norway art company makes it crystal clear - glass wine glasses

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norway art company makes it crystal clear  -  glass wine glasses
Norwegian people like exquisite handmade glass and attach great importance to artists who design and create glass.
Harland glass-
Complex with factory, glass museum and shop--
Jevnaker is a quiet town, located by the Lake Randsfjorden, 44 miles north of Oslo, attracting thousands of Norwegian and foreign tourists.
Hadeland is the oldest glass in Norway, founded in 1762.
The factory only produces hand blown glass-
There are about 2 million sparkling objects each year.
These products are sold in 105 stores across Norway, but are limited abroad.
Although it is not easy to get in the United States, but the companions of the Hadland
Lead crystal glasses are in the White House cupboard (
They were added during the Johnson administration).
The magnificent chandelier of the Kennedy Center designed by Jonas Hilde is the work of the Hadland.
The Shops at the Harland factory are good
Glasses with about 35 different patterns are placed.
Each pattern has several styles of wine utensils and wine glasses for wine, cocktails, champagne and beer.
It also sells various grades of Calaf, vases and bowls from regular glass to full glass. lead crystal.
There are also a series of glittering crystal characters of polar bears, Arctic foxes, cats, snow owls, sea birds and other creatures, as well as magnificent art-
Glass pieces designed by master Hadeland. First-
Premium items are priced at the same price as Hadeland products elsewhere in Norway, but there are usually 20% or 25% specials, as well as magic bargains that barely see flaws in seconds.
Seconds are usually half the price of the first one. quality goods. Sonja-
For example, a patterned wine glasses with a unique airbag on the bottom of the glass, about $25 per cup
Quality and $12 a few seconds per cup.
The store also sells Hadeland art glass for about $250 or more.
Ingrid Magnus creates waves with pale pink, lavender, blue and green, in lavender White
Like the pattern in the bowl and plate
Some of Willie Johnson's vases have clear squares.
The cut sides and round interior are lined in red.
Others are dark blue or purple.
Arne Jon Jutrem vase with transparent prism
Interior like edge and blue and red.
The thick and transparent crystal bowl of Edla Freij is shaped like a pear half and has a layer of red or blue inside the crystal.
Gro Bergslein elegant bowls, vases and plates rotate freely
Design in blue, black and silver.
There is also art glass made by apprentice glass hair dryer in the shop.
They only sell for $75.
In addition to bargains, Hadeland offers visitors the opportunity to visit glassBlowing process.
With the roaring melting pot and bright red glass, the atmosphere of the factory is exciting.
The melted glass passed gracefully from one hand to the other, and a team of workers took part in a complex industrial dance that took years of training but took less than 10 minutes to perform.
Result: a sparkling piece of art.
After observing the dance, it is impossible not to appreciate the glass object.
Ordinary Hadeland glass (
Mainly sand, soda and limestone)
It is the simplest and cheapest product.
Colored glass, such as the most popular shades of gray and sea green, is produced by the addition of metal oxides to ordinary glass: blue cobalt and copper oxides, green chromium and iron oxides, yellow sulfur and metal sulfur, red gold, copper and selenium.
Milky White glass is a white opaque substance used to highlight ordinary glass or colored glass.
Crystal, a high-quality glass product used in the manufacture of daily use, containing zinc, chromium, potassium and lead.
Crystal is the smallest and most expensive type of glass, containing at least 30.
5% of red lead oxide, heavier than Crystal and plain glass, is more glossy.
It has a softer surface required for complex cutting and engraving.
When the crystal is hit, it makes a constant ring tone. like tone. Full-
Daily use of lead crystal is not recommended as it is easy to scratch.
Hadeland produces general, crystal and alllead lines.
The price of all lead is about twice the price of crystal.
The museum has a wide variety of Harland glass, with more than 15,000 pieces ranging from items made in the 1760 s to contemporary works.
There are notable examples of cutting crystals, popular from 1850 to the turn of the century, as well as jugendstil and decor.
Benny Motzfeldt also exhibits priceless works that use metal strips or grids wrapped in crystals to make rough textures and asymmetrical surfaces.
Motzfeldt is considered the most outstanding glass artist in Norway.
From Oslo to Jevnaker, take the bus to Honefoss (
Run by Engseth and often leave the University of tsplassen)
Transfer to Jevnaker bus.
Tell the driver that you are going to Harland and you will get off outside the factory.
The trip takes about an hour and 50 minutes.
Hadeland glass also sells in Oslo at Norwegian design company Stortingsgatan 28.
This superb shop also offers modern Motzfeldt itemsof-a-
Delicious wine glasses, plates and bowls made by Kai Hoffstad, as well as other items made by separate Norwegian glass hair dryers.
The price quoted in this article reflects the currency exchange rate at the time of writing.
The design of Hadeland and Norway is involved in the tax
Free items that give 10% to 15% rebate on purchased export goods.
Before leaving Norway, ask the clerk for a form that will allow you to apply for a refund at the airport.
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