men of steel - stainless steel wine cups

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men of steel  -  stainless steel wine cups
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The famous Italian design company Alessi has worked with India stainless steel home accessories company Magpie Co. , Ltd. and allegedly copied the water tank design of Alessi on its brochure.
But that's one.
Magpie's head of product design and development Vinod Jain wants to forget.
"The photos were removed from the brochure a year ago," he said . " It is a deviation that does not reflect the company's prospects or business philosophy, he added. Today, fiveyear-
Old high-tech companies
End stainless steel products with more than 500 patented designs.
Bar accessories, wine barrels, platter, cooking bowls, kitchenware, vases, etc.
But young Magpie promoters Vinod Jain and Arun Garg are not self-contained.
They plan to take a place in India's growing fashion accessories market and launch a unique stainless steel jewelry collection at high prices
End this month at lifestyle stores in Delhi and Mumbai.
"Silver is expensive, and maintenance requirements such as polishing and polishing are high.
"Unlike steel, you can't play with design unless it's a traditional design," said Arun Garg, Magpie general manager . ".
The plan is for the design of the ring, earrings and cuff stock geometry, male and female.
The series may later be extended to the gorgeous series named after the Magpie brand as well as accessories such as watches, belts and wallets.
The price of jewelry is between Rs 500 and Rs 5,500.
The company claims that the jewelry collection was designed by designers from Italy, Denmark and India.
"Steel is a very hard element, and the global trend is to blend steel with ceramics and wood.
"Our products use high quality German steel," Jain said . " He plans to launch mixed media products such as coffee cups and plates in the coming months.
"Steel is cheap, durable and hygienic.
"Although traditional Indian steel has a mirror-reflective performance, European steel looks like silver and matte on the surface," he added . " He talked about different types of steel.
At present, Magpies have trade offices in the UK, Italy and Hong Kong to do stainless steel product design execution for retail chains such as Mark and Spencer, crates and barrels and small shops like Habitat and Conran stores in the UK.
Today, magpie, starting in 1998, claims to be an important player for Rs 100crore (Rs 1 billion)
Stainless steel accessories market
Before launching magpie, Jain's family took part in the work of making flat stainless steel sheets for the domestic market.
Later, in 1997 it turned to perform custom design work for foreign companies using imported steel.
Today, the total turnover of the company, including exports, is Rs 250 (Rs 2. 50 billion).
However, the company's desire to make Magpies a household name for people with a sense of design has cost nearly Rs 2. 5 crore (Rs billion)
Advertising for its products in the past three years.
At present, Magpie products are retail at 100 stores in 24 cities.
In addition, its institutional customers include five
Star hotels such as ITC hotel group, Hyatt Regency Hotel Group and Taj hotel group.
The products were designed at the Kundli factory design studio, 35 km kilometers from Delhi.
Jain and Garg hope magpie can become Rs 10-crore (Rs 100 million)
The company rose from Rs 4 to next year. 5 crore (Rs 45 million)
Punch in today.
But the plan for the future is very ambitious.
The goal is to make it Rs 50. crore (Rs 500 million)
Five years later.
To this end, Magpie also plans to increase the factory capacity from 1,50 000 pieces per month to 4,00 000 pieces per month by April 2004.
The company currently employs 700 people.
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