manafort sentencing tomorrow. transcript: 3/6/19, the rachel maddow show. - glass water bottle companies

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manafort sentencing tomorrow. transcript: 3/6/19, the rachel maddow show.  -  glass water bottle companies
MSNBC host Chris Hayes: I 'd like to look at the numbers of anyone who is reserved for what's going on at the port of entry.
Councillor Annette Paragon and Jacob soborov, thank you both.
Just this evening.
The Rachel Mado show starts now.
Good evening, Rachel.
Host: Good evening, Chris.
Thank you, my friend.
Thank you for joining us this hour at home.
John GOTY, who died in prison in 2002 after serving his sentence for ten years, was sentenced, among other things, to five different murders.
John GOTY is the boss of Gambino crimefamily in the Mafia.
But before he died, he was still in federal prison as a feature of federal prison life, and one thing John GOTY got was that he often visited his family, because these conversations were monitored by the prison authorities, in his case they were not just recordings, they were videotaped
We can now see from the color of life, or at least in the blurry color, that the past is the color, not just the idea of what the gangster looks like in a movie or comic book.
With the video tape from Goti prison, you can see the real deal.
He is as charming as you think.
Not only in dealing with peers who commit crimes, but also in dealing with his immediate family members.
For example, this is how he and his 10-year-
Come and visit his old grandson.
During that visit, Sun Tzu told him that his career plan was to become a professional athlete.
That's how his grandfather reacted. (
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John GOTY, the mob boss: I hope there is a good chance that you will go to school and be a lawyer.
No, dad, he's going to be a lawyer.
Grandson: No, I don't. V. GOTTI: Really?
Grandson: No, I don't.
I will be a basketball player. J.
Gotty: you won't be a basketball player. (CROSSTALK)J.
Gotty: you won't be a baseball player or a basketball player.
Grandson: Of course I am! J.
Let me tell you one thing.
Gotty: He's smart today.
There's something on him today. J.
Let me tell you something.
Are you telling me what I want to do?
I never said I wanted it.
Let me tell you something about basketball and baseball players.
First of all, to be a good basketball player or baseball player, you must be a good liar
Life and idiots. V.
Gotty: I took a lot of medicine. J.
Gotty: you need steroids.
You have to take steroids.
Anyone taking steroids is a trash can.
Well, then I will be the chef. J.
Gotty: I don't care if you're nothing.
You're not-you think you're selfish and malicious to me. You`ll get an (
Kick me.
I'm not your father. INAUDIBLE)V.
Sun Tzu: He's a smart Alec now. J.
You will get one (
Delete dirty words)
You will get one (
Delete dirty words)
Kickbacks you never want
You will never forget (
The foul word you got from me deleted the kick. You understand?
I have too many friends now. I don't need you to be friends.
I have a lot of friends now.
I have a lot of people who will cry if they can come and see me now just to be able to look.
So it's no good if you come to see me or talk to me.
If you keep it for your father, you keep the bastard.
I will put my feet on you (
Delete dirty words), you hear me?
Don't look at me.
Boy, I'm worse than cancer.
The truth of the matter is that you are spoiled, God (
Some people don't even have God (
The answer you gave me just now will not be given for a good meal.
Look at whatever you want.
Now give your friend the phone and leave here. (INAUDIBLE)That (
Delete dirty words)
From you (
Delete dirty words)
Mom, it's not what I said. (END VIDEO CLIP)
In 1998, John GOTY said dirty words to his grandson in prison and sent his grandson away because he said recklessly that he wanted to be an athlete.
A grandson in a suit and tie came to see him with his mother and uncle.
On the same visit that we had tape and records, we also knew that John GOTY had voted in trust for his daughter's husband. His own son-in-
A man named Carmine Agnello.
According to reports, Carmine Agnello himself was unable to personally visit John GOTY because of his troubles in criminal law, but it didn't stop gotty from telling his daughter what he thought of her husband on the same prison tape.
I'll give you more tape, partly because it's exhausting to bleed.
But on the same tape, Goti told her daughter her husband that he would be sued at any time, the idiot, by quoting this sentence.
Look, you want a forecast that by June your husband will be charged and he will be charged every two points and three points.
Gotty told her daughter about her husband. he's an idiot.
