental protection field yesterday, and each company said it would be the first company to sell soft drinks in plastic bottles made of waste bottle recycling materials.
The recycling plan will begin next year, and if it succeeds, it may eventually reduce the amount of plastic that will eventually enter the US landfill.
They may also encourage more communities to build recycling programs by putting more cash into the pockets of companies that collect recyclable materials.
Both companies said recycling would not affect product costs. The Coca-
Coca-Cola and its suppliers, Hoechst Celanese Fiber Co. , Ltd.
An application has been made to the Food and Drug Administration for approval of their new bottle, which will have about 25% recycled materials.
Goodyear tires and rubber, the supplier of recycled materials in Pepsi bottles, said it was expected to meet with federal agencies in the spring to seek approval.
Both companies said they would test
Before attempting to use these bottles nationwide, sell them out once approved.
Consumer enthusiasm even if the consumer is enthusiastic or at least neutral when buying recycled bottles, these items may never account for a large part of the company's production, unless the consumer returns the bottle more reliably after quenching his thirst.
The material PET used in the bottle has been recycled by many manufacturers into products from park benches, pipes to carpets and bedding.
They're using everything they can get. -
Equivalent to 1. 2 billion two-
It is estimated that 28% of PET production last year was raised.
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Unless Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola and the chemical companies that work with them are able to significantly increase the number of recycled bottles, they will compete with existing recyclers for a limited pool at the moment.
Some experts say they will find the cost very high.
"I think it must be a PR campaign," said Thomas M . "
President and CEO of Wellman, Duff
The largest independent plastic recycler in the United States.
"They have lost track of the economy. " Mr.
Duff says products like carpets are more valuable than bottles, so soft
If the supply is limited, the beverage company will bid higher than the used pet. The soft-
Beverage companies believe that their recycling plans are more eco-friendly because materials are recycled from bottles to make bottles ---
Called "closed loop "--
Keep pets away from landfill indefinitely.
Still, they are trying to avoid confrontation with other recyclers by encouraging a surge in supply.
Their preferred approach is to significantly expand roadside recycling.
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