make water safe to drink straight from tap - empty plastic drinking bottles

by:Koodee      2019-08-20
make water safe to drink straight from tap  -  empty plastic drinking bottles
Clean drinking water is one of the basic necessities of life.
Drinking water suppliers should strive to raise the purity standard of tap water to a level that can safely and confidently drink water directly from the tap without further filtration.
Therefore, the need to purchase bottled drinking water will become unnecessary.
The speed at which the newly replaced cartridge of the home water filter becomes dirty brown indicates that even after treatment, the level of suspended and settling solids remains in the tap water at the water treatment plant.
The price of half-liter bottled drinking water is between 1 yuan. 50 and RM1. 80.
This is twice the price of half-liter RON 95 gasoline.
Empty plastic beverage bottles make up a large part of our plastic waste.
Plastic waste has to be degraded for thousands of years.
They release toxic smoke if they are burned (dioxins).
By increasing the filtration level of the water treatment plant, the demand for bottled drinking water, and the need for safe disposal of empty plastic drinking water bottles will become the past.
The treatment plant should use ozone, not chlorine, because ozone more effectively destroys the pathogenic organisms transmitted by water. M.
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