oceans overcome with floating trash - buy plastic water bottles

by:Koodee      2019-08-22
oceans overcome with floating trash  -  buy plastic water bottles
Part of the debris found while searching for the missing Malaysian aircraft in the Indian Ocean has pushed our state of the sea to the forefront.
We have so much garbage in our oceans that there are "patches" named after the contaminated area ".
A lot of rubbish is plastic, old electrical appliances, goods dumped from the ship, and anything else that should go into the landfill but not succeed, according to the ocean advocacy group "One World, One Ocean.
We have become a "plastic" country,
It exists in everything-toys, packaging, car parts, bags, bottles, and even worse, these plastics contain toxins that are harmful to all life.
Not only does it wrap around marine life, but many oceans and birds are digested by wild animals.
Activists who have studied this issue pointed out that 92.
5% of the dead seabirds examined consumed 5% of their total body weight.
Sadly, 54% of marine mammals are killed by getting involved or taking in the plastic that bothers our oceans.
One of the largest garbage areas, known as the "Pacific garbage belt", is the most famous garbage collection area with an estimated 3 garbage.
5 million tons of plastic bottles, bags and other plastic goods gathered due to circulating water flow.
These thousands of miles of toxic products are located between the West Coast of the United States. S.
East coast of China and Russia.
This is not the worst, there are five marine revolving garbage in the north and south of the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the north and south of the Pacific Ocean, which are just the largest.
When plastic floats into gyres, they are broken down by salt and UV rays and start releasing chemical properties into the water and then into the food system, according to the Scripps Institute at the University of California, San Diego.
These plastics contain chemicals such as DDT ,(
A colorless, crystalline, tasteless, almost odor-free organic chlorine known for its pesticide properties)PCB’s, (
In 1979, the United States Congress banned the production of persistent organic pollutant PCB)and PAH’s, (
Potential Atmospheric pollutants identified as carcinogenic, mutation-causing, and carcinogenic)
The number is amazing.
It is not only toxic to other organisms, but also to humans who eat fish and wildlife, and the entire food chain is also negatively affected. What to do?
The "One World, One Ocean" advocacy organization answered the question: stop using plastic bags, straws, plastic plates, foam plastics and utensils.
Instead of using plastic water bottles, use reusable water bottles.
Purchase items with minimal plastic and safely recycle all plastic and electronic products.
This is a good start to resolving this atrocity.
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