oh look, these wine glasses are wonky - funny wine glasses

by:Koodee      2019-08-16
oh look, these wine glasses are wonky  -  funny wine glasses
Or maybe you will prepare a Christmas present for someone you secretly hate, and if so, we 've got the answer.
According to the current Finder (
Who brought you the giant gin glasses)
They're the perfect addition to your Christmas Day.
This Christmas, when friends and family have a drink or two, it can create confusion.
Do their eyes play tricks on them? Or those glasses are actually unreliable (
If you start the night with a regular glass, change them when the drinker asks for a second drink and get extra points! )
"You heard it, guys.
Absolutely chaotic.
The retail price of these glasses is 7.
£ 99 per person, or £ 9.
99 for a pair, as the current discoverer points out, it's cheap enough to change a good bottle of wine from a £ 20 banknote.
You can order that weird glass.
Why not take them and non
When you set up a table for Christmas, you will absolutely go crazy. If you want to make things crazy, they will also appear in the form of tumbler.
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