painted wine glasses - wine glass

by:Koodee      2019-07-25
painted wine glasses  -  wine glass
Here's an easy way to paint beautiful flowers on wine glasses, which really makes them bright.
To get the hang of it, you can practice painting these simple flowers on paper first.
It's a fun group project so get your friends together and have fun!
I found a few beautiful wine glasses at the thrift store, they are perfect for drawing.
For this project, you need the following materials: wine glass acrylic paint specially made for enamel painting.
There will be instructions for curing on the label.
Brush water used to rinse the brush plastic container, used to wipe the outside of the glasses with alcohol before painting.
This will help the paint stick better.
Use a narrow brush with a tip, immerse it in green paint, start from the bottom of the glass, paint up, gently bend to the side to form a stem.
Draw more stems around the glass, a little more than half the top edge.
Use a small flat brush with rounded corners to apply the leaves to the stem.
Load the green paint onto the brush, start at the bottom of the leaf, press the brush on the glass, and slowly swing it as you move outward and upward, release when you twist.
Brush with a small circular shape or Q-
Tip, place a yellow paint point at or near the end of each stem.
For yellow flowers, mix several colors together to make Brown and use it in the center of the yellow flower.
You will want to have the first 1 of the wine glass without any paint so that you can scrub that area when you clean it without worrying about wiping off any paint.
Brush the petals with a medium-sized round flat brush.
Lay the brush flat on the glass next to the center of the flower, brush it off and turn around and finally start near the center of the flower.
Apply 5 petals to each flower.
Continue painting flowers around the glass and add some near the bottom of the glass.
For yellow and white daisies, pick up the brush, start at the bottom of the petal, press down, gently release the pressure and lift when moving outward, leaving a pointed head on the petal.
Draw 6 petals on chrysanthemum.
Using small brushes and some white paint, apply some highlights on flowers and leaves.
This will give the flowers some size.
Allow the paint to dry for 1 hour.
You need to bake a 30 minute glass in the oven at 350 degrees.
This will set up the paint and allow you to wash your hands.
Put the glasses on the biscuit paper and put them in front of the biscuitheated oven.
After 30 minutes, remove the chip from the oven and cool for at least 30 minutes.
Add a ribbon bow to the stem of each wine glass.
Don't you want to pour yourself a glass of wine? Enjoy!
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