not the last of the summer wine! tourists flock to see 'grape-growing miracle' at britain's highest vineyard in yorkshire spot where hit tv series was filmed - stainless steel wine cups

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not the last of the summer wine! tourists flock to see \'grape-growing miracle\' at britain\'s highest vineyard in yorkshire spot where hit tv series was filmed  -  stainless steel wine cups
Tourists from all over the world flocked to the famous vineyards, where they filmed the last of the classic summer wines of British television.
While the popularity of the project has helped, the real reason for vacationers from Argentina and Australia to visit the Holmfirth Vineyard is to witness the grapes --The miracle of growing
The highest British vineyard in Holmforth, West Yorkshire, produces wine on vines 840ft below sea level.
Zero temperature.
With the British wine industry gaining credibility among experts and consumers around the world, it is achieving this feat.
Britain has long been regarded as the main character of French jokes.
England and Wales have more than 400 vineyards producing sparkling wine and wine, up 50 from last year.
Homewood vineyard is a family hotel with restaurant and vacation accommodation
Success story of growth
It was owned by Ian and Rebecca Sherin and they met while studying design at the University.
Ian entered the manufacturing industry and Rebecca designed seats for the f1 car, but soon they decided to open a vineyard.
They bought an old sheep farm in 2006 and planted the first vines a year later.
Luke Tankard, general manager and winemaker of Holmfirth Vineyard, said people are interested in its novelty worth.
He said: "I think people want to satisfy their curiosity about how we can make wine on such a high hillside.
They were very surprised when they got to the parking lot.
Their first reaction was what a beautiful view it was and then they said, "I don't know you can grow grapes here.
They were surprised.
"Sometimes, the wind and the rain
Our days are worse than good weather. wise.
Homewood vineyards built seven apartments in abandoned quarries last year, attracting more tourists.
Now, it is tied to other forts of grape cultivation in north England-driffeld, York, and liventhorpe near Leeds.
Luke says tenacity is the key to producing wine on the Pennine snow line.
For the basic root species, it chooses hybrid vines that thrive in a cool climate.
Luke said: "These vines are a lot harder than ordinary vines, and ordinary vines like to sunbathe.
"We must survive frost and soil attacks;
They can be in-25C.
"Whether it's in terms of the quality or quantity of the wine, we 've been through a great deal here.
After two summers, our sugar and acidity are well balanced.
The Holmfirth vineyards are grown in many varieties, including the white wines of Solaris Seyval, Angevine Siegerebbe and Madeline.
Luke said: "White Solaris wine is our most popular wine, just like the British answer to lovesickness --
Come out at 12. 5 per cent.
With the rise in popularity, the vineyard's footprint has expanded to 7,000 vines over 7 acres.
When the winery was built in 2010, it harvested 2,500 bottles a year.
Production this year exceeded 12,000 bottles for £ 14. 99 each.
Before bottling the wine, the grapes are put into the machine to remove the bitter stems, which are recycled as compost.
Then, before entering the stainless steel fermentation container for up to six months to develop the body and character, the grapes are crushed by skin and skin points for pig food.
Despite the frost, December is a busy month for vineyard maintenance and pruning.
Luke said: "We are looking forward to a cold winter and it will not be too much of a problem because the vines will be dormant.
But what we really want next year is sunny days and light rain at night.
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