most romantic mountain escapes in the northeast - beautiful wine glasses

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most romantic mountain escapes in the northeast  -  beautiful wine glasses
If you and that particular person need a vacation-
It's better to be a relaxed, lying
Come back, peace--
A retreat in the northeastern mountains may be a successful option.
The six areas listed below provide outdoor activities, beautiful scenery and friendly villages to explore.
Besides, they all make a greatyour-own-
Pace getaway, which means you can do what you want without a crowded crowd.
So don't wait until Valentine's Day--
At any time of the year, re-ignite the Sparks in the fresh mountain air.
The Castle Peak area includes historic homes, farms, villages and state parks, and winter is a paradise for skiers and hikers.
Waterbury reservoir and Mount Memphis are the highest points in the state, and it is worth noting that the same is true of Ben & Jerry's headquarters.
Visit the famous factory, take a break from drinking cider and Donuts at the cold hollow Apple winery, and stop at one of the many farmer's markets to sell maple syrup --
Round should satisfy sweet teeth.
Silk Road Bridge--
One of the many historical bridges in the state ---
It is a good place to take pictures.
The South Vermont art center in Manchester presents a rotating exhibition in an amazing Georgian mansion and a permanent collection of more than 700 paintings.
Where to stay: The Spring Equinox Golf & Spa Resort in Manchester opened 1769 and is a lodging hotel.
The property covers an area of 1,300 acres and will ship couples back in time and impress them in a modern style
Benefits of the day, like 75-
Indoor pool and full-service spaservice spa.
The Berkshires area in southwest Massachusetts attracts skiers from all over the country.
If you and your other half are not slopes
Swtypes type, or you visit during the warmer months, you still come to the right place.
This scenic corner of New England is known for its outdoor concerts, fun festivals, and top museums.
You two can explore charming villages and stroll through boutiques, lovely coffee shops and friendly familiesrun bakeries.
Serious shoppers will be happy to find Lee's upscale shop. Music-
During the popular Tanglewood music festival in August, the beloved duos will enjoy a special stay.
Where to Live: Building in style 16
Whitley century Florence Palace Hotel in Lennox is a luxury resort with only 19 rooms.
Fine in France
The dining restaurant is first class and provides a perfect environment for celebrating anniversary or asking questions.
In addition to the Romantic Touch (
Arched windows with Tiffany stained glass and carved fireplace)
The hotel offers beautiful views of the mountains and lakes, as well as an outdoor pool and a beautiful garden environment.
Adirondack Mountain is a scenic area in the northern state of New York, and is the largest protected area in the United States. Nature-
Couples who love skiing, hiking and paddling will love it.
The area is known for hosting two Winter Games in Lake Placid.
If you are from New York or Boston metro area and close to Bolton Landin, it is a peaceful Adirondack Community that attracts writers, artists, musicians, since the beginning of 1800, couples have been looking for relaxation and romance.
Walking to the nearby Peak Mountain at sunrise or sunset will reward you with beautiful views of Lake George.
Don't miss a romantic dinner at the lakeside castle for two people.
Where to stay: Sagamore Resort is a romantic luxury hotel where couples can enjoy-by-
Side Spa.
White Mountains, where to stay in New Hampton: Adventure Suites may be the perfect place to recover a little bit of fun in your relationship.
The hotel's 17 suites have different themes, from the romantic wine cellar to the family's tree house.
Catskill, New York is famous for its international reputation-
In the 19 th century, Catskill was recognized as a painting of the Hudson River School as part of American culture.
Its resort is remembered for its career in launching many stalls
Including comedians such as Jackie Mason, Don Rikes and Rodney Dangefield. It was the go-
The 20 th century has been on holiday for decades in the northeast, perhaps the most memorable typical of the movie Dirty dance.
"It's also known for its art and music festivals ---
Woodstock, especially.
Livingston Manor is famous for its charm and hospitality. it is 300,000-
Catskill Park.
Kaatskeller is the favorite craft cocktail of local people, Wood
Pizza and ice cream.
The Catskill Brewery is a popular place for fresh beer and beer.
Where to stay: Roxbury Hotel-
If you like trendy style, you can go to the hotel to book.
All the rooms in the hotel have bright, bold and avant-garde decor, which is unusual for the area.
Inspired by the pop culture of the 1960 s and 70 s, the spa is relaxing and relatively cheap.
Porconos, Pennsylvania, home to many heart-specific resorts
Poconos, a whirlpool and bathtub in the form of giant wine glasses, is a popular choice for romantic weekend vacations.
But in addition to its lovely kitsch, there are plenty of places to love in the area.
The scenic mountains are home to several state parks, including Big Pocono and hickory, which offer hiking, horseback riding and hikingof-the-way waterfalls.
Skiing, sledding and sledding are popular in winter.
Woodlock Lodge is an upscale adult Hotel
Private balcony in all rooms.
It's a five-mile natural trail.
It is suitable for novice hiking. couples often enjoy cooking demonstrations and wine tastings.
At the Tree Restaurant and Bar, a well-prepared meal with local and organic ingredients, there is a luxurious cabin atmosphere.
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