ThenGotti pretended to read a list of imaginary allegations against his daughter, shusband.
You have to look at the charges.
Malicious operation.
The position of the brain that has the intention to use. Stolen bumper. Hubcap.
This means that his daughter's husband is engaged in the business of car salvage and scrap metal.
So, that's what John Gotty said, and he's going to get stuck with the stolen bumper or the stolen wheel cover.
Gotty also mentioned his son. in-
People think there are some emotional barriers to the law that lead to violence, and he took medicine for it.
Goti told her daughter when she visited her husband in prison in 1988.
He said, how is he feeling?
Does he feel bad?
Did his medication increase, decrease, increase, decrease, did he enter the back seat of the car and think someone stole the steering wheel? Nice. Nice guy.
It must be good for the whole family.
That was 1998, John GOTY, before he died in prison a few years later, who blamed his daughter for his then husband, his own son --in-law.
But, you know, in some ways, John gotty is a bit right, at least at one point, because these prison tapes started in 1998.
In 1999, a new company was opened in Queens, New York.
The new business is called stadium scrap.
It's called stadium scrap because it's just around the Shea Stadium where the New York Mets used to play.
Stadium scrap opened in 1999 and they started buying dead cars, putting them into a crusher, crushing them into large pieces of metal and then selling them to Shredder and scrap dealers.
When Stadium scrap opened in 1999, there seemed to be similar businesses elsewhere in Queens, New York.
But if you look super careful at the stadium scrap, it's a big difference compared to other businesses of this type.
It turns out that cameras and microphones are everywhere in the stadium.
Quote: about 100 yards from the entrance of the enterprise, a pan-tilt microwave camera was placed.
It can be seen-it can see the front of the yard and most of the street.
In addition, a recording device was installed on the phone in the yard, and a listening device was installed on the trailer as an office there.
They installed two cameras in the trailer and a camera outside the trailer overlooking the salvage yard.
These are not just cameras set up by ordinary businesses for security purposes.
These are hidden cameras and microphones that are being monitored for surveillance purposes because the stadium scrapping business, which opened in Queens on 1999, is fake.
It's been a long time.
Undercover law enforcement operations.
A number of law enforcement agencies have come together, they have planned the plan, they will open a fake business in Queens, a fake metal scrap and car salvage business in that area of Queens, they basically do this because law enforcement generally believes that the business sector in that part of New York is surrounded by upward movement.
So they think they can use this fake business to combat the penetration of organized crime in those businesses.
So undercover law enforcement learned, I mean, driving wreckersand car crushers, forklifts and flat trucks and everything else.
They learned how to do this kind of business.
They started the work early in 99 years.
They make and sell scrap cars and scrap metal.
They're doing automatic salvage.
But bingo, once they open that thing, they get the result immediately.
With a month, they opened up this fake business, the scrap of the stadium, and within a month of them opening it, like the son of John GOTY at John GOTYin-
The law, Carmine Agnello, the man Gotti says is now destined to be prosecuted.
According to state and federal prosecutors, this is what happens next.
This is the report of the New York Daily News. Quote, Mr.
Agnelo and Burger, a 390-
The pound childhood friend, known as the giant visit to the stadium scrap, told the undercover police who worked there to inform them to bring the metal to his business.
This is also reported by The New York Times.
Quote: Law enforcement authorities said Agnello gave the police a simple message to sell him crushed cars at a low price for people or suffer losses.
Law enforcement officials said that when undercover officers refused,
Agnelo asked his colleagues to bomb the business. Stadium Scrap.
Of course, because the stadium scrapping is fake, because it is a secret law enforcement operation set up specifically to catch criminals, there are cameras and microphones everywhere to capture all of this.
So they were able to list it all in the indictment and in the press release, and they were very proud to be able to publish the indictment from that case very quickly.
Quote: On the evening of June 10, in the direction of Agnelo, the lock of the stadium scrap door was cut off.
On June 15, Agnelo directed the burning bombs of the stadium scrap company's office trailer and flat-panel trucks. At 2:00 a. m.
On June 17, in the fast direction of Agnelo, the stadium's scrap door lock was cut off, the yard was entered, the glass bottle filled with gasoline was thrown on a flat-plate truck, and the gasoline was lit by a road flare.
