may 16, 2018: your say on the elizabeth river, mandatory sentencing, closing churches - good glass water bottle

by:Koodee      2019-08-24
may 16, 2018: your say on the elizabeth river, mandatory sentencing, closing churches  -  good glass water bottle
How selfish and ignorant are the members of Elizabeth Macquarie's irrigation program?
Do they really think the water in Lake is theirs?
The town of Campbell is a historic town, from relying on rural industries to now relying on tourism and transportation services through the Midland Road.
In addition to providing good food and toilet facilities, people are trying to create more attractions in the town so people may want to stay longer.
Campbell's biggest asset is the Elizabeth River, which runs through the city center for more than two kilometers.
Lake lake, built for community use by real businesses and community-conscious citizens, is now in the hands of irrigation workers alone, causing great damage to the town of Campbell.
As a person interested in water issues, I have written to the Council and its Campbell Town regional committee at least three times in the last 12 months, required to work on the original river course through the town to clear the woody weeds and cumbungi in the flow of water can be ignored without any result
Ten years ago, it was still possible to observe the platypus and the rats, but now the growth of weeds makes it impossible for them to cross the waterways, and as the water level changes, the once beautiful Elizabeth River is facing destruction.
In May 3, we read again about the issue of mandatory minimum sentencing.
The government pays the judges $10,000 per week to attract the best and most experienced people to these positions, who can assess all the circumstances related to the perpetrators, criminal activities and victims, so, the best and most appropriate sentences can be given.
However, the government wishes to overturn this expertise and arbitrarily impose a minimum sentence without considering any circumstances of a particular offence.
How many members have experience as judges?
The answer is No.
So why do members of Parliament think they can so despise the judgment of the most respected members of society?
When judges are actually the most respected and trusted individuals that our society can provide, why would they see judges as incompetent walking dogs that require their non-professional guidance? EDWARD King-
Gray, as you said, the container cash plan is a win-win situation.
Win for all involved
I used it in Darwin to help pay bills and other items that my salary didn't pay.
I incited the collection box on the mess of the brigade sergeant, as well as some of the troops around the Robinson barracks, to collect and raise funds for the mess and their soldier club.
The guys at the recycling facility are familiar with me, they drive different cars, from my Navara, the military truck, and the excavator club, when I became a member of the RSL in north Darwin, I also used my truck and their trailer to raise money for them.
A guy at the facility showed me the final product of the glass bottle.
Many people there also use it to support themselves.
After being brought in, the roads and highways became cleaner.
When we return to Townsville, you can know when we will reach the Queensland border through the cans and bottles on the highway.
It was a great idea.
Of course I hope that's acceptable.
Where are all the protests over the recent rise in gasoline prices? Maybe no-
Everyone cares again.
Politicians don't give anything, either, unless it's a vote catcher.
Why does the Anglican leadership suggest closing so many rural community churches while leaving multiple and property --
The rich City Church has not been affected?
Will the combined city church be better than tearing the heart apart from a small rural community?
For more than 40 years, the Western world has declared war on a factory.
The plant is winning because it provides an alternative way to hang itself and fool itself.
For healthy and polite interactions on social media, millions of people choose marijuana instead of alcohol.
At the same time, our decision makers are still in the dark.
According to Don David's observation of green plants (
Letter, May 7)
We should feel comfortable that this party will never form a government.
In fact, it is certain that they do not know how to call if someone calls them.
The Green Party is now and in the future.
Until they follow the Democrats into the land of wiki memory
A democratic expression that allows the clown to have both a vote and a say.
Sadly, of course, the clown is not always as harmless as he is clumsy and destructive.
How long will the Liberal Party sing the same old song "We 've been cleaning up Labor's mess?
If it takes 10 years, they will not be a party.
Maybe they should look at their own management.
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