mastering the art of french living, traveling and drinking - beautiful wine glasses

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mastering the art of french living, traveling and drinking  -  beautiful wine glasses
This is an unusually warm spring night in the Gold Coast of Chicago, behind the purple curtains at Maple & Ash's private restaurant, and the barrels of krug Grand Cuvee and Dom Ruinart champagne start sweating.
The James Beard award is always an exciting moment to visit the Windy City, at an intimate candlelight party hosted by LVMH heiresand entrepreneur Stephanie vating Arno, in anyone's mind, the bubble on the back of the sweat stream buckets is just the last thing.
We are here to celebrate the art of life in France, a way of life and a guiding principle for the Arno lifestyle brand and e-commerce
Clos19 commercial website.
"For me, hosting is really at the heart of French culture," Arno said in an interview with atmot t Hennessy at the US headquarters in New York over the next week.
"I remember growing up we had family lunches every week and we all got together at our grandparents' house and had a glass of champagne and then we had the full menu.
My grandmother loves entertainment and she has these beautiful plates, glasses and silverware.
She has different styles, so she can mix and play each time to create a different atmosphere.
Arnaultsaid said that since then, she has inherited the silverware and her grandmother's hobby of hosting the wedding.
However, it is her family's savvy business mind that really drives 34. year-
Let her company go to the next level.
The niece of Louis Vuitton Hennessy (LVMH)
According to Bloomberg, Bernard Arnault has just been named "the richest man in Europe" and expects net assets to exceed $100 billion this week, after Jeff Bezos, the world's richest Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are among the top 2019 Forbes billionaires.
"When I first started working for Hennessy, I came from retail.
"I'm from Vuitton and I want to find a way to really get in touch with our customers," Arnault said . ".
"So I started thinking, 'How do we get in touch with our customers, how do we talk to them?
I didn't find anything because it's mostly a B2B model and I think "there's more space for retail activities here so we can start to engage with the end consumer.
Arno has a blond hair, a pair of golden eyes, and sometimes speaks softly, but as she continues to talk about her brand, she carries the intention and determination of a strong and intelligent woman.
Grew up in Paris and received a master's degree from the University of Paris-
Dauphine, Arnault continues to work in product development in New York City.
Her idea is to launch
Not far from the business platform.
At the same time, Totoro LVMHwine and spirits brands have exclusive rights, including Kaige, Don peirinon Champagne King, Mo Petit & Chandon, Ruinart and Crewe, arnault told Forbes. clos19 was developed in large part as a way to connect directly with customers and bring the younger generation of consumers to the table.
"Because we are the producers of so many wonderful products, we know how to serve and match beautiful wines and food," arnault said. "I want to create a website, bring these products directly to our customers, but also connect with the story of the brand, giving a feeling behind the scenes.
"Our idea is to give more to our customers.
That's how we started creating everything on the site.
So we have a lot of cocktail recipes and stories about what happened in the process.
Today, Arno's company is based in London and lives with her husband.
In addition to hosting and selling wine and high-end accessories, Clos19 has entered a luxurious travel space.
A variety of products are listed under experienc on the website, and you can book a trip from New Zealand's feed to the table to the wonders of Antarctica.
The latest travel product may be four days behind the French Champagne scene.
"We started working on the travel experience because we wanted to invite customers into our Manor," Arno said . ".
"So, working with the travel agency, we introduced people to the best hotels and the right restaurants in the area, as well as something that you would normally not be able to access.
"Only Arno can guarantee a tasting of moyette and money ton wines like in a private salon visited by Napoleon, and discover the vineyards of Veuve Clicquot in person.
"Our idea is that in those places where it is closed to the public or extremely difficult to book, we open the door for this experience," Arno said . ".
"We really want to make it special.
Unlike traditional wine tours, Arno emphasizes the importance of how to tailor these experiences to the specific needs and desires of travelers.
"The website provides a model for one of these tours, but depending on your time, depending on the occasion, depending on your budget, we can customize it.
"For Arno, she felt it was important for her to integrate travel into the Clos19 brand.
Arnaultsaid, an avid traveler, said her summer trip this year was planned to cross the United States with her husband.
"Usually I go to southern France with my husband in the summer, but we decided to do something completely different this year," Arnault said . ".
"We always wanted to visit the National Park and we would say, 'OK, let's visit in the summer when we have a proper long holiday.
So we decided to start with the most beautiful Yellowstone National Park in the United States, go to Jackson Hole, spend a few days in Salt Lake City, and then head south to Arch National Park, Big Teton.
While she is excited to expand her travel horizons in the United States, Arno says she believes that no matter where you are, you should take the time every day to celebrate small moments in your life.
"I like champagne and there is always some in the fridge," Arno said . ".
"You don't need excuses to celebrate even if it's just another Tuesday.
"This is the art of life.
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