1: 00 in the morning of June 29. m.
The stadium's gatlock was once again cut off on the Agnelo Express.
Gasoline was thrown on the steps of the trailer office and lit.
In June 30, Agnello had a Burger and remembered that Jumbo's last name was Burger, so technically he was Jumbo Burger.
Mr. Agnelo has a Big Mac.
Burger, check the damage caused by the fire the night before
Shortly thereafter, the practice of Hamburg was observed.
So this bust like, this long undercover operation running fake metal scrap and car salvage business in Queens, they are under pressure, I think, in part because of the film nature of this law enforcement action, but also because it doesn't take them a long time to catch big fish.
They have gotty's son-in-
Law, it turns out that he is not a man who is disliked by his famous father. in-law inprison.
According to the Daily News at the time, Anello was considered a real-life Tony Soprano, a ruthless 250-
Sterling mobs also control lucrative legitimate businesses.
For years Agnelo had clashed with the police who wrote him a traffic ticket.
He was charged with beating anex.
Employees with phone calls
Prosecutors say he threatened to interrupt a debt collector's finger and put him in the trunk of the car.
The indictment says Mr. Agnelo has threatened to hit a stockbroker with a hammer.
But when they close the trap in this sting action, this Agnelo man, because of all his charms, he is not the only one they catch.
In the original indictment, Anello and three other men were charged under the state's Organized Crime Control Act.
But when they end their operations in the second year, it's not just him and a few of his men.
The next year, when they finished the matter, 49 people were arrested on the matter.
So, yes, it's a bunch of news stories.
When these indictments come down, prosecutors here must have the right to brag.
But in retrospect, what is particularly interesting for us now is that not only does the prosecutor have the right to brag about such acts.
As I mentioned, this is a joint law enforcement operation involving a whole bunch of different law enforcement entities, including the New York Police Department and the Queens prosecutor.
It also relates to another agency whose annual report of the year actually contains some of the most important details of our actions as a whole, and this entity, which is a key part of this stinging action, it's the New York State insurance fraud team.
The insurance department of New York state has no such name.
The insurance department has now been incorporated into an institution called the New York Department of Financial Services.
But it still does the same work and they still have the same law enforcement responsibility.
I'm sure, because they carry out criminal insurance, I'm sure, it sounds boring, but sometimes it's the opposite of boredom in the relatively recent history of the agency.
It's been the front page news for several days.
Someone was learning torun auto cru, opening fake scrap metal businesses next to the toShea Stadium in Queens, and then being blown up by guys named Jumbo who threatened to break people's fingers, they were then stuffed into the suitcase.
I mean, it involves the action to surround 50 suspicious gangsters in atime, including proving that John GOTY's inclination to his son is correctin-
Part of the reason is the legal and criminal family assistant who was sued for his volcano and runaway violent temper.
This is the same agency, the same agency, and has now summoned insurance brokers who have done business with the president of the United States and his business for years.
This is the agency that sent the company, which is reported to be a vast nine-
Page subpoenas, requiring insurance brokers to hand over internal company documents for more than 10 years, which refer to Donald Trump or the Trump Organization, as well as all policies issued to the president or his business, add any application or supporting material submitted by the president or his business to obtain these insurance policies.
And, no, it's not about opening a mob honey pot scrap field next to the old Metropolitan Stadium.
But now the ball on this project is rolling with that agency. (
Start Video Editing)REP.
Alexander occassioCORTEZ (D)
As far as you know, did the president provide inflated assets to insurance companies?
Michael Cohen, a former Trump lawyer: Yes. REP. LACY CLAY (D)
Missouri: Can you explain why you have these financial statements?
Cohen: when we come to deal with insurance companies later, we provide them with these copies so that they understand that insurance premiums are sometimes based on individual abilities and are reduced.
Clay: all this is done according to the instructions of the president and his knowledge? COHEN: Yes.
Clay: did the information provided to us inflate the president's assets?
I think the numbers are exaggerated.
Clay: as far as you know, did the president provide inflated assets to the bank in order to help him get a loan?
The time has passed for this gentleman, but you can answer this question.
Cohen: the documents and other documents were provided to Deutsche Bank at one time when I tried to get the money with them, so that we could bid on the Buffalo Bill.
