my new favourite wine glasses - wine glass

by:Koodee      2019-07-28
my new favourite wine glasses  -  wine glass
I am often asked questions about wine glasses, usually whether it is important to have a wine glass in the style of each wine.
Some brands offer different glass for almost every grape variety you can think --
As well as wine port, wine champagne, etc.
My general feeling is that it's better to spend money on wine than to buy a hundred.
But I have to admit I'm a glass. hoarder.
I have too many cabinets in my kitchen filled with hundreds of wine glasses of all shapes and sizes.
I have a dozen, six, and some (usually gifts)are singles.
Most of them are reasonable sizes, but there is a whole bottle of wine in some gifts --
I don't want to pour a whole bottle in, partly because of the fear that the weight will break the stem.
However, in the past few years, I have usually been attracted by two styles.
One is the style of workawayers of considerable scale;
25 points of a bottle to the widest part of the bowl (
You should never exceed)
The mouth of the bowl is becoming thinner, which means it has a good fragrance.
The other is the classic Pinot noir glass with a shorter but wider bowl.
I used the first one besides heipino: white, red, rose and sparkling. (
I gave up my collection of sparkling wine flutes. )
I only used the second black Bino.
This may be a kind of affectation.
Although I often write articles that support dry-free wine glasses, I have never had dry-free wine glasses.
I think they are"
Broken ", I think they are great when there is a lot of movement around the table, like on the deck or on the cabin.
They have a lower center of gravity and are much less likely to be knocked down.
But recently I found the Azzura stem-free glass produced by Trudeau, Canada.
They have wide bottom, narrow mouth and dimples on the side.
The dimples give you a good grip on your thumb, and if you drink white wine outside in the summer and there is condensation outside the glass, I find it useful.
Since I bought dozens of these glasses (
About $20 for a box of four)
, I have not used anything else for each wine (
Including pinot noir)
Whether I drink inside or outside
Did I miss something, don't drink my chardonnay, my Viognier and my Cabernet, maybe custom glass, but can make up for it without making glass
Make a decision every time
It can also be washed
It was much easier to get up, which helped me overcome the affectation of heibino.
Summer things, this well
Juicy commander Niagara is affordable, fresh in texture and very strong
Define taste. It’s off-
Dry, suitable for individual tasting or tasting with spicy seafood, fish, poultry and pork dishes. 10-per-cent alcohol; $13. 95 (346866)
Made from organic grapes grown in Chile's cool Casablanca region, this fresh and crisp lovesickness goes well with grilled seafood and white fish and many chicken dishes.
It's dry, medium.
Weight, concentrated taste. 12-per-cent alcohol; $12. 95 (266049)
Welcome Red from BC.
OKANA Valley with rich taste, high complexity and fresh sour tastefruit balance.
It is dry, medium bodied and light tannins, and a great choice for red meat, poultry and pork. 14-per-cent alcohol; $19. 95 (269795)
This is a popular Sicilian dry red, now mixed with some mermaid.
Its value is very high, with concentrated taste, distinct hierarchy, very complex, soft and smooth texture.
Drink with plenty of pasta, red meat and a lot of barbecue dishes. 13. 5-per-cent alcohol; $13. 95 (323543)
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