not your average tupperware! reheating cool bags, soup towers and a pouch that moulds to your sandwich... the 12 most ingenious lunchboxes revealed - thermal insulated food container

by:Koodee      2019-07-25
not your average tupperware! reheating cool bags, soup towers and a pouch that moulds to your sandwich... the 12 most ingenious lunchboxes revealed  -  thermal insulated food container
Bringing a packed lunch to the office every day has countless sensible reasons, but for many, the prospect of eating with grim Tupperware is clearly frustrating.
Fortunately, there are more and more high
Designed food containers explode in the market and are not suitable for children, but for the more and more discerning adult office workers who eat "al TiVo.
From the soup tower and the ergonomic salad dishes to the lunch box that addresses the legend of wet sandwiches, our female writers have summarized-and tested -
The most innovative food containersups.
Now very popular video in the field of lunch boxes stainless steel lunch box is lunch box;
A concept in Japan that divides food into different parts.
Lunch robot in California
The company, initiated by an enterprising mother, sells stainless steel bento of all sizes, lightweight, easy to clean and eco-friendly.
I found that the containers in these five compartments are especially suitable for bringing all kinds of healthy fruits, nuts and seeds to the office to eat grass all day long.
Colorful houses in Bento and Co
The shaped box consists of two compartments and a roof for £ 11 and is designed for starters, main courses and desserts.
The same company also sells a range of stylish metal container units for $16 (£10)
It is stacked in aminimalistcase and designed to keep your lunch upright in the bag.
After a week of testing, my favorite series is Black Blum from the UK
A Swiss design company that provides trendy lunch for movie sets.
The brand's lunch box was a cameo in Tom Cruise's movie forgotten and sold a rather naive 16. 95 salad bowl.
It has a vacuum seal so it leaks completely
Free, and a small pot for you to wear.
The first is £ 16.
95 lunch pans with two rather large portions of food stacked together with beautiful strap handles and matching forksspoon hybrid.
I work here with soup and some of my colleagues admit they have lunch boxes --
Envy, this is an emotion that most of us have not felt since elementary school.
The lunch bowl of the company is 16.
95, designed to have assymetric bowl with curved edges in order to make it easier to collect things like escape
Tomatoes and spices
Soaked salad leaves
The idea is that you can hold the bowl with one hand and scoop up the slippery ingredients without any jumps on the table.
It also comes with a water-tight lid and a firmly attached sauce jar and fork.
Sandwich Box black Blum aluminum sandwich box with chopping board, £ 20, with a lid on top and can also be used as chopping board.
Made of bamboo, useful for some impromptu shredding and has antibacterial properties.
The idea is that you can bring your ingredients with you.
Then slice them and assemble your sandwich at the last minute
No more soft sandwiches.
With silicone seals and elastic bands, the box can also be thrown into the bag without worrying about leaking water on the way to work.
Many of us like salad for lunch-
It is healthy and easy to prepare at home and make changes from endless sarnies.
However, what is the biggest problem with portable salads?
What should I do with clothes?
Now Aladdin solved the problem of leaking cans and boxes with a classic mason jar, which also contained a sealed jar of oil and vinegar.
It also pulled out al Zaio lunchers from the wet lettuce leaves poured with salad sauce A few hours ago.
Made of lightweight plastic, it has a retro feel, and lunch is as difficult as pouring the seasoning into the jar and shaking it.
Similar solutions come in the form of a perfect lunch box for $12. 99 (£7. 75)
By including this.
Inside the box there is an inner layer extending outward, which means that the wet layer and the dry layer can be completely separated. This beautiful cube.
The shaped gadget also includes an installed ice bag tray to keep your ingredients cool.
But there is also room to store sandwiches and still stay cool in the "free" section.
Also, it has multiple colors to make lunch look more interesting.
MOULDS at's food skin box is the most innovative way to carry food, worth £ 15. 99.
The cover of this ultra-thin case is made of elastic silicone skin and everything inside is hugged together to keep its shape.
This helps to keep the shape of a sandwich or French stick (
No more squashed sarnies)
And it's so tightly sealed that there's no danger of leaking mayonnaise.
Then, at the end of the lunch, it will fit directly into the suitcase or bag.
Stackable BENTO BOXBento & Co replaces the traditional bento box and sees three inner boxes stacked against each other in the molded case, which can be placed upright in the bag.
$25 lunch color (£16)
It is similar in shape to the military canteen, but the color makes it look like a jewelry box or a handbag.
Each inner box has a flexible lid.
Archers can not eat lozenges
Fully formed box and store the sandwich in the case.
Lunch boxes disguised as toy houses cost $22 (£14)
Bento & Co will be suitable for children who take lunch to school or adults who want to inject some fun into lunch. The Japanese-
The style house consists of two compartments and a roof to accommodate the Mini
Sandwiches or sushi rolls.
Therefore, any hungry person can stack the main course and dessert in a stackable box.
Frozen gel packs placed in the center of the roof can also keep things cool, while the inner cover ensures that the food remains fresh.
The intermediate re-heated COOLBAGFishPond is available for only £ 1/month (from China)re-
Heat your food through USB
Electric Lunch Box equipment.
We can't guarantee the quality of it without testing it, but this is definitely a new idea.
If you want to go back to the basics, Eco Lunchbox sells a traditional Japanese "packaging" that puts your food in a package with handles.
The cost of this baggage E colunchwrap.
50, and claim to be an "ecological"
Chic' carry solution.
For enthusiasts of all the old stuff, the waxed canvas bag is still more basic-
School, try the Marlow lunch box of Peg and Awl
Reusable brown bag made of waxed canvas.
This charming £ 30 container, made of recycled material, is available from Etsy and has a small pocket in front of it to store some handwritten notes.
If you happen to have a life like this,
In companion, this is the best surprise you'll find in your office lunch box.
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