Thank you for your answer. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Today, the president's longtime lawyer, Michael Cohen, testified to Congress for the fourth time in nine days.
Today, he testified to the intelligence committee in secret for the second time in the house.
The committee initially intended only to talk to him once last Thursday, but Cohen's lawyer and members of the committee said it had been decided to have him back today for the second round of testimony, just because Cohen brought a lot of new information to the Commission last week.
The members of the committee decided that they wanted to ask him more about this new information and, most importantly, they wanted to ask him to provide any supporting documents that he could present to them, which
Moreover, we don't know what happened after the car was closed.
But even if it's just these things, the physical objects that Cohen provides in public testimony may seem like real trouble.
I mean, the financial statements that you just heard about Cohen being asked about are the financial statements that Cohen said were submitted by the president and his business to at least one bank trying to get bank loans and two insurance companies. three-year financial statements.
The content of these financial statements described by Cohen and what they are used to do looks very much like a reasonable charge of felony bank fraud and felony insurance fraud.
I mean, Cohen said that the assets on those financial statements could be exaggerated.
This is not a crazy statement.
One of the Trump properties listed in these statements, Westchester County properties, Trump has purchased the property for less than $8 million since 2012, twice assessed for less than 20 million value
Forbes reported yesterday that the property currently has a net worth of about $24 million.
The president himself and his federal declaration of ethics say he believes the property is worth between $25 million and $50 million.
Nevertheless, despite the value of these assessments and the president's announcement of the value of the property in last year's financial statements, he listed the value of the property as $0. 291 billion.
He reportedly used the statements again to banks and insurance companies.
For a property like this, $0. 291 billion is not a rounding mistake.
In addition to that, the Washington Post further reported that in reviewing these financial statements, it seems that Trump has not only exaggerated the value of some of his assets, he also cited exaggerating his wealth by putting things outside.
For example, at 2011 and 2012, the statement of financial position left out his hotel in Chicago, which had a high debt burden at that time.
Trump's overall debt may have less consequences.
It's not a moral story, you know, right?
I mean, it says something about your character, but that's not the point, right?
I mean, you know, it's one thing to tell the people you meet at the bar that you're more valuable than you are.
It's like lying to your height, or lying to your class #1 at Wharton, to how much money you 've inherited from your father, and whether you're self-made.
Lies about whether you won the mass vote.
Lie to your people in office.
Lies about whether you actually built an inch wall.
Lying is lying.
It turns out that lying can be a complete way of life, however, when you lie in a written financial statement you submit to the fire agency, trying to get a bank loan or defraud the insurance company, the situation is different.
When you lie in such financial statements, these industries are strictly regulated, at least against this fraud.
When you lie to these types of financial institutions for these purposes and have documentation, you are telling those who have been chased and prosecuted by others, those who are willing to open a fake scrap yard in Queens and shoot a 50 thug movie where they have been bombed multiple times to lock in.
In terms of Michael Cohen's testimony and supporting documents supporting the allegation of felony bank fraud, it is important to know that the entity described by Cohen is the target of attempted bank fraud, Deutsche Bank, they are now reportedly working with congressional investigators.
When it comes to the Insurance Aspects of Cohen's alleged fraud, it is important to note that when receiving this expanded ubpoena from the agency that invented the stadium garbage and faced the giant building, it is reported that, the large insurance agency has also cooperated fully with law enforcement and investigation authorities.
So, those balls are exploding.
Speaking of rolling, Michael Cohen is back to the Intelligence Committee today, and this time it must be an abnormal sign for the White House, michael Cohen and his legal team walked into the testimony with a pile of suitcases-one suitcase, two suitcases, three suitcases.
In addition, all folders and briefcases are filled with documents.
It is said that Michael Cohen's submissions to the Intelligence Committee today include supplementary documents on his previous preparations to testify to Congress, in response, he has now acknowledged that some aspects of lying during the election campaign by the secretary of the Trump Organization are guilty, with the help of the Russian government and at least one sanctioned Russian bank, rich real estate projects in Moscow.
Think about these lies, why did Cohen lie like this when he first testified in Congress?
There is no reason for these lies about the Trump Tower Moscow project to benefit Michael Cohen himself.
