new on emirates: blankets made from recycled plastic - glass water bottle with plastic outside

by:Koodee      2019-08-24
new on emirates: blankets made from recycled plastic  -  glass water bottle with plastic outside
With shower-
Private suites and Bulgari Comfort Suites on the A380 plane and the first moisturizing pajamas-
Passengers on the Dragon
Dubai-night flights
Emirates based to keep highclass image.
As part of the airline's recent "comfort overhaul", passengers on long flights
In the first one-
Sleep under a blanket of faux sheepskin.
People in the flight business class can get a soft duvet. Now economy-
Passengers on the Dragonhaul flights —
Who has received comfort items such as eye masks, earplugs, toothbrushes, toothpaste and socks filled with useful items --
Will be able to snuggle under an eco-friendly blanket made entirely of recycled plastic bottles.
No need to retreat.
Each blanket is made from the equivalent of 28 recycled bottles, using ecoThread patented technology, which first turns the bottle into plastic debris, then into yarn, and then can be woven into a fleece material line of a soft blanket.
"I found them softer and warmer than the standard blankets offered by most airlines," said travel writer Carol Puch, who recorded in economy class the UAE she recently flew from Seattle to Dubai
Like many other airlines, Emirates has a sustainability plan that includes the collection and recycling of aluminum cans, plastic and glass bottles and paper used on board, including magazines and newspapers.
The EcoThread blanket is specialized through-Flying products.
Emirates says it will reduce energy emissions by adopting an eco-blanket for economy class, and will transfer 88 million plastic bottles from landfill sites in three years --
The carrier notes that this is equivalent to the weight of 44 A380 aircraft.
While Emirates now claims to have the largest sustainable blanket program in the airline industry, it is not the first airline to carry ecoThread blankets.
This is the honor of Australia-
Jetstar began using the blankets in 2015.
Harriet Baskas is Seattle.
Based at the airport and aviation writers and travel columnist USA Today.
She occasionally contributes to Ben Mutzabaugh's today on the Sky blog.
Follow her on twitter. com/hbaskas.
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