looking at polaroid’s photo sharing service - coffee mug & tumbler

by:Koodee      2019-07-17
looking at polaroid’s photo sharing service  -  coffee mug & tumbler
A few months ago, Polaroid launched an online photo and video sharing service called Polaroid Studios.
It didn't get much attention at first, but at the Consumer Electronics Show, WebProNews visited their show (CES)
Earlier this month, in Vegas, I looked at the full content of Polaroid's studio.
You can use the service to upload photos or videos, but it provides a unique feature where you can customize the look of your album.
You can select the background, select the number of photos you want to display across, up, down, etc.
Social media hounds may particularly like the Facebook app, which makes it easy for you to import photos into Facebook from Polaroid Studios.
There is also a shop on the site where you can purchase various items with your photos.
If you want a coffee cup, calendar, playing cards or something, just look at the website where you have saved your photos.
This is very convenient.
The service is still young, but so far it claims to have more than 62 million photos.
They will also launch a pro version for professional photographers who will be able to make it their own brand.
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