The lies he said in his testimony, which he once again admitted were guilty, did not appear to be intended to help himself, but to provide political cover for President Trump.
According to media reports such as Vanity Fair and CNN, Cohen's new document on this testimony today aims to support Cohen's statement, lawyers acting on behalf of President Trump helped confuse his false testimony about the Trump Tower in Moscow.
Similarly, false testimony is not good for Cohen.
This is particularly good for President Trump.
Soliciting false testimony from Congress is often described as obstructing justice.
In the impeachment clause, this is how Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton are described.
Like one thing in the criminal law, it could also be a prima facie perjury, which is a felony and, of course, it would depend on the exact facts of the case.
But today is the day when Michael Cohen should have initially been transferred to federal prison to start serving his sentence because he lied to Congress and provided campaign funds for felony and other crimes.
A few weeks after the federal judge adjourned the inghis case, it was amazing to see him carrying a suitcase full of documents in the last few weeks of free time that could eventually put the president in trouble
Next, Emily Jane Fox joins us. Stay with us. (
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Mark your calendar.
Two months from today, May 6, the president's longtime private lawyer, Michael Cohen, will report to the federal prison and start serving three months.
He was sentenced to one year in prison for several federal felony charges.
On this project last week, Lanie Davis, counsel for Michael Cohen, told us that during Cohen's closing --
Cohen, citing testimony from the House Intelligence Committee, developed new information.
It basically needs to tear up the original plan and call Michael Cohen before samecommittee this week to get him back for the return.
Davis told us about the new information Cohen developed in that email.
The door is quite explosive to quote this sentence.
Well, Michael Cohen's speech at the House Intelligence Committee is today.
This time, I think everyone was surprised that there was enough checked baggage for five families on an international flight to Bangkok.
We are not sure, but we believe that in all the luggage that was trucked into the board meeting room today, we believe that there are a lot of documents in these bags, the documents that Cohen promised to carry with him today, in support of his allegations against the president and his business.
What are those boxes?
Joining us now is the only one I can think of who can ask who will tell me about it.
National reporter for Vanity Fair Emily Jane Fox
Thanks for coming, Emily.
Emily Jane Fox, national reporter for Vanity Fair: Thank you for inviting me.
Do you know what's in the suitcase? So I don't think so.
Maybe I changed my clothes.
He stayed there for a long time.
There are many suitcases.
Fox: many suitcases.
But I did recognize something from that shot and I recognized that brownfile folder. MADDOW: Mmm-hmm.
Fox: this is a folder he carries with him, or a very similar one he carried with him last week.
The way Michael Cohen attended the public hearing last week was that he spent a week browsing the nine boxes in the storage room of his Trump building in helives.
MADDOW: the box that came back from the Southern District-MADDOW: OK.
Fox: from New York.
On last April, when they went to his apartment, hotel room and office with a warrant, they took him from him.
He did so in order to provide evidence to members of Congress to take it for granted to determine his credibility and to question whether what he said was true or not.
So he wanted to bring the papers.
What he found was a way to memorize a bank check, and we now know that the president and the president's sonin-
Son-son signed a contract with his chief financial officer.
Now, that folder also contains some personal notes of the president's article on Michael C.
Contact this reporter and threaten to sue him. this is a mistake and other articles that he is not satisfied.
So, all this stuff he took from his storage room was full.
From my report, I know that after closing last Thursday
At the hearing of the House Intel Committee that he went back today, the specific thing he asked for at the hearing was that they wanted him to look at it again and see if he had documentary evidence.
He did it all weekend.
I think-I can imagine that some of the things we found were the things he brought in the trunk.
MADDOW: in addition to what Intel asked him to do after it was closed --
Last week, we again received limited information because it was not public and we did see in his public testimony what was required of him to say that he would go and look.
He said he would hand over 100 recordings, voice notes, first draft-the first draft of his congressional testimony, which he admitted was false.
The president's lawyer redlined the remarks.
Additional bank checks for these reimbursement payments.
Do you know from your own report whether anything he will hand over to Congress is something he has overcommitted and cannot deliver now?
Do we believe he can provide these things?
Fox: I don't know if he provided everything.
I do know from my report that he brought some today.
