lily burk autopsy shows evidence of a violent struggle, coroner's official says [updated] - colored glass water bottles

by:Koodee      2019-08-30
lily burk autopsy shows evidence of a violent struggle, coroner\'s official says [updated]  -  colored glass water bottles
A 17-year-
The little girl, who was killed on last July by a temporary parole offender, had bite marks on her face and ears and was injured all over her body. she fought fiercely with the attacker and testified earlier today by a coroner.
Jeffrey gustadt, a forensic doctor in Los AngelesA.
County, testified at a preliminary hearing of 50 people on Mondayyear-
Old Charles Samuel is accused of kidnapping and murdering Lily Burke
Burk left her Los Feliz home running errands for her mother on July 24 and never came back.
Prosecutors accused Samuel of killing the girl after trying to get her to withdraw cash with a credit card. [Updated at 3 p. m.
: Samuel was ordered to stand trial this afternoon for the murder of Burk and other serious crimes, including kidnapping, robbery and car robbery. Judge David S.
Wesley found that there was a "good reason" to believe that Samuel had committed the crime and ordered him to return to court for questioning on February.
The judge dismissed Samuel's lawyer's motion to dismiss the case. ]
Most of the injuries occurred while Burk was still alive, said Gutstadt.
The examiner testified that she was killed by an incision on the right side of the neck, possibly due to the bottle breaking, which would cause her to lose consciousness within a few minutes.
A forensic printing expert at the Los Angeles Police Department testified later in the morning that broken green debris
The stained glass was found in the black Volvo, probably from the Peregrino water bottle, where Burke's body was found.
She testified during cross-examination by Samuel's lawyer Albert deblanco Jr. that no fingerprints were found on the glass.
Gutstadt also testified that there were more wounds on the left side of the girl's body.
Prosecutors showed video surveillance images on Friday and hinted at Samuel driving Burke's black Volvo.
Burk's body was later found on the passenger side of the vehicle.
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