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monel properties, application and chemical composition  -  stainless steel bottle manufacturer
Monel 400 is a good choice
Copper alloy resistant to seawater and high temperature and caustic solution.
It has excellent corrosion resistance in a wide variety of media.
Monel 400 features good welding, good general corrosion resistance and medium to high strength.
This alloy is widely used in various applications.
Even if it spills, it has a good resistance to water or salt water.
When the hydrochloric acid is discharged from the air, Monel 400 has no effect on it.
It's still a bit magnetic at room temperature.
Monel plates combine the high mechanical properties of the substrate and the high corrosion resistance of the coating.
By tempering heat treatment, the backing provides standardized or quenching.
The coating material is made of stainless steel, nickel and nickel based alloys, copper and copper
Nickel, titanium and other alloys have excellent corrosion resistance.
The surface of the base material is usually provided in a laminated or blasting state.
Advantages of the coating layer: due to the reduction of wall thickness, the cost of filling metal is lower.
The use of thinner materials may dilute the base material. Corrosion resistance for high link quality properties in a variety of chemical and marine environments.
From pure water to unoxidized acids, salts, and mineral bases.
This alloy is more nickel-resistant than copper in reduction conditions and more nickel-resistant than copper in oxidation conditions, but it shows a reduction-resistant medium better than oxidation.
Good mechanical properties at temperatures below zero to 480C.
The resistance to sulfuric acid and hf is very good.
However, inflation can lead to an increase in the corrosion rate and can be used to treat hydrochloric acid, but the presence of oxidation salts can greatly accelerate corrosion.
Showed resistance to neutral, alkaline and acidic salts, but poor resistance was found by oxidation of acidic salts such as iron chloride.
Excellent resistance to cl-ion stress corrosion.
Application of water supply and steam generator pipeline.
Salt water heater, sea water washer in inert tanker gas system.
Hydrocarbon device for sulfuric acid and hf.
Bat heater heating coil.
Heat Exchangers in various industries.
Pipeline delivery of crude oil tower in refinery.
Monoammonium (MEA)
Re-boil the tube.
A plant for the separation and production of nuclear fuel by refining uranium isotopes.
Pumps and valves for the production of pervinyl chloride, chloride plastics.
Coating on the upper part of the refinery crude oil tower.
Propeller and pump shaft.
Application of Monel range copper-
The nickel alloy Monel plate is mainly due to its performance.
The main performance actually used is to have high corrosion resistance in various corrosive media.
This allows the use of Monel as a structural material for the construction of vessels for the transfer of pipes for corrosive substances and related accessories, pump and compressor shafts, technical equipment for the oil and gas industry. Also, monel-
Metal can be welded by noncorrosion-
Resistant to materials in order to protect them from corrosion.
Some brands of Monel flat metal have a fairly small resistance temperature coefficient and average resistivity.
These features allow the use of Monel of their respective brands in specialized electrical and electronic equipment.
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