I know in particular that there is some material to do with the edits in the first congressional testimony he submitted today.
I also believe in the draft he found.
He also communicated with the lawyers involved and he found out that he came to the committee today. MADDOW: Mmm-hmm.
Fox: I don't know what kind of edits have been made on these drafts.
You know, sometimes you can have a draft that doesn't necessarily have a redline edit.
It just changed where no one explained the change.
It's a draft of the day, it's another draft with a change, but you don't know what's going on in the middle.
There was communication between lawyers about what changed.
I think this kind of communication is almost more valuable than Redline editing because-MADDOW: Well, is there a clear argument for Mr.
Cohen thinks history is wrong, partly because he is told how to make false testimony-how to make false testimony in a way that is in favor of the president?
I mean, is he the focus of the presidential lawyer debate?
Fox: Well, he said publicly last week that the president's lawyer suggested that I make some changes in order to continue to convey the president's message.
He said the president didn't tell me to change it directly, but he has this code, which I understand.
I don't think the lawyer will speak with the code, and certainly not with a lawyer that kohern doesn't know-a lawyer that Cohen doesn't know, he doesn't know how to say the code, so, I think it has to be clearer than some kind of Trump code that Cohen has spent ten years trying to figure out.
I would say I spoke to the people in the room today, and the feedback I got today from the people in the room was that Cohen was able to provide something that would harm Trump's presidency, only what he can provide matches the destruction of Trump.
This is the only news I got today from the hearing room that broke down.
MADDOW: even though his statements and allegations are so disruptive to the Trump Organization, can he make statements or allegations today, or provide evidence that is equally harmful to the presidency?
The Washington Post has just released a new message that contains some information-an explosive report on Mr. Obama
Shut the door, Cohen said.
If you can stay with us, I would like to ask you this question when we come back. FOX: Sure.
Emily Jane Fox of Vanity Fair is our guest.
We will be back soon. (
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MADDOW: national reporter for Vanity Fair Emily Jane Fox is back with us again.
Emily, there's a report tonight, and I need to ask you, that's just been reported by The Washington Post.
"The headline: Michael Cohen discussed the issue of pardon with the second Tegra lawyer.
He told Congress
So, this is a closed-door testimony about him before Intel today.
Thelead is: Michael Cohen claimed to the House Intelligence Committee that he discussed the pardon with President Trump's lawyer, JaySekulow.
Under the penalty of perjury, Cohen claimed to lawmakers that in addition to Rudy Giuliani, Trump's other lawyer, he also discussed the issue of pardon with Sekulow,
Now, I know the importance of this.
The president can pardon anyone he wants.
In addition to the president's own criminal defense, he can talk to anyone about pardon under any circumstances.
Fox: especially because we know what Cohen is going to tell investigators is bad for Cohen, but for President Trump, for the Trump Organization, and for his family.
So if there is a conversation with multiple lawyers, they will introduce the possibility of pardon to the president, "a" and "B ", cohen's pardon used to stop working with investigators is explosive, and it looks like the Post's coverage is rock solid.
Now, there has been so much news of pardon in the past few days.
I-It started with a report from the Wall Street Journal, which said that after the FBI searched and seized items from Cohen's apartment, a lawyer from Cohen represented Cohen, the lawyer contacted Rudy Giuliani and the lawyer said, are you interested in talking about pardon?
Something that achieves this effect.
When I read this, I did not doubt the report, but immediately recalled the story of Rudy Giuliani talking about the recordings seized from Cohen's apartment during the summer.
In the story, it initially described the recordings as Cohen saying that you have to pay back a woman with a reputation for having an affair in cash rather than a check, and the president said, no, you have to pay her by check.
Two days later, we heard the recording, and on the contrary, Cohen suggested to the president that you could not pay her in cash. MADDOW: Yes.
Fox: So when I read the story, I was wondering if the president's legal team was ahead of what they knew was incredible-another incredibly disruptive story? MADDOW: Yes.
Fox: since the initial reports were broken, in fact, there have been incredibly disruptive reports that relate to pardon, describing the situation in a very different perspective. MADDOW: Right.
The only thing that can't happen is that the president's defense lawyer, the personal defense lawyer, cannot discuss the pardon with someone who might provide witness testimony to the president.
