make homemade wine glass charms from seashells - wine glass

by:Koodee      2019-07-28
make homemade wine glass charms from seashells  -  wine glass
Would you like to make a lovely wine glass with a shell? This is a very simple and interesting way.
It was a great craft project the next day after looking for shells on the beach.
You will love them and you can even give them to family and friends as cheap gifts!
This is a fun beach craft project and you can also do it with the kids and a great way to keep them busy.
These can also be used as decorations for napkin rings and even Christmas trees.
Just modify the length of the wire and you can have several shell crafts items in one project.
This is what you need: beautiful ribbon (optional)
Exquisite beads for your color selection-thin specification wire cutting machine (optional)
White felt or metal tape, used to support scissors hot glue gun, take out your supplies and put them on a clean working surface.
Take a clean shell and your felt or metal belt, cut a pattern and place it on the back of the shell.
Make it a little smaller than the shell to make sure it doesn't show up once the shell is facing up.
Once you're done, put your feelings aside.
Next, you will need to cut the fine specification wire of about 16 inch.
Apply some glue on the back of the shell and then connect the 16 inch long wire.
Quickly add glue to the rest of the shell and attach the felt or tape backing you have cut before.
This will help strengthen your wire to make sure it stays still.
Now that you have connected your shell, you can add your beautiful beads.
Try to choose some sparkling ones because they will look best when they are placed on your glass.
At this point, you can also add short strands of your beautiful ribbons if you want, and attach them to your wires.
This is a good time to get kids involved.
They will love adding beads and ribbons to the wires and it will be fun to see all the different combinations you can come up with for this shell crafts project.
Once you add the beads, you will want to protect them by looping the wires at each end.
Make sure they are safe because all your beads will fall off if they are not safe.
Once you're done, you'll simply circle your bead-shaped wires a few times along the wine bar and you'll have the charm of a beautiful homemade wine glass shell!
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