outrageous cocktails - swizzle stick cocktail

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outrageous cocktails  -  swizzle stick cocktail
As the holidays unfold, one may just want to combine gift giving with celebration. Why not multi-Is it a task?
If you agree, then don't just share the bar or decor in the cocktail.
Why not indulge and order a cocktail with fine jewelry?
If you don't care to justify the high price and prefer that there is no flash in the cocktail, then you can taste the best cognac in the flashing lights of Las Vegas Avenue.
At the Chicago tavern in the park, Peter de Castro created the "Cloud Gate "($175)
Inspired by the infamous beans of Millennium Park in downtown Chicago, this restaurant is located opposite the park.
It is thought that one can use it to celebrate special occasions, festivals, just as martini is a mixture of grey goose La Poire, homemade sour mixture, pineapple juice and a little champagne.
It is then covered with a sterling silver Elsa Peretti bean necklace.
The cocktail is placed on a silver tray with edible silver on the glass.
The necklace is placed in a familiar little blue box with a printed "We hope you like this Tiffany necklace like you did at the Park Tavern at night.
"Especially popular during the festival-last Christmas a regular customer bought the necklace and gave it as a gift to a bartender!
Park Tavern is located at 130 Randolph Street, East Chicago. Phone: (312)552-0070. Hours: 11 a. m. – 10 p. m. (Mon – Thurs); 11 a. m. – 10:30 p. m. (Fri); 12 p. m. – 10:30 p. m. (Sat).
The blue bar at the Algonquin Hotel serves "martini on the rocks" for $10,000 ". This extra-
The special Martini is made of a white one.
The glove-wearing waiter sits in the crystal glass on the silver plate --
This is not all.
There is also a very special block of ice for cocktails.
At the bottom of the drink, sit 1.
5 karat diamonds from hotel jewelers.
If you would like your lady to have this special cocktail, be sure to make arrangements at least three days in advance.
Alternatively, you can put your own ring in a cocktail or make an appointment with their Gemologist.
So prices may vary depending on your budget, but the experience will not be forgotten soon.
59 44 Street West New YorkPhone (212)840-6800. Hours: 11:30 a. m. – 1:30 a. m. (Daily)
For real decadence, people always go to Las Vegas.
Club XS (
Next to Botero, a poolside restaurant at Steve Wayne Encore Resort)
Excessive is not just a hint-it is practiced!
Their cocktail "Ono" is the ultimate indulgence.
"Service in jewelry-
The ingredients for the cocktail include the rare Rami Martin Louis thirteen Black Pearl cognac, Charles haidsk 1981 Champagne Charlie, fresh-
Freshly squeezed orange juice, Rose Nectar and apricot juice.
A bottle of Black Pearl, which produces less than 1,000 kilograms, retails for $99,999. 99!
Accompanied by Ono is 18-
Karat white gold necklace with black pearl pendant in Tahiti and XS logo for the lady.
Here the gentleman will not be forgotten either, as he has also been given a gift, a pair of 18-
The Karat gold Mont Blanc cuff is made of pure gold XS logo and leather stingray.
XS is located at 3121 South Las Vegas Avenue, Las Vegas. Phone: (702)770-0097. Hours: 10:00 p. m. – 4:00 a. m. (Friday-Monday).
If you love glitter jewelry but don't like glitter jewelry, then it's legendary to go to the top of the palm tree and enjoy chef Andre Roach's fascination and hobby for collecting cognac.
He has his own 50-year-
Old cognac and 25-year-
Both of them were tailored for him.
In addition to his own label, he has purchased liquid stock from other well-known personal collections, some of which can be traced back to 1777.
This is the private collection of Jacques Harvey and is considered a typical asset for cognac connoisseurs.
For only $35,000, you and your companions can experience a bottle of this treasure.
If this is a little more indulgent than you would like in one seat, Alize has a lot of special reserve bottles, for example 1802 will make you $830 per cup.
He also gets a limited bottle of each of the Hadi's perfect series, for just $675, and you'll be able to sample one.
If you are lucky, chef Rochat will give you some cognac collection and tasting stories he shares with TravelsinTaste.
Otherwise you can see them in this video.
Alize is located in Palm Top distance 4321 W. Flamingo Rd. , Las Vegas. Phone: (702)951-7000. Hours: 5:30 p. m. – closing (Nightly).
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