Fox: of course not.
Many of my reports are vague and many are unclear.
Many languages are opaque, and there are many things in different ways that don't necessarily line up.
But all I know is that Cohen has been privately saying that he was pardoned in some sort of tilt.
Language is very vague.
This is something he has been discussing with the Southern District of New York. MADDOW: Wow.
Again, if he and the person he discussed the issue represented the president as defense, I mean-Fox: It's explosive.
Emily Jane Fox, national reporter for Vanity Fair-thank you, my friend.
Thank you for inviting me. MADDOW: Thanks. All right.
We will be back soon. Stay with us. (
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MADDOW: the FBI headquarters building is only a few blocks from the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue, and it's a mess.
For years, they have had fishing nets outside the building in order to capture a part of the building when it falls off.
When President Trump took office, the plan for the crumbling FBI building was to have some sort of exchange with private developers.
The government, the integrated services authority, will hire a private developer to build
The new campus of the FBI is somewhere in the suburbs, and then as part of the work, the private development chamber fell from the FBI building, the developer will be allowed to dismantle and replace with a large new development of his or her choice, right in the prime section of Pennsylvania Avenue, just a few blocks from the White House.
Everyone involved in this program knows that it turns out to be any new high
On Pennsylvania Avenue, the dollar is almost inevitable, including a fancy new high.
$ Luxury hotel.
The problem with this site is that it is only about a block away from the latest large luxury hotel in Area D. C.
This is the new Trump hotel.
So the plan will make the president's brandnew hotel in D. C.
Top luxury competition across the street. Huh.
So, a few months after the Trump administration took office, the government announced a new plan that had undergone unexpected changes.
The old plane will be abandoned.
Now, there will be no new hotel on site at the FBI building, a new big development.
In fact, they have decided to change direction at 180 degrees.
They will leave the FBI headquarters in place and build a new building for them in the same location.
The White House says it will save taxpayers money, but it will actually cost more.
In addition, the new headquarters will have fewer agents than originally planned.
The White House says the president has nothing to do with the dramatic change planned, which will affect his own personal bottom line.
They said it was a call from the FBI.
The head of the GSA General Service Authority, which oversees the project, is known as beforecress.
She also repeatedly said that the FBI wanted this person.
No one else is involved.
But several Democratic lawmakers wrote to the head of the GSA, basically saying, stick to it here.
First of all, this is a photo of your meeting with the general manager on this project.
Sitting in the middle is director GSA, a woman in the photo.
Second, those Democrats have mastered the actual e-commerce.
Emails sent by GSA-sent by the head of the agency and its staff about what happened at that meeting and put the decisions made at that meeting into action, and those emails
The Mail included an email sent by an official from theGSA
A few days after the meeting, the Mail mentioned what POTUSdirected directed everyone to do and quoted potus's order.
Another official at the agency wrote that the president wanted to complete the schedule for the project.
What that meeting was about, what those presidential orders were about, what the president wanted to do was an America.
Open this multi-billion-dollar federal project so that the FBI building will not be re-developed into a new luxury hotel to compete with hotels across his street, he was directly involved in the decision to make the change.
When those Democrats publish evidence of the president's intervention in the program, he will benefit financially, and when they ask the GSA to hand over all the documents, when it comes to explaining how and why the original plan was reversed, it wasn't long ago, it was last October.
At the time, Elijah camings was the top-ranking Democrat on the Oversight Committee.
We had him on the show that night and we asked him, hey, this show that looks very open and closed, what happens here, in terms of feasibility?
That's what he said. (
Start Video Editing)REP.
Elijah Cummings (D)
Maryland: I don't think that much will happen if things continue to be like our committee.
As you may know, President Gowdy refuses to issue any summons, basically Republicans are more or less defense lawyers for this administration.
So, Rachel, before we actually start and hold the hearing, it might be the time when the Democrats take over, hopefully on January, we're going to have the hearing, and then we're going to get to the bottom line. (END VIDEO CLIP)
That is the speech of Congressman carmings before the mid-term election.
It was October.
You may remember that Democrats did well in the next month's election, and they did take over the house in January.
