ming dynasty "chicken cup" smashes record in $36 million sale - metal wine cup

by:Koodee      2019-08-12
ming dynasty \
HONG KONG (Reuters)-
More than 500 years ago, a rare wine glass was lit in the Imperial Kiln of the Ming Dynasty in China and sold on Tuesday for HK $281.
2 million at Sotheby's auction in Hong Kong, it became one of the most expensive Chinese artifacts ever auctioned.
The small porcelain cup of the Chenghua period, from 1465 to 1487, is coated with cocks, hens and chickens, simply called the "chicken cup ".
It is considered the most popular
After the objects of Chinese art, look at them in a respectful manner, perhaps equivalent to reverence for the eggs of Russian jewelry.
Nicola Zhou, deputy chairman of Sotheby's Asia, said after the sale: "Every time the chicken cup appears in the market, it completely redefines the price of the Chinese art field . ".
The last similar chicken cup auction was in 1999, when the price was HK $29 million, about a tenth of Tuesday's price.
So far, there are only 16 known Chenghua chicken cups, most in public museums, and only a few people come to auction.
Only four of them are still in private hands.
For centuries, Chenghua chicken cup has been favored by Chinese emperors and enthusiasts for its quality, rarity and legendary silky texture, the object of Chinese art of Chenghua chicken fired in Jingdezhen's imperial kiln.
In the crowded auction hall, the palm of the delicate palm is auctioned.
The Sized cup, which starts at HK $0. 16 billion, attracted a steady bid from the three parties and eventually sold it to Liu Yiqian, a major Chinese collector, for HK $0. 25 billion.
The final price is HK $281.
The $2 million, including the cost, is a new world record for Chinese porcelain auctions, surpassing $32.
Qing double pay 4 million-
Gourd Vase in 2010
The cup comes from the famous Chinese ceramic collection "silver Hall" in the West, which has been accumulated by the Swiss pharmaceutical tycoon zulig brothers for more than half a century.
Liu from Shanghai bought it.
The Muyin Hall center, a billionaire with its own private "Long Museum", is expected to become the only real chicken cup known in China.
Over the past decade, with China's economic boom, the price of Chinese art has soared, and while the market has slowed since 2011, demand for the highest quality Chinese art remains unchanged.
National pride and the prestige of historical relics such as the chicken cup have driven Chinese purchases on the world stage and at home, where many auction houses have sprung up to seize the market.
Still, some experts say the easing of China's economy and the credit crunch may have weakened some of the market's enthusiasm for chicken cups, which are priced slightly below its high valuation.
"The price is OK, not so high, not so low," said Robert Zhang, a leading Hong Kong-based collector . ".
"There are not many bidders, which is a bit surprising," said Richard Litton, a Western Distributor in sales.
"Where are the big Chinese funds we look forward to seeing?
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