new orders slapped on blue glass bottled water - glass gym water bottle

by:Koodee      2019-09-02
new orders slapped on blue glass bottled water  -  glass gym water bottle
The threat of bacteria to health
Share price bottled water produced by Caledon producers has now expanded to much of southern Ontario, triggering two new health hazard orders, more tests showing hazardous contamination, and ongoing public safety
Toronto and Peel health officials issued orders to blue glass water. Ltd. on Oct.
New test results show that long after the facility was closed in July, restaurants and food agencies had contaminated products.
Health inspectors in Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara, Halton, York, Waterloo and Wellington over the past three weeks --Dufferin-
Health ministry spokesman David Jensen said Guelph had seized nearly 3,000 bottles of blue glass water.
At least 2,000 bottles were found in Toronto.
The company's water comes from a spring water in Caledon and is sold as a specialty in the region, mainly in restaurants, wineries, hotels and at least one health food store.
Marshall kazeman, the only blue glass water listing director in the provincial company's documents, repeatedly denied the allegations in an interview with Star, insisting that his company's water is safe, and have the ability to fight cancer.
Asked about comments on new orders and test results on Tuesday, the lawyer was disqualified on 2008 and is currently facing criminal fraud charges for an unrelated matter, the response to the star reporter is a series of cursing.
A star survey earlier this month showed blue glass was placed
No public warning.
According to the provincial health order of July 18, which stopped the production and transportation of its products.
At that time, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency conducted a water test on samples collected by the public health department in the Peel area, and the results showed that "heavy bacterial overgrowth" was significant enough to cover up the detection of serious bacteria such as E.
E. coli and coliform bacteria
But when officials believed the operation was closed, Toronto health inspectors found that the contaminated blue glass water was still entering the city food agency just a while ago. 27.
After the star asked questions, the ministry finally issued a public warning about the "serious pollution" of blue glass water.
The latest sample tests collected by the public health department of the Waterloo area in October.
15 continue to show "excessive growth of bacteria, masking the ability to detect specific diseases --
Causing creatures, "Jensen said.
Severe contamination of water can lead to stomach illness and other adverse health effects.
Health officials say they have received complaints about the disease since news of the health threat was reported.
They're investigating. The Oct.
Peel and Toronto Public Health seek the company's customer list and sales location for 16 orders for blue glass.
Health officials say lost information hinders their ability to track all water and remove it from the market, making it still possible for uninformed customers to consume it.
"It is important to know where people can reach this danger and make sure that the product is no longer on sale," said Napier public health spokesperson Janet igsson . ".
In an interview earlier this month, Kazman said he had appealed against the initial closure of his surgery by the Peel health inspector.
He said he plans to resume production if the appeal is successful.
"Our blue glass water company is working with the appropriate level of government to ensure that our facilities comply with all government regulations, he wrote in a public statement shortly after the star's original story was released.
"We are very committed to bringing you the best natural spring water products in the market as soon as possible, and apologize for any unnecessary worries and fears caused by unnecessary and unfortunate media releases.
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