Now, today, Democrats have begun to deliver on their promises and figure out what looks clear --
The second-grade textbook case of corruption in the US government comes directly from the US president. That`s next. (
Business break)
MADDOW: surprise after the Trump administration, canceled a long term
House Democrats plan to build a new FBI headquarters, and they have evidence that the president is personally involved in the decision.
It worries them that President Trump may abandon the plan as it may build a new luxury hotel next to his own existing luxury hotel in the city centerC.
In all things, the president does not like to compete.
Democrats were a minority in Congress at the time.
They did send a request for documents and explanations to the Trump administration.
The government scoffed at this request, but that was last year, now under the responsibility of Democrats, and so far it is five Democrats --
Basically, the controlled committee that wrote back to the administration told them that time was up.
If there is no response, a subpoena will be received this time.
Now we are joined by Dana Titus, a congressman.
She is one of the authors of today's letters.
She is the chairman of a key subcommittee overseeing the general affairs office, which is part of the Trump administration and seems to be involved here.
Member Titus, thank you very much for coming. REP. DINA TITUS (D-NV)
Chair of the subcommittee overseeing GSA: Well, thank you for inviting me.
MADDOW: So, when we first talked about this scandal, I said I would get you back in the process, especially if you were able to take over a supervisory role and really start pushing this forward
What control do you think you can get in Congress now, and you can't get a minority?
TITUS: As you said, they actually surprised us when we asked last fall, but now we put the letter in again.
We have written to the Department of Justice, the FBI and the GSA asking for documentation.
We have given them until the parade is over.
Let's see if they will take us more seriously.
If they don't, we can force them to provide us with this information with other tools.
Other tools, you probably mean the right to subpoena? TITUS: Exactly.
MADDOW: if the president does intervene in the program, it's obviously in contradiction with claims that he has previously denied that he has nothing to do with the program.
TITUS: That's right.
MADDOW: But if the president does make this kind of intervention, is there any way for you and your other committee and sub-committee chairs to pursue the prospect of the president specifically making this kind of intervention for their own benefit, for the sake of our own economic interests?
TITUS: Well, we believe this is the case, and we believe it is very clear from the evidence we have seen.
You remember Al Capone, who committed a lot of amazing crimes, but what they asked him to do was tax evasion.
You 've heard a lot of other inquiries about collusion or bribery of women.
We are thinking very carefully.
We are looking for something very specific to understand all the facts.
I believe that in the end, he will make private profits with public funds, which will be very clear.
MADDOW: is it a crime if he does use public funds to get private profits, if he uses his office to get financial benefits for himself and the company?
If so, who sued?
Okay, we need to talk to the Justice Department.
That's why we have to think about it.
That is why we hope to have a hearing.
But you need information before that.
Also, as you pointed out, they lied about it. Ms.
Murphy of GSAsaid, no, no, really no meetings.
It's the FBI who wants to do it, but I think the evidence will show that he is a big difference from the matter and it will depend on how you want to define corruption.
I think the public can see this and see that the government should not do so.
MADDOW: Dina Titus, chair of the subcommittee on public buildings and emergency management for economic development, a woman MP for Congress, in this case, this is a key oversight role because you oversee GSA.
I will say again, as I did last time, as this progresses, please feel free to let us know.
I am very interested in this story and I think you saw the tiger here.
Bran: Thank you.
We will keep in touch. MADDOW: Thanks.
Thank you for your time tonight. All right.
We will be back soon. Stay with us. (
Business break)
He is old and has Gout. he is very unhappy and not lonely in prison.
Counsel for President campaign president Paul Manaforthas cited his health, age, conditions of imprisonment, his identity as an altar boy-you can say that, all of this is part of their case
Many convictions against Manafort, he should not be sentenced to too long imprisonment.
Tomorrow afternoon, at 3: 30 Eastern time, we will find that his lawyer has convinced the judge of Virginia at 3: 30 eastern time.
At that time, Manafort will be sentenced in the Federal Court of Virginia.
The sentencing guidelines for his case range from 19 to 24 years.
Similarly, the hearing was 3: 30. m.
No cameras in court.
So don't expect the actual live footage of it.
But we hope that we will be here tomorrow evening to provide you with a record of the judgment hearing. See you then.
It's time for "The last word of Lawrence O'Donnell.
Good evening, Lawrence.
This is a report card in a hurry.
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