opinion: schools shouldn't eliminate mother's day crafts - food jar

by:Koodee      2019-07-28
opinion: schools shouldn\'t eliminate mother\'s day crafts  -  food jar
Mother's Day always seems to bring the best things to my son's primary school teacher.
Over the years, I received a bunch of bright yellow daffodils with the face of an egg box, a carefully folded blue paper flower, a dried popsicle, and a poem that brought me and
My favorite Mother's Day gift is also on the counter in the kitchen. My now 13-year-
My old son did it to me in kindergarten.
This is an old baby food jar decorated with paper towels filled with fake flowers.
There is a plastic fork sticking out of the flower, and a recipe card is placed between the tips of the flower.
The card says, "My mom made the best crispy rice cube.
I remember I was worried about my five kids. year-
The old man doesn't have enough ability to recognize that my popcorn tree or melted snowman cookies or Easter Bunny with coconut fur is a real food tour.
Instead, he chose recipes made with the least amount of time, effort and skill.
At the time I thought Mom was something Martha Stewart could do for me.
It took me a while to find out that the time I spent painting a icing smile on a Marshmallow Snowman was actually a better investment to play with my son.
Still, one of the reasons I like the recipe card craft best is that it definitely took a lot of time to make it.
As I looked at it, I imagined a large classroom full of children with glue on their fingers, paper towels on their hair, and the teacher moving from seat to seat, when the children are around what they want their cards to read, they wait patiently.
What I like most about this gift is the idea that the teacher has to celebrate what your mom does for you.
When I think back to all the things my mom did for me when I was a child, what I miss most was the expression of her creative love: Birthday cake full of aluminum foil coins, or the dress pin doll she made for us herself.
Every year, when my son handed me his mother's day card or crafts, he pointed out that he chose blue building paper because blue is my favorite color, I know this project taught him less about using glue sticks and more about ideas about making things for someone.
In the past few years, the school has begun to expel crafts for Mother's Day.
A school in Colombia, England, issued a notice to parents earlier this month, known as the recognition of different families, and the school no longer commemorates Mother's Day and Father's Day.
Of course, in the classroom, it is a considerate gesture to have children who have lost their mother or father.
In this case, parents and more fortunate children can deal with it.
But for single-affinity kids
Couple, the move felt a bit off the standard.
Schools may turn these holidays into an opportunity for children to learn that there are many different types of families there. In addition, in
Traditional families like me, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends often play bigger roles.
Mother's Day and Father's Day are opportunities for children to do something for people who are important to them.
I hope that teachers can decide on their own whether to celebrate Mother's Day with craft, and banning school Mother's Day will never be a trend.
Mother's Day craft-
Make distillation one of the essential elements of parenting and help to teach this to children.
This shows my son that doing something yourself is one of the best ways to express love.
My son had already been in high school by last year.
But on Mother's Day, there was a homemade card waiting for me on the kitchen table.
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