outdoor wine glasses, and a bottle for the picnic - funny wine glasses

by:Koodee      2019-08-15
outdoor wine glasses, and a bottle for the picnic  -  funny wine glasses
There are no special rules for drinking outdoors.
On the key side, however, it may be different from indoor drinking, especially the further you are safe from the house.
Meals on the terrace or deck, only one screen door from tap water, cutlery drawer and glassware storage, are just a moderate change in location.
But breaking the cord and sending that meal to a park, lake or beach has fundamentally changed.
Unless a team of servants followed, it no longer seemed like a good idea to have fancy wine glasses.
Unless the grill you carry with you is traveling with you, the meal will not be hot on the stove.
Everything becomes less formal: the presentation of food, the way it is eaten, and even drinking.
This requires some thinking about the equipment.
Even in the simplest setup, I am not a wine lover.
At home I basically use a good set of dishwashers
Most foods have anti-glasses and occasionally break my Zalto Universals when I want to deal with beautifully designed items.
Take me outdoors, away from the kitchen, instead I want something modest, portable, unbreakable.
While sometimes you can't do better, paper or plastic cups are not a satisfactory compromise.
But in no case will I use a fragile plastic stem.
I unfortunately raised a glass of wine and it wasn't until I tried to put the glass on its slender stem that I realized that the stem and bowl had been separated from the bottom to give the ant a free glass
Better yet, dry-free plastic glasses like Govinos, which allows you to enjoy wine in a decent setting
Ships of unbreakable size.
If you are bothered by waste like me, they can even be reused
Fear of conscience
Innovative Minds are looking at elegant alternatives such as crowdsourcing pointer picnics
A valuable glass stem device in which the stem, like a metal tent Bolt, can be immersed in the mother of the Earth for stability.
Of course, the nature of the wine will be guided informally by the background and dining environment.
The backyard lawn party is close to the comfortable environment and brings different challenges compared to the picnic or tar partyBeach Party.
Generally speaking, the farther you are away from running water, the lower the quality of the glassware, the easier it should be for your wine to be replaced.
Please note that I do not mention the quality.
You should hardly drink bad wine, regardless of the situation.
Why are qualifiers?
You sometimes have no control over wine, as in a long flight, and even then I might prefer mass wine --
Pushing beer or water to that light sweet red or artificial oak white color will make a bad meal worse.
You have nothing to fear if you bring the bottle.
The alternative is completely another matter.
Precious bottles, because they are old, expensive, rare or only of emotional value, deserve the respect they deserve.
You want to consume them in the best case, so you can focus on the wine and its meaning, rather than worrying about whether its complexity can be appreciated with plastic.
Again, it is not recommended to use bottles that may require a decan or special tools to extract fragile bottle plugs.
Leave them where they have the most chance to shine.
Instead, you want a bottle that doesn't force you to limit the oaf that accidentally kicks it or invites deep self
When you throw a few cups with a wrong flying disc, you will be disgusted.
In other words, wine that is easily replaced.
You can consider having extra things at hand.
What wine?
Every occasion has its own requirements.
If you plan a Gatsby
Like a party, maybe champagne is an old sport and a decent white and red color.
It is more likely that your outdoor drinking will be relaxed and will not be affected.
Your wine should follow suit in this case.
What are you eating? Sandwiches?
Any pile of decent rosary is OK.
Burgers and hot dogs?
Rose will still work, though I may prefer riesling with Franks and an easy going red with the burger: Maybe the Loire River or borolay, or whatever
You don't want to put the wine in a warm place.
Do you want to bring a refrigerator to eat?
Also put a few bottles in.
This reminds me: unless you bring a screw
No matter what you do, do not forget the bottle opener.
It is easy to raise the stakes without sacrificing the redeemable principle.
A good Village Chablis will enhance the preparation of any seafood.
The same is true of Mulberry or other lovesickness.
Cold fried chicken with dried chenning White or sparkling wine would be better.
If you're baking a steak, take it out with red wine, plain and unpretentious Cabernet, Bordeaux, syrahs or Crozes. Hermitage.
Chiantis and other sangjiao viser-
Wine based can also be delicious.
Large parties may be inconvenient.
So, let me suggest you leave: how about boxed wines, especially good ones like tank series or wine cases?
These wines are perfect for a variety of occasions and food.
They don't need special equipment and guests can help themselves and they can do well.
Because of their bags. in-the-
Box technology, they will stay fresh for a few hours, not to mention a few days and weeks.
The box is usually equivalent to four bottles, so you will most likely have a lot.
The most important thing is that no matter what is left, you can take home and finish it at